What is your Favorite Romance Theme / Storyline?

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As romance readers we all have a romance storyline that we naturally gravitate to more often than others, for me it would be ‘Opposites Attract’ storyline. A can’t stand you to can’t live without you romance….


Stuffy, uptight, reserved  H/h and flamboyant, spontaneous, impetuous H/h make for one Sizzling Hot Sexy Read!


Sarah Mayberry’s ‘Her Best Worst Mistake’ and Shannon Stacey’s ‘Slow Summer Kisses’ use this trope beautifully.


 So Let’s Talk books: What is your Favorite Romance Theme? Do you have a book to recommend?

13 Responses to “What is your Favorite Romance Theme / Storyline?”

  1. WK

    Marriage of Convenience and Re-Union then Revenge and Plain Jane/Cinderella………….then the suspense titles…….and lost love finds a new love they never expected.

  2. Sara

    Being the Junkie that I am I will pretty much read anything. For me: Re-union, Sheikh, Plain Jain, Marriage of convenience, Revenge.

  3. Natalija

    Sara, my favorite themes are:
    * Plain Jane / Cinderella
    * Re-union
    * Friends-to-lovers
    * Small town
    * Western, cowboy, rodeo
    * Wrong side of the track
    * Blue collar meets white collar

  4. Sasha H

    So many good tropes mentioned above which I enjoy.

    Gotta add the paranormal, sexy alpha meets strong woman, lots of conflict to work through, happy ending with sequels to look forward to, plot.

    [mouthful huh? 🙂 ] That’s why Nalini Singh is one of my all-time favourite, must-buy/must-read authors

  5. HelenaV

    I’m addicted to the MoC trope to the extent that 95% of my ebooks are all about it. Aside from MoCs, I like stories about sham marriage, contract marriage, betrothals… yep, you get the point.

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