Vacation Mode: ON

Posted March 30th, 2023 by in Blog / 13 comments

Vacation Mode: ON

You can’t buy happiness, but you can eat ice cream, read a book, take a break – take a vacation, make new memories and that’s basically the same thing…Happiness!!

I will be taking a vacation to do all of the above over Spring break…

I have Review posts and Spotlight Posts scheduled for the time I am away.


I have no control if the site goes down while I am on Vacation [Let’s hope it doesn’t]

If a Rafflecopter doesn’t Go LIVE when it’s scheduled too [becauce I messed up dates] – please ignore the Rafflecopter – Just Comment on the post and Share on Twitter.

I will also not be checking my email while on vacation -obviously 🙂

I will announce the MARCH engagement winner(s) once I am back after easter.

If you wish to follow along on my travel – Keep an eye out on my Instagram Story / Feed – Hopefully you all are following me there – if you aren’t please do. [I will be hitting a couple of my bucket list items on this trip – including a visit to my bucket list bookstore]

Have a great weekend and Easter break friends, I hope you have something fun planned.


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