The Life She Left Behind (The Santina Crown) by Maisey Yates

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Mar 23, 12

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Sometimes it can be quite illuminating when you read the reviews for a book you’ve already finished reading. Especially the ones who give poor reviews. I can’t help but wonder what they were expecting. Too short…yes it’s a novella. Not enough character development…did I mention it was a novella? Too many tropes. Tropes…I thought that was to do with you know, a play on words, but now I find it is a sort of upmarket cliche. So there were cliche’s in the story. Can you say series romance really really slowly. (Ok I’m giggling here. This is so much fun.) But seriously guys what were you expecting. This is a prequel for a gaggle of series romance stories. Cliche’s will inevitably abound. But I happen to like cliche’s when they are attached to a rather cute love story with a hot guy and a quirky heroine with a bit of personality. In fact I read this stuff because I like to know what I’m getting. Sure I’ll give points for originality of plot lines or a nice varigation on the theme but a short story or novella doesn’t leave a lot of room for playing. I want my men hot and my heroine’s lovable and I like to know that whatever twists and turns I’m guaranteed a Happily Ever After. Now that’s the biggest cliche of them all. And in case you are wondering, yes I love this story, every darned cliche/trope just made it the ideal comfort read. Almost as good as chocolate, but not quite, which is why it only got four stars.

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  1. PrincessFiona01

    Heheh. Reading this I remember how much I enjoyed the story. Such a cute little read. I might just meander off and find it again. A short read to squeeze between some other big reads.

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