Spotlight & Giveaway: Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard by Vanessa Kelly

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Today it is my pleasure to welcome romance author Vanessa Kelly to HJ!



SFSARBAccomplished spy Aden St. George prefers to stay away from the frivolous ton, especially after the way his mother was used by the Prince Regent. But his latest mission compels him to guard unconventional, vibrant Lady Vivien Shaw. Rescuing her from kidnappers was easy. Resisting her beauty is not. Duty demands he keep an eye on her—and naturally, his lips soon follow. For someone who views entanglements as a weakness, this is pure, delicious folly…

Though grateful for Aden’s help, Vivien has secrets she must keep hidden. Yet with her abductors still at large, she needs Aden’s protection almost as much as she craves his touch…


Smuggling tunnels near the Kentish Coast
October, 1814

Aden St. George managed to avoid having to kill the guard stationed outside his quarry’s crypt-like cell, although the thug outside the caves hadn’t been so lucky. Still, that bastard had tried to knife him in the gut so Aden could hardly be faulted for returning the favor. And knowing what he did about the men who’d kidnapped Lady Vivien Shaw, he wouldn’t waste his fitful conscience on that brutal but necessary act. Killing was not a favorite pastime, but only rarely did it disturb his sleep.

Tonight’s rescue mission carried no inconvenient opportunities for remorse since a woman’s life and innocence hung in the balance. True, the gossips whispered that Lady Vivien’s innocence was an open question, but what would happen to her if Aden failed wasn’t. Without his intervention she would disappear into a nightmarish life, forever beyond the protection of her family and friends.

Even if she’d simply been the victim of a kidnapping for ransom, as her wealthy brother suspected, her reputation at the very least was at stake—especially if rumors of her disappearance started to circulate throughout the ton. More importantly, Aden hoped he wasn’t already too late to ensure she continued her easy, privileged life, and that her brutish guards hadn’t already used her as their plaything.

As he eased the guard’s beefy, foul-smelling form to the floor, Aden cast a swift glance down the dimly lit corridor. All was silent, as it should be if he’d done his job correctly. He normally felt little pride in his abilities, but he could at least acknowledge a grim satisfaction that his last disastrous mission in France hadn’t affected his instincts or his lethally-honed skills.

Shrugging away any residual tension, he extracted his pick locks from the inner pocket of his coat and went to work on the sturdy oak door separating him from his objective. Although no sound emanated from behind the rough-hewn panels, he was certain Lady Vivien was there. Three other tunnels ran up from the coast into the smuggler’s lair, but only this corridor boasted a table, lamp, and chair for the guard by the door. An assessing glance down the other tunnels had convinced him the majority of the gang was elsewhere, probably in a room with a fireplace and more creature comforts than those in this dank corner. But clearly the bastards thought one of the rooms obviously used for storing contraband was quite good enough for a gently-bred lady.

Aden forced down the flare of rage that a woman like Lady Vivien—or any woman—would be stowed like a cask of brandy in a moldering hole carved from dirt and rock. But he could hardly spare to indulge in that kind of emotion. Emotion was an insidious enemy that clouded the judgement, as it had only a few weeks ago in Paris. He couldn’t afford it, not when the lady’s life was at stake.

The lock snicked and the tumblers slid open. Aden slipped quietly past the door, ignoring the choking miasma of mold and dust that assailed his nostrils. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust to the murky depths of the room, illuminated by a single candle standing on a crate, burned down to a nub. Ghosting forward, he made out a pallet shoved against the sloping, roughly carved wall of the room.

A slight form lay motionless under a dark cloak.

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Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard by Vanessa Kelly

Genre: Regency-set historical romance
Tone: witty, sexy, emotional
Heat Level: hot
Elements/Tags: historical romance, royalty, Georgian era
Publisher: Kensington Zebra
Publishing Date: January 7, 2013
Series: The Renegade Royals, #1
Format: digital
Words: 432 pages
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Meet Author Vanessa Kelly:

Vanessa Kelly is an award-winning author who was named by Booklist, the review journal of the American Library Association, as one of the “New Stars of Historical Romance.” Her sensual, Regency-set historical romances have been nominated for awards in a number of contests, and her second book, Sex and The Single Earl, won the prestigious Maggie Medallion for Best Historical Romance. Vanessa’s next series, The Renegade Royals, is due to hit the shelves in November with an introductory novella, Lost in a Royal Kiss. Book One in the series, Secrets For Seducing a Royal Bodyguard, will release in January, 2014, and Confessions of a Royal Bridegroom will be out in April, 2014.
When not dreaming of plots for her next Regency historical novel, Vanessa also writes USA Today Bestselling contemporary romance with her husband under the pen name of V.K. Sykes. She’s also a member of Rock*It Reads, a group of bestselling traditional authors who are self-publishing, and of The Jaunty Quills.

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Vanessa is also hosting a giveaway on her website for a reproduction of the original art for SECRETS FOR SEDUCING A ROYAL BODYGUARD, and original sketches of the heroines from LOST in a ROYAL KISS (#0.5) and SECRETS for SEDUCING a ROYAL BODYGUARD (#1).
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70 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard by Vanessa Kelly”

  1. marcyshuler

    I’ve already read the prequel novella to this series (Lost in a Royal Kiss) and loved this excerpt. I can’t wait to read the book.

  2. Sharlene Wegner

    I would definitely want to read more of this! Sounds like a great romantic suspense story.

  3. barbed1951

    Loved the description and excerpt and of course I want more! I’m really looking forward to reading Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard. 😀

  4. Barbara Hopkins

    Yes of course it sounds intriguing. The blurp is what hooks me, so if I don’t like it, if it doesn’t peek my interest then I truly doubt if the book would either. B

  5. Lori H

    Yes, I enjoyed them both and definitely will have to find out what happens next. It sounds suspenseful and I’m looking forward to finding out more about the heroine.
    Thanks 🙂

  6. Lisa Hutson

    I do not read excerpts. Especially if its a book I might get to read later. It throws me off when I am reading and it all starts to sound too dejavu. I don’t like that. But the rest was fine. Not too long.

  7. hannahdabink

    I loved this book, I was lucky enough to win an ARC, and my review for it will be up tomorrow at I look forward to the rest of the series.

  8. Christine L.

    My interest most definitely is piqued! Aden sounds like a cross between a Regency-era 007 and Frank Farmer (the character played by Kevin Costner in “The Bodyguard”), and I like that Lady Vivien is an unconventional heroine. I’m hoping for some banter between these two!

  9. Xia

    I’m so excited! I already read Lost in a Royal Kiss and loved it. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the books in the series. Thank you for sharing the teaser and for the giveaway.

  10. Jeanne Miro

    Hi Vanessa!

    I’ve been reading your books since I picked up a copy of Mastering the Marquess when it was first released and I hope that to those who are new to your stories are aware of how lucky they are that if they missed any of your books they are still available! I can still remember years ago missing getting one of your books and asking all my friends if I could read it because it was no longer available at our local bookstore! Come to find out they had sold out the first day it was available!

    I must admit as hesitant I was at first to buy my kindle now I’m thrilled because I know I can pre-order them so I don’t have to worry about them being available.

    I would love to win a copy of Secrets for Seducing a Royal Bodyguard,but at least I know that if I don’t I can immediately down-load it from Amazon and have it “magically” appear on my Kindle on January 14th – especially since I enjoyed reading Lost in a Royal Kiss so much!

    Win or lose I send you best wishes for a Happy New Year!

  11. Heather C

    I can’t wait to read more! Aden sounds oh so sexy and Vivien seems like a heroine with character and charisma which I love. I’ve always been a big fan of Vanessa Kelly’s characters! She portrays heroes that one can’t help falling in love with and heroines who are witty and exciting. I can’t wait to read this new novel!

  12. Katherine K.

    I can’t help but want to know how that scene ends! What a cliff hanger 🙂 Sounds like a great read.

  13. Anita H

    Hi Vanessa! *waving* Thanks for sharing the excerpt, I’m already hooked and can’t wait to read more of Aden and Viven!

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