REVIEW: No Desire Denied by Cara Summers

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No Desire Denied by Cara Summers: The prologue of this contemporary romance takes place in 1812, and provides the reader with some important history regarding the MacPherson family, of which the book is about. Events which include the love story of Eleanor and Angus MacPherson, NDDthe magical properties of the MacPherson Castle arch and the Stuart sapphires that Eleanor buried in such a way, to be discovered and returned to their rightful owners when the timing was right.

Nell MacPherson is a single, successful author with an extremely observant mind that constantly conjures up new ideas to create interesting plots and storylines for her books. Nell’s most recent book tells the mythical story of the jewels that have been missing from her family for two hundred years. Simultaneously, her two sisters have each found a sapphire earring on the castle grounds, which were two of the three missing gems from the three jewel set. Now Nell believes she must return to the MacPherson castle, her childhood home, and find the sapphire necklace. Finding the sapphires has resulted in unwanted publicity to Nell, her sisters and their boyfriends. Someone wants the sapphires and will even kill to get them.

Secret Service agent Reid Sutherland and his two brothers have known the MacPherson women for many years. In fact, his two brothers who are also in law enforcement, are dating Nell’s sisters. Growing up, Reid was always Nell’s protector and now more then ever he believes he needs to be at her side during this crisis.

Nell has always had a thing for Reid and now with them spending so much time together, the feeling is mutual. They can’t keep their hands off of each other and it seems the magical arch may have something to do with that. Nell and Reid make a good team and truly enjoy each others company.

I believe providing anymore information about the book would spoil the ending. This is a suspenseful adventure in addition to being a modern romance. The plot is interesting and I enjoyed the thought processes of the two main characters.

Book Info:

3SPublication: October 22nd 2013 by Harlequin Blaze (Book 772)

Legend has it making out under the MacPherson Castle arch guarantees you will find love. But author Nell MacPherson has a better plan, which is fueling the plot of her next book and tapping into the arch’s magic to locate the last piece of a missing family heirloom. And since every book needs a sexy subplot, she’ll save some of that magic for hot one-on-one time with her childhood crush.

Secret Service agent Reid Sutherland is determined to protect Nell from the recent threats aimed at her and her family. Which means no fooling around. But damned if the arch isn’t doing its thing, because suddenly he and Nell can’t keep their hands off each other. With every touch and late-night liaison, they’re heading for big trouble and this time, Nell won’t be able to write her way out of it!

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  1. Tammy Y

    I will give this book 5 Stars, Cara recently passed away and this is her last book. I am so saddened about her death. I love her books.

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