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Today it is my pleasure to welcome New York Times bestselling author Pamela Palmer to HJ!

In 2009, New York Times bestselling author Pamela Palmer introduced an urban fantasy series FERAL WARRIORS“.
This series, which began with Desire Untamed, will end in February 2014 with the eighth and final installment, WULFE UNTAMED.

Hi Pamela, Welcome to HJ!  

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title of the book should be? Why? 

Pamela PalmerOh, clever question, but hard to answer! My biography would have to talk about how I’d lived in eleven houses by the age of fourteen (an Air Force brat), how I grew up wanting to be an astronaut (or a Star Fleet officer), but became an engineer for IBM instead. Then I decided I wanted to write novels, but it took me nine years to sell. Maybe title the book Determined Dreamer?

What would you say are the defining characteristics of your novels? 

High action, high stakes, sexy, romantic, paranormal thrillers. One of my favorite comments from readers, and one I get often, is, “Your books are so real!” It’s an extraordinary thing to say about shape-shifters or vampires, but I love it. I enjoy stepping into other people’s skins and looking at the world through their eyes. When I feel what a particular character feels in a particular moment, and know what he’s thinking, his words and actions come sailing forth, almost effortlessly. It’s true to him, and to many readers, feels very real.

Let’s talk about your newest release: WULFE UNTAMED

If you had to summarize the book for the readers here… 

WUIn the climactic finale of the Feral Warriors series, Wulfe, the most enigmatic and tortured of the Feral Warriors, is haunted by the quiet beauty of a human woman who no longer remembers him. Once a captive of both the Mage and the Ferals, Natalie stole a piece of his heart before he took her memories and sent her safely back to her fiancé. But now the Mage are threatening her again and Wulfe will risk anything to protect her. Natalie Cash is stunned when she’s saved by a wolf who shifts suddenly into a splendidly built, if badly-scarred, man–a man with the kindest eyes. Swept into a world of intrigue and danger beyond her comprehension, she turns to the powerful Wulfe, finding a passion she’d only dreamed of. But when time runs out, they must trust one another and surrender to a wild, untamed love.

Please tell us about the characters in your book  

Wulfe is a character readers fell in love with very early in the series. Of all my Ferals, he’s the one I’ve received the most mail about. Natalie is human, a young woman in the wrong place at the wrong time four books ago who witnessed a near-apocalyptic battle between immortal forces of good and evil. For a short time, the Ferals were unable to steal her memories of all she’d seen and were forced to keep her locked in their underground prison. It was here that Wulfe and Natalie first met and first became friends. Finally Wulfe was able to take her memories and send her back to her world, unscathed and unchanged…so he thought.

As you wrote your protagonist was there anything about them that surprised you? 

Wulfe’s most distinguishing physical trait is the horrific scarring that crisscrosses his face. Throughout the course of the series, other characters, upon meeting him for the first time, have wondered how an immortal who heals all injuries within minutes if not seconds could have come by such scarring. I hate to admit it, but I didn’t know myself. That actually didn’t bother me, because that kind of thing happens to me all the time. I knew there was an answer and that the answer would come to me when I needed it. And it did. But, yes, it surprised me. I love it when my muse does the hard lifting and figures all this stuff out for me.

What scene did you most enjoy writing? Why?  

When Natalie was trapped in the Feral prison several books ago, she wasn’t alone. Her blind brother, Xavier, was also a witness to that immortal battle. But memories are taken through the eyes and Xavier’s don’t work. The Ferals let him remain at Feral House because they could never set him free. Once Natalie’s memories were taken, she no longer knew what had happened to Xavier and has been mourning him ever since. In Wulfe Untamed, Natalie’s in danger and Wulfe has no choice but to bring her back to Feral House. When I wrote the scene where she first sees her brother again, I got teary eyed.

Somewhere nearby, a peel of high-pitched laughter was answered by a laugh Natalie recognized instantly.
“Xavier.” Her body tensed, her heart jolting, as her gaze flew to Wulfe. “Is he here?”
A funny look crossed the big man’s face, a hint of a smile. “X!”
“Coming!” Xavier called back.
Natalie swayed, and Wulfe pulled her against his side, his arm around her shoulders. Her heart began to pound, tears burning her eyes. As the far door swung open, and her youngest brother pushed through, a cane in his hand, a smile on his beloved face, joy burst inside of her, powering her feet.
“Xavier,” she breathed. Pulling away from Wulfe, she rushed toward him.
“Nat?” Xavier’s smile erupted into a full-out grin and he stopped, opening his arms for her.
Tears running down her cheeks, Natalie closed the distance between them and hugged her brother, euphoric at the feel of his arms around her, at the sound of his heart beating against her own. Alive.

What scene was the hardest to write? Why? 

The hardest to write was probably the scene where Natalie watches, stunned, as the wolf-like dog she nicknamed Wolf—an animal that saved her life when she was attacked—suddenly shifts into a big, scarred, naked man. This happens early in the book and at the point I first attempted to write the scene, I didn’t yet know Natalie very well. I assumed she’d react with fear. Most people would in such a situation, especially considering she had no memories of meeting him before. I had to write the scene several times before I finally realized this woman would not be afraid. Shocked, yes. But not afraid. It’s one of the things I love about her. One of the things Wulfe loves about her, too.

Suddenly, her hands were empty, the dog just…gone…exploding in a spray of colored lights.
Natalie fell back, landing on her backside, then stared, jaw dropping, as a man appeared out of thin air…a huge, naked man lying on the floor right where the dog had been.
She crab-walked back, the bed catching her in the shoulder blades. This isn’t happening.
The man groaned and began to stir. Natalie tensed, her heart pounding violently in her chest as she pushed herself to her feet, then sank onto the bed when her legs refused to hold her.
Slowly, the man sat up and leaned back against the door, his muscular body marred by half a dozen stab wounds, one on the shoulder…right where the dog’s had been.
This isn’t happening. Dogs don’t turn into men. They don’t!
But even as the argument roared in her head, her gaze took in the sight in front of her. The man was built, his waist narrow, his abs ripped, his biceps as thick as tree trunks, one adorned with a thick golden armband with what appeared to be the head of a wolf. His shoulders were easily half the width of her sofa. Her gaze continued up, reaching his face, and her heart clenched. Scars crisscrossed the flesh every which way, tugging down one of his lips, cutting across one eye. His body might be prime, but his face was made for nightmares. Within that ruined face, eyelids lifted revealing dark eyes that turned to her, contracting on a sheen of pain, radiating a dismay so raw it almost made her ache.
“I’m not going to hurt you, Natalie.” His voice was low and urgent as he struggled to his feet, grimacing. Towering over her—he had to be a full seven feet tall—he watched her with eyes filled with the same intelligence, the same gentleness she’d seen in Wolf’s. “I would never hurt you.”
She was shaking, her pulse racing, her stomach cramping from shock. But not from fear. Because as she stared into those dark eyes, she saw only truth and honor and kindness. And, odd as it was, she recognized the essence of the dog in the man.
“I would never hurt you,” he said again, his voice throbbing with sincerity and desperation that she believe him.
“I know,” she told him.
And she did.

Who would you cast in the role of your characters if your book were optioned for a movie?

Oh, no, I’m terrible at casting characters! The guy would have to be built like a line-backer. Wulfe’s huge. Otherwise, I don’t know. Anyone want to take a whack at it?

If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?

Natalie, I’d probably have told to keep an open mind. But she came into the story with one, so it worked out fine. Wulfe doesn’t think he’s worthy of love, but telling him otherwise wouldn’t have done any good. It took Natalie to show him the truth.

What are you currently working on? What other releases do you have planned for 2014?   

I’m currently working on two projects simultaneously: the third book in the Vamp City series, and something a bit different—a romantic thriller with a paranormal twist. I can’t tell you much more than that, and I don’t have release dates, yet. But my muse and I are having a blast with both of these tales.

Where can readers get in touch with you?

Twitter: @Pamela_Palmer

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About the book 

They are called Feral Warriors—an elite band of immortals who can change shape at will. Sworn to rid the world of evil, consumed by sorcery and seduction, their wild natures are primed for release . . .

The most enigmatic and tortured of the Feral Warriors, Wulfe is haunted by the quiet beauty of a human woman who no longer remembers him. Once a captive of both the Mage and the Ferals, Natalie stole a piece of his heart before he took her memories and sent her safely back to her fiancé. But now the Mage are threatening her again, and Wulfe will risk anything to protect her.

Natalie Cash is stunned when she’s saved by a wolf who shifts suddenly into a splendidly built, if badly scarred, man, a man with the kindest eyes. Swept into a world of intrigue and danger beyond her comprehension, she turns to the powerful Wulfe, finding a passion she’d only dreamed of. But when time runs out, they must trust one another and surrender to a wild, untamed love.

down. But when the Mage begin to free the Daemons, it becomes clear that the Ferals’ only chance of defeating them is for Wulfe to use Natalie to harness the dark forces-and risk becoming evil in the process.

The future of the world hangs in the balance, but can Wolfe endanger the woman he loves to save her?

Series Backstory

Eons ago, before the rise of human civilization, two immortal races battled the Daemons for control of the earth. The Mage, or magic ones, and the Therians, the mighty shape-shifters. Though traditional enemies, the Mage and Therians banded together to overcome the High Daemon, Satanan, ending his reign of terror and destroying his armies. The cost of victory was high. To win that ultimate battle, both races were forced to mortgage nearly all their power. Only one Therian among each of the ancient lines of shape-shifters was left with the power of his animal. Nine remain. They are the Feral Warriors.

The Feral Warriors Series Reading Order:

Book 1: Desire Untamed
Book 2: Obsession Untamed
Book 3: Passion Untamed
Book 3.5: Hearts Untamed from Bitten by Cupid anthology
Book 4: Rapture Untamed
Book 5: Hunger Untamed
Book 6: Ecstasy Untamed
Book 7: A Love Untamed
Book 8: Wulfe Untamed

Excerpt: Wulfe Untamed

“You’re beautiful, Wulfe.”
“You’re blind.” He sucked in a breath, afraid he’d offended her. But the sweet smile she gifted him with melted him instead.
“There’s so much more to you than your scars. I wish you could see that. I wish you could see what I see, the gentleness, the fierceness in defense of the vulnerable, and the honor, and valor, and goodness. Your skin may be scarred, but it doesn’t dim your beauty, not even a little.”
So mesmerized was he by her words and her soft touches that he barely registered what she was doing until the fingers she’d burrowed into his hair suddenly gripped his head and pulled him toward her.
Natalie kissed him, full on the mouth.
Wulfe shuddered at the sweetness of her warm lips brushing his, closing his eyes against the torrent of emotion that flowed into him through that small joining, lighting him up inside. He gathered her closer, kissing her back, gentle, tender kisses on her lips, her soft cheeks, her eyes, her forehead. Tenderness welled up hot and full until he felt as if his chest would crack open from the pressure of it.
Beneath his hands, she began to tremble. He heard the soft catch of her breath and felt the tension coiling in her body. The musk of her desire wove around him, filling his mind until his own hands began to shake. She wanted him. Her rising passion transmitted itself to him through the fingers still burrowing in his hair. But his body refused to respond and it saddened him beyond measure.
Slowly, he pulled back, meeting her gaze, slain by the heat in her gray eyes that made them shine like silver. He stroked her cheek, then caressed her silken hair. “I can’t give you more, Natalie. I wish I could.”
A shudder escaped her on a hard, pent-up breath. Disappointment pinched her eyes and she dropped her gaze. “You’re not into me in that way. That’s too bad, but I understand.”
Gripping her chin, he forced her to look at him. “Then you understand nothing. Mentally, I yearn to strip you naked, toss you onto that bed, and follow you down.”
“Wulfe.” Her eyes went molten with desire and he kicked himself for a moron.
“But my body and mind are no longer connected in that way. I was mated…married…to our previous Radiant, Beatrice, for over one hundred forty years. She died nine months ago in a Mage attack. It damaged me, Natalie, in many, many ways. I no longer…rise…with desire, not for any woman. Food has lost its taste, colors their brilliance. My senses and my libido are shot and I don’t think they’re ever coming back.”
“It’s more than…you know…?”
“Impotence?” He snorted. “Yeah. I can get it up manually. And I can get off…pardon my crudeness. But I can’t feel. I can’t want.” He stroked her hair, loving the springy feel. “If I could, I would want you. Only you.”
The disappointment in her eyes slipped away, turning them incandescent. “Do you enjoy touching me? Holding me?”
He nodded slowly, a smile tugging at his mouth. “I love touching you.”
The smile she gave him was nothing short of brilliant, stealing his breath. Had the goddess ever created a woman more beautiful?
“Good,” she said. “Even if you can’t give me more, I’d very much like for you to touch me, or hold me. Do you like to cuddle?”





38 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Wulfe Untamed by Pamela Palmer”

  1. Wanda C.

    The fierce, yet gentle giant of a hero would be Chris Hemsworth because duh he’s Thor. His wise, calm (and tall blonde) heroine would be Jennifer Lawrence because I have liked her in everything she has done and she seems like a genuine person.

  2. Lori Meehan

    I have no idea. I never put an actor or actress to the characters in a book. I like the ones they create with their words.

  3. Amanda

    Honestly for books like this I always love new fresh actors or at least unknowns. It’s hard for me to see Wulfe as someone else first. I also don’t know that Hollywood could find anyone hunky enough to be a Feral Warrior!

  4. Lori H

    Chris Hemsworth would make an excellent hero because he meets the qualifications you stated. And Kate Hudson, Gwyneth Paltrow or Dianna Argon all seem to fit the heroine qualifications 🙂

  5. Chelsea B.

    Hmmmm… How about Gerard Butler and Reece Withersoon? I think they would look pretty together!

  6. lori simpson (@lary1971)

    I don’t picture actor as the book characters they just develop in my mind as I read about them, sometimes change along the way.

  7. Kai W.

    I think Hugh Jackman still have it in him to play Wulf. As for the heroine, Natalie Portman.

  8. Ada

    I don’t like picking anyone to play their roles because I prefer to have my own vision of what the characters should look like. I find knowing actors/actresses ruin my image of the characters

  9. Annwitch

    I think Hugh Jackman and Jennifer Lawrence. I think with his good looks and gentlemanly ways Hugh would be great and jennifer is beautiful and strong.

  10. Anita H.

    I would pick Jennifer Lawrence for my heroine because everytime I’ve seen her, she epitomizes what a strong, powerful woman is. And I would pick Chris Hemsworth because anyone who plays Thor is always a great hero.

  11. Barbara Hopkins

    If I were to choose for my characters to be portrayed by actors, I would have to go with someone like Hugh Jackman, because he is a well rounded actor who can pull off being the macho type of hero, yet can also bring across tenderness, and love in that character. As for the heroine, I’m torn because their are several that come to mind, that would make the couple work great together. Women such as Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lawrence, Angeline Joline, although I’m not sure how she would look as a blonde, and I can name many others. So the heroine character I would have to give more thought to. B

  12. Marianne W

    I usually don’t picture anyone specific. I like the characters being more “fluid” in my imagination.

  13. Texas Book Lover

    Oh my! I have no idea. I rarely watch movies and don’t know actors names. I’m to busy reading.

  14. Monique

    I have to read at least a good part of a book before I get an idea. I need to really get the feel of the characters before I can picture them. Usually.

  15. A.Caldwell

    I rarely watch moves. I’m more a book worm, but if I had to choose an actor and actress for a Feral Warrior and his mate I would choose Daniel Craig and Keira Knightley. Both are amazing actors and I can see them as the fierce couple who save the day.

  16. Margaret

    I’m not really good at this, but I would have to agree with others about Chris Hemsworth or Hugh Jackman. Not sure who would be a good choice for a female.

  17. Christine L.

    I elect Hugh Jackman or Terry Crews for the part of Wulfe; both have a build that would work in the role. I’d cast either Cate Blanchett (who exudes wisdom) or Jessica Capshaw (who seems as though she could kick some butt) as Natalie.

  18. infinitieh

    Chris Hemsworth and Chris Hemsworth? Just kidding! Of course, there’s no such thing as too much Chris even if he’s in drag… Otherwise, Nicole Kidman.

  19. Zsofia Turoczi

    Uhh I’m not so good at this and I seriously don’t know about the male, maybe Jason Momoa or a younger Matthew Fox, the girl could be Jennifer, or Dianna Agron, or even Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

  20. Maureen

    I have not idea so I am just going to take a wild guess. I would pick The Rock and Emma Watson.

  21. Joanne B

    I don’t know about the heroine but for the hero I would choose Manu Bennett. He’s hot, rugged, and usually plays a badass.

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