Innocent ’til Proven Otherwise by Amy Andrews

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Innocent 'til Proven OtherwiseInnocent ’til Proven Otherwise by Amy Andrews
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Book Blurb:
Rules are made to be broken…aren’t they? Ali doesn’t do reckless, and she certainly doesn’t do one-night stands – until one intoxicating night with the most lethally attractive man she’s ever laid eyes on… More shocking still, when Ali meets the lawyer holding her career in his hands a few days later – it’s the same hot guy! The legendary Max Sherrington knows even his vivid memories of Ali could be defined as inappropriate conduct! Protocol may forbid him from touching her – but just because they can’t break the rules it surely doesn’t mean they can’t bend them a little

My Review

Naughty and Nice with lots of Spice!
OMG! I loved Innocent ’til Proven Otherwise…this book was sensational.

Amy Andrews has written a beautifully sexy angst free romance with two great characters; I love Ali she is feisty & adorable, Max with his die hard focus is too die for sexy.

The sexual tension and attraction between Ali and Max burn up the pages of this book. The dialogues are witty and funny with tons of laugh out moments – I don’t want to say much, the only way to enjoy this book is to read it.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading ‘Innocent ’til Proven Otherwise’ this is now my new favorite Amy Andrews book…Bold and Sexy, a perfect summer read and highly recommended!

Some great quotes from the book:

‘How far to your place?’ she asked
Max gaze dropped to her still unbuttoned blouse ‘fifteen minutes’
Ali looked him square in the eye. ‘How fast if I don’t do this up?’
He feasted his eyes on the white lacy bra cups. ‘Ten’
She nodded. ‘I’ll let you do whatever you want with them if you can get us there faster’
Max made it home in eight minutes flat.

‘Did you know’ she murmured, ‘that you burn off the same amount of calories during sex as you do during a five-k-run?’

He dug his fingers into his hips. ‘I do ten’
Ali smiled and she peeled the sheet back. ‘Okay, then. I’ll let you do me twice.’

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