REVIEW: A Cowboy to Keep by Karen Rock

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A Cowboy to Keep by Karen Rock: While this was not my favorite book read so far this month, I did enjoy some aspects of “A Cowboy to Keep”. I love the dude ranch and Colorado settings, as it reminds me of one of my favorite parts of the United States. Colorado is gorgeous as are the areas the ranches are located in.

In “A Cowboy to Keep”, the reader is introduced to Jack, a rancher turned bounty hunter, and to Dani, a young lady who is a stable manager at the ranch Jack visits to find criminals who are hiding out from drug charges. Dani has her own reasons for being careful around a bounty hunter due to mistakes made in her past. Jack has a very personal reason for seeking the two criminals he hopes to find on the ranch- he believes they may have killed his brother.

Throughout the story, Dani carries on an internal struggle between helping Jack, and shielding people she considered friends- people she doesn’t want to believe could be evil. Jack is constantly haunted by his brothers’ memory and by Jack’s perceived self guilt.

I think that readers who are seeking a romance in which there is deep soul searching before the characters come together will definitely enjoy this. However, readers who are also seeking suspense, there are times when it falls a little flat. However, visualizing the beautiful scenery through the authors’ descriptions is definitely a plus!


Book Info:

Publication: February 7, 2017 | Harlequin Heartwarming |

Dani Crawford has a secret…and if bounty hunter Jackson Cade finds out, he could ruin everything. The scarred yet handsome cowboy has tracked a dangerous criminal to the dude ranch Dani manages, and to get rid of Jack she’ll have to help him catch his man. But the closer they get to cornering their quarry the more Dani wants Jack to stay. Spending time with him is making her long for things she can never have thanks to a past mistake. And if the truth comes out she may be spending her future behind bars rather than safe in her cowboy’s arms…



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