#Giveaway Day 9: HJ Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA

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Harlequin Junkie Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA


#Giveaway Day 9


Are you on HJ’s Naughty list?




The holiday season is a Prefect time for Celebrating and Giving.

Considering HJ’s Reader community is the BEST! We’ve decided to do both. 🙂
Starting today, we are Celebrating YOUR continued support and readership of Harlequin Junkie blog with 12 days of Awesome #Giveaways!
Thanks for being a part of HJ’s community, Thanks for all YOUR comments and interactions. Thanks for YOUR loyalty to the blog, Most of all THANKS for making this a FUN place to hangout!

We <3 You!  🙂

From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….
Be sure to stop by everyday until Dec 31, 2015 for a chance to win: Boxes of print books, BookStore Gift Cards, Audio books, author Swag & more!

Up for grabs today are Box-O-Books from Harlequin Books, Carina Press & Avon Publishing (US / CAN)*

Happy Reading 🙂

Harlequin Books Box-O-Books:
  • Harlequin tote bag
  • A pair of Harlequin socks
  • A limited edition Harlequin Classics notebook
  • Print Copy: Evergreen Springs by RaeAnne Thayne
  • Print Copy: Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery
  • Print Copy: Christmas in Mustang Creek by Linda Lael Miller
  • Print Copy: By Winter’s Light by Stephanie Laurens


Carina Press – Box-O-Books:
  • Print Copy: No One Lives Twice by Julie Moffett
  • Print Copy: Controlled Burn by Shannon Stacey
  • Print Copy: Heat Exchange by Shannon Stacey
  • Print Copy: Fatal Affair by Marie Force
  • Print Copy: Fireman calendar from Shannon Stacey’s books
  • A number of Carina Press pushbutton pins


#3 Avon Romance Box-O-Books:
  • “Surprise” Box of 5 Print romance titles.
  • An Avon tote
  • An Avon coloring book.


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: What is your favorite “Harlequin Series” (line); tell us what draws you to it. [Series example: Presents, Desire, Blaze, Medical, Romance, Nocturne, etc… ] 

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139 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 9: HJ Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA”

  1. vadensmommy1

    Nocturne , blaze and romance. They are my top favorites. .
    Thanks for the chance

  2. cheryl c.

    I like harlequin historical because I get to travel to another place and time as I read.

  3. Jennifer

    Can’t resist some solid Blaze once in a while when I’m craving some swoony romance…

  4. krystle

    I love intrigue because I love the action, the alpha men and the great story line

  5. Vicki

    I love all of them. One of my absolute favorites is Intrigue. I love romantic suspense, to find out the mystery really keeps me going.

  6. Trudy

    I I have enjoyed many books in the Nocturne, Romance and Blaze lines Love Paranormal romance, romance in general, and some of the authors in the Blaze line.

  7. EvelynS

    A Harlequin Presents novel was my first romance novel and I still love the series! Love the storylines!!

  8. Anita H.

    I love some many of Harlequins series, love the heat of the Blaze books, the paranormal elements of the Nocturne ones and the International settings of the Presents line. Thanks so much for the chance to win these awesome prizes!

  9. angela smith

    my favorite would be Harlequin Intrigue because i love all the suspense and danger mixed with the romance.i love several other harlequin lines also

  10. iamshortanote

    I love Intrigue. A romantic suspense Will grab me every time. I love the not knowing who did it and trying to figure it out before the end. The men in these books are usually strong, handsome, capable, compassionate people. I want to put myself in the airline’s place. And danger is also as alluring. Thank you, fantastic giveaway.

  11. belindaegreen

    My favorite Harlequin series is Kimani Romance. My second favorite is Blaze. The third is Desire. They all have wonderful covers and stories that grab me and engage my senses making me want to read the stories. Of course I have favorite authors in each series that I look forward to reading when they publish.

    I have been reading Harlequin since I was a teen when they only had the basic Harlequin line. 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Belinda G

  12. AmandaS

    For me it’s a tie between Presents and Desire. I’ve been a big fan of them for years. I love the billionaire hero stories and the exotic locations around the world, and I’m also a sucker for the hero as the heroine’s boss storyline! 🙂

  13. Ashley F.

    Nocturne, cause I love paranormal and like the various creatures and beings. with a hint or more of magic adds like ‘sprinkles’ on top of the spice etc. of the rest of it.

  14. Laura Lovejoy Brunk

    I’ve never read any of them, but i’d most likely like tge paranormal series

  15. Monique D

    Harlequin Intrigue; I like suspense, a little romance, and the books are not overlong. And great authors.

  16. Suzie Johnson

    Though I read all the sections, Intrigue & Desire are my fave. I love the suspense and romance—the authors in these two lines are wonderful!

  17. conniefischer

    I enjoy Harlequin Inspirational and Historical. The Inspirational novels are always so sweet and usually have a lovely moral at the end which I find very heart-warming. The Historical novels happen in time periods that have always fascinated me and I can never get enough of them. I always learn about new places and events and it’s the best way to learn history!

    Thanks you so much for this fabulous giveaway. I have had so much fun participating.

  18. laurieg72l

    Presents is my go to read for a fun , adventure filled trip to an exotic location. I meet international heroes and visit countries I normally wouldn’t tour without Harlequin’s assistance.

  19. HaddieHarper

    I think it would have to be . . . Love Inspired. Mainly because it brings in good morals, faith and the characters are equal to each other.

  20. Brianne

    Lately I tent toward the medical line. I like that we see a lot about the couple involved but there is also a little but more in the plot line with characters who are treated by the main characters.

  21. kermitsgirl

    I actually became addicted to the Harlequin Love Inspired Historical – it was an interesting take on historical romances, and the first Christian romance novels I had ever read. Many of the themes deal with acceptance and forgiveness, and those are important themes, even for nonreligious people. And when you take sex out of a romance, you really have to make sure the story is good to keep my interest 🙂

  22. noraadrienne

    I don’t think I even notice which of your brand names are on the books. I read them based on the authors… eg. Susan Mallory and RaeAnne Thayne I’m also a fan of the Paranormal Romance genre.

  23. Debbi Wellenstein

    I like Intrigue and Romantic Suspense. I like a good thriller with my romance!

  24. Ellen C.

    My favorites are Blaze, Desire, Presents and Romance…It just depends what I’m in the mood to read. Love the variety of authors and styles.

  25. amartinez87

    Nocturne! Oh my I used to read these everyday! I love paranormal/fantasy. They were short sweet and full of great adventure.

  26. Pennie

    I’ve always read more Desire and Blaze because I like the hotter versions but I have read more in the Presents line in the last couple years and really enjoyed them.

  27. joab4424

    I like Desire and Blaze the most because the couple’s physical connection makes the story more believable.

  28. Tammy V.

    I’m a paranormal lover so I love Nocturne. They are nice when I need a quick read.

  29. Tammy Y

    I read nearly every Harlequin line except Nocturne. Blaze and Intrigues are my favorites. Love the authors and plots.

  30. JoAn V.

    My favorite is the Intrigue line of stories. Romance, adventure and mystery all rolled into one story.

    • Tanya Guthrie

      I see there are a lot of Nocturne lovers. I just finished Royal House of Shadows from the Nocturne line last night, great box set!!

  31. Kim

    My favorite is probably the Presents line. However, if I like a particular author, I will follow her to your other lines.

  32. Judy

    My favorite line is the Desire line but a close second is the Medical one.

  33. Colleen C.

    I am a big fan of most of the Harlequin lines! Love Blaze, Presents, SuperRomance and Medical… they top my list.

  34. jcp

    I really enjoy Harlequin Romances, Love Inspired Historicals, Harlequin Historicals and Medicals. I pick them based on themes reviews, and authors

  35. anne3230

    Harlequin Blaze because I like my romance hot. I’m old enough that I remember when harlequin Presents was “smoking”. At the time, they used to have one (!) big/hot scene, usually right in the middle.

  36. T Hammond

    I’ve enjoyed Blaze, and Nocturne the most– I’ve read all the lines at one point or another over the past 30 years or more.

  37. ML

    Looking at what I’ve purchased over the years, it’s Nocturne, American, and Blaze.

  38. Diane Sallans

    I always enjoy the Presents books, and the Historicals (particularly Medieval)

  39. Cathy P

    I like Historical and Blaze. I love history and romance and the Historical line gives me both. I like Blaze because of the heat.

  40. Marcy Meyer

    I really enjoy the Blaze series, because I love the heat and steam of these love stories. I generally read contemporary, new adult and erotic romance, so this series fits me the best.

  41. Cynthia Reyes

    Harlequin Presents! Been reading them for many many years! Love those alpha males!

  42. peggy clayton

    I really like the Special Edition and the Blaze line . I am not a fan at all of the paranormal one but i am glad that they are in lines that way i know which i read and don’t read also the authors in the blaze line are so good!

  43. Lori P

    I read them all, but I really enjoy Blaze is one of my favorites. The books usually have story lines that revolve around law enforcement and military which I really enjoy 😉

  44. Chey

    I don’t have a favourite. I just don’t like to read anything too similar too close together.

  45. Sandy X

    Harlequin Romance. I don’t know what draws me to it…if I read the blurb and its interesting then I read it

  46. Sharlene Wegner

    Harlequin American Romance series because I love a good cowboy story (and the cowboy on the cover!)

  47. Krysten M

    Oh man this is going to be random but I love Blaze and Nocturne 🙂 they’re always good for the drama and tough heroes

  48. Kim

    I love the Presents line for the intelligent heroines and great international locations.

  49. Amanda Thompson

    I don’t really have a favorite. I read them all and I’ve enjoyed them all!

  50. Andra Dalton

    I got hooked on Harlequin Romance novels years ago thanks to my mom & her stash!!! When I ran out of books to read when I was younger she let me borrow her books & that’s all it took as I’ve been reading all of the different series now for years!!! Thanks so much for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!! Happy Holidays to all!!!:

  51. Texas Book Lover

    I have never paid attention to the lines…they are all fantastic.

  52. Melissa C

    Depends on my mood. If I want something a little more tame I go with romance. But if I want something a little hotter then it’s blaze.

  53. Kim

    I haven’t read a lot of the lines. I’m going to have to say romantic suspense. I LOVE Melissa Cutler’s ICE Black Ops Defenders series. There are a couple of Heartwarming books I would like to see.

  54. Ada

    The Super Romance used to be my favorite but now I’m loving the steamy hot Desire and Blaze books. Although I do love all the Harlequin books!

  55. ELF

    I am not a fan of a specific series, I like most subgenres of romance, so I am most intrigued by a good storyline.

  56. veRONIca

    I love the medical. It is my background and it is great to read stories about people finding love in an environment so close to where I work

  57. Maureen

    I like the Harlequin Presents line because they are so emotional and intense.

  58. Elizabeth T.

    My go-to books are Special Edition and Desire. Typically these lines are both interesting and enjoyable to read!

    And I love that Harlequin socks are part of the giveaway – would love to win! 🙂

  59. tlrosado

    My favorite line of Harlequin books are the Heartwarming books. I am impressed with the caliber of authors and the quality writing. Many of the Harlequin lines are very short reads (around 200 pages,) but most of the Heartwarming books tend to be 300 pages or more. With more length you get better developed characters and more details, which I like. I will read shorter romances, but longer books are my preference.

  60. Valerie

    I love blaze and desire… the heat is great without skimping on the plot