REVIEW: Newborn Under the Christmas Tree by Pembroke Sophie

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Newborn Under the Christmas Tree by Pembroke Sophie: Broken, not physically but emotionally and in every other way that matters. Can time heal those wounds? Or will it take something with a little more magic?

Alice Walters had a lot of pain in her life. She was trying to rebuild though, not just her life, but her entire being. She was trying to find her purpose and make things better for others as that might somehow make things better for her as well. It wasn’t as if she feared change, but she wasn’t sure about the unknown, especially when it came to things she didn’t understand.

Liam Jenkins fell under that category. Not that that was surprising as he didn’t understand much himself. Not when it came to the personal stuff anyway, he was pretty broken as well only he had no desire to fix only to bury. However when faced with a problem, he wasn’t one to hide.

Alice and Liam are given a gift beyond compare, but it’s how they receive their gift that show them how healed (or not) they are.

Ms. Pembroke has given her readers another sweet English romance filled with love and a deeper meaning. Her characters are easily relatable and the story serves as a great platform to tell us about the plight of those suffering under the hands of others. As with most of her stories this to has a deeper meaning and I urge you to look further than the cover. Enjoy and indulge in this Christmastime happy ending.


Book Info:

Publication: November 1st 2017 | Harlequin Romance |

The baby that brought them together

As heir to Thornwood Manor, Liam Jenkins wants to erase painful memories by knocking it down and rebuilding it. But Alice Walters has turned the manor into a women’s refuge, and she’s prepared to be the thorn in the new lord’s side!

When they hear the cries of a newborn under the Christmas tree, they’re forced to find a way to work together. And with each passing day, this little baby brings them both back to life, and gives them a Christmas gift they never expected!



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