REVIEW: The CEO’s Nanny Affair by Joss Wood

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The CEO’s Nanny Affair by Joss Wood is the third story in her Ballantyne siblings saga, about a family involved in the jewelry acquisition and design business. I’ve really enjoyed the series to date, and was excited to read this latest story about Linc Ballantyne, the CEO of the family companies.

Linc thought he’d seen the end of his ex-fiance’s family, the Harpers, when Kari Harper dumped him and left him with full custody of their six week old son. But when Tate Harper, Kari’s cousin and adopted sister (it’s complicated) shows up with a baby in tow at her wit’s end, he reluctantly agrees to help her. Kari has done it again – birthed another child and abandoned her baby daughter Ellie, this time to Tate’s care, but with a note to contact Linc as the child is technically a sibling to Linc and Kari’s now four year old son Shaw.

As a travelogue TV host on leave between assignments, Tate is torn between her career plans and the instant attachment she feels to her niece. When Linc offers her a place to stay with Ellie, she accepts. With Linc’s mom soon leaving and Linc in need of someone to act as a full time caregiver while he searches for a nanny, Tate seems the perfect solution as a temporary nanny for Ellie and for Shaw. The only problem is the growing attraction between Tate and Linc. After being involved with one Harper, the last thing Linc wants is to get involved with another one! And Tate is only planning to be around for a few weeks with no plans to give up her career and be a stay at home mom. Can this couple resolve their differences and get a loving ready made family in the bargain?

What an enjoyable read! Linc is clearly a nice guy hero, a man who had no qualms about taking in his infant son when his ex-fiancee abandoned him two weeks before their wedding. He’s a loving and patient father and it shows in the interactions he has with his energetic son. Plus, he’s got a great support system with his mom and his siblings. The only problem he has is trusting another woman to have his (and now his son’s) best interests at heart.

To her credit, Tate, while being thrust into a situation beyond her control, is able to make the adjustments necessary to give baby Ellie the care she needs. She’s had a complicated relationship with Kari, and we eventually learn about some extenuating circumstances that resulted in her thrusting Ellie into Tate’s care. (She’s not quite as heartless as it first appears). Tate’s attraction to Linc is inconvenient, since she doesn’t plan to stick around. But he is very persuasive and charming and soon enough they are sharing some sexy nights together.

Tate’s worries about what will happen with her career, her issues with family dating back to her own childhood, and Linc’s concerns about giving his heart to another woman cause some conflicts in their relationship that are eventually settled as they learn to communicate and share with each other. I liked how they both put the children’s welfare above their own and how this led to them realizing what good partners they could be, and falling for each other too! While it’s a standalone story, there are some great cameos by the other Ballantyne siblings. The CEO’s Nanny Affair is a delightful story and will definitely appeal to single parent romance fans.

Book Info:

Publication: Aug 1, 2017 | Harlequin Desire | The Ballantyne Billionaires #3

Sexy single-dad billionaire meets temporary nanny…

When Tate Harper’s sister disappears, the globe-trotting TV host is suddenly the caregiver for her infant niece. She has to find her sister ASAP! Enter single father and sexy CEO Linc Ballantyne, her sister’s ex. He’s a family man to the core, and he’ll help Tate–if she agrees to be his temporary live-in nanny.

Soon she’s juggling a baby, a toddler and a growing attraction to the billionaire Ballantyne. But when it’s time to go back to her real life, will she pack her bags or stay and find out what being a family really means?



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