#Giveaway Day 7: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 8th Annual #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….


HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged READERS of Harlequin Junkie blog and the Book community at large.

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On the 7th Day of #Bookmas…  We bring you a giveaway from Montlake Romance

We are excited to share some of Montlake Romance’s Most Anticipated 2023 Releases:

Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort—1/10/23
Self-professed diva Erika Greene has it all: a starring role on Broadway, legions of fans, spectacular natural talent. But after an accident on stage leaves her face scarred and her career in shambles, Erika retreats to Paris, Nevada, where she’s inherited a ramshackle opera house in desperate need of some TLC. With foreclosure imminent, she leases the space to some unexpected tenants: a German hair metal band, fronted by glam rock god Christof Daae. Erika is tempted by Christof’s low-slung leather pants—and even more so by his ambitious drive to make Nacht Musik international superstars—but he’s off-limits. The rest of his band thinks he’s still dating their beloved keyboardist, who is conveniently not present on this jaunt to the American Southwest. When Erika finds out Christof’s been unceremoniously dumped and is trying to keep it under wraps, she makes a deal to keep his secret…for a price, of course. Christof is desperate to hold the rest of the band together after his keyboardist’s departure, but he can’t maintain the charade forever. Nor can he resist the opera house’s mysterious proprietor, who tempts him with midnight singing lessons. It isn’t long before sensuous nighttime interludes turn into smoldering backstage encounters. But can their newly ignited passion survive the searing light of day? Or will their beautiful duet turn into a brokenhearted power ballad for one?
Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge—3/7/23
Sparks fly when an ob-gyn butts heads with a doctor at her new hospital in this delightfully charming romance about bad timing, good friends, and fresh starts. The last thing I ever expected was to insult a colleague before I even started a new job. But here I am, already on thin ice after I mistook a fellow doctor for a patient on a bad drug trip. Oops. No matter how handsome or infuriatingly aloof he is, Grant Gao isn’t going to spoil my fresh start. Instead, I’m going to keep myself (maybe too) busy with my roommates, work, and passion: starting a new program to improve pregnancy care in the community. But getting the hospital bigwigs on board with my idea is proving to be more difficult than I anticipated, and I may be forced to swallow my pride and ask Grant for help. But will working with Grant bring us closer, or will I be crushed under my ever-growing list of responsibilities?
Something Spectacular by Alexis Hall—4/11/23
Peggy Delancey’s not at all ready to move on from her former flame, Arabella Tarleton. But Belle has her own plans for a love match, and she needs Peggy’s help to make those plans a reality. Still hung up on her feelings and unable to deny Belle what she wants, Peggy reluctantly agrees to help her woo the famous and flamboyant opera singer Orfeo. She certainly doesn’t expect to find common ground with a celebrated performer, but when Peggy and Orfeo meet, a whole new flame is ignited that she can’t ignore. Peggy finds an immediate kinship with Orfeo, a castrato who’s just as nonconforming as she is—and just as affected by their instant connection. They’ve never been able to find their place in the world, but as the pair walks the line between friendship, flirtation, and something more, they may just find their place with each other.
Stars Collide by Rachel Lacey—5/2/23
Inspired by the 2003 MTV on-screen kiss between Madonna and Britney Spears, Stars Collide follows two musicians — one up-and-coming and one more tenured — as they navigate their complicated relationships with the spotlight, the masses, and one another. This coming-of-sexuality story is written by a pro in the queer romcom category, and Lacey’s expertise of the genre is plastered on every page.
Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen—8/12/23
A food writer arrives at a friend’s Italian-Indian wedding weekend bonanza in Umbria only to be faced with the ex-boyfriend from a decade ago she’s tried hard to forget, in a sun-soaked Italian romp that also explores how our past in never truly far behind us.
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Giveaway: 1 Winner will receive a Box of 6 Titles from Montlake:

Winner will receive a print copy of each of the titles noted below:

  • The Princess and the Player by Isla Madden-Mills
  • Kiss Me, Catalina by Priscilla Oliveras
  • Cinder-Nanny by Sariah Wilson
  • Gouda Friends by Cathy Yardley
  • Big Chicas Don’t Cry by Annette Chavez Macias
  • Runaway Groomsman by Meghan Quinn

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61 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 7: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. EC

    All the books sound so interesting but the Alexis Hall and Ali Rosen books are at the top because of the castrato character and the wedding aspect.

  2. Mary Preston

    I agree, they all sound great. “Anatomy of a Meet Cute” caught my attention – I do love a meet cute.

    • Dianne Casey

      The books that caught my attention are “Midnight Duet” and “Recipe For Second Chances”.

  3. Diana Hardt

    They all sound like really interesting books. I’m especially interested in Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge because of the characters.

  4. debby236

    I am unfamiliar with these authors but would love to read the books. Anatomy of a Cute Meet really caught my eye.

  5. Jaye Smith

    i’m looking forward to Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge. It sounds perfect for my taste in reading.

  6. Janine

    I am going to want to read all of these books. They all sound amazing. Midnight Duet caught my attention first. I love rock star romances.

  7. Juli Hall

    Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge looks good, it seems to have an enemies to lovers vibe which is my favorite

    • Shannon Capelle

      Recipe for second chances sounds so good! I love a good second chance romance!!

  8. Rita Wray

    Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen sounds like a book I will enjoy.

  9. Ellen C,

    Midnight Duet because the relationship between the main characters intrigues me.
    Recipe for Second Chances has food, Italy, a wedding and a second chance romance….sounds good to me.

  10. Latesha B.

    All of the books featured are by new to me authors. They all sound great, but Midnight Duet and Recipe for Second Chances really caught my eye. Both seem full of steam moments and heartfelt passion.

  11. SusieQ

    They all seem interesting, but I love a good second chance romance, so Recipe for Second Chances sounds like something I would enjoy.

  12. Melanie B

    Midnight Duet caught my interest; I love the idea of a retelling of Phantom of the Opera, one of my favorite musical romances!

  13. Johannah

    I like the Recipe for Second Chances — because I think everyone deserves one and what’s not to like about an Italian Wedding!

  14. Jen K

    Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen was the one that stood out most. I think it was the Italian setting.

  15. Bonnie

    Midnight Duet sounds like an interesting retelling of Phantom of the Opera.

  16. Sunnymay

    Recipe for Second Chances sounds good. Second Chance and Small Town Romance are favorites of mine. I like books revolving around food and the special twists they add to recipes to make them unique. With the setting in Italy, I’m sure pasta, gelato and olive oil will play a big role.

  17. Patricia B.

    The upcoming release, ANATOMY OF A MEET CUTE, is my favorite of those listed. I have been in her shoes. There is nothing like starting a relationship, work or social, by putting your foot in your mouth. Fresh starts are important for all of us whether it is on a big scale or smaller. I look forward to seeing how she makes things work and keeps her head above water while trying to handle all her responsibilities.

  18. Leeza Stetson

    They all sound good, but Anatomy of a Meet Cute sounds like a lot of fun.

  19. Tina R

    I’m looking forward to reading Midnight Duet by Jen Comfort because I like the idea that looks don’t really matter, and Anatomy of a Meet Cute by Addie Woolridge because I enjoy reading about the awkward meet that turns out to be a coworker.

  20. Laurie Gommermann

    I’d like to read Anatomy For Meet Cute- two intelligent doctors working in the same place, a misunderstanding, enemies to lovers, sexual attraction/ tension. It offers a lot!
    Midnight Duet- rock star, blackmail like persuasion, desperation, pact, secrets, sexual chemistry, scandal
    Recipe For Second Chances-Chef in Italy!! Romance

  21. Marsha Graniel

    I like the sound of Recipe for Second Chances by Ali Rosen! The whole romance with food and Italy, count me in!! Thank you for the chance.

  22. Nicole Ortiz

    They all sound interesting
    Adding them to TBR
    Thanks for the chance!