Book Junkies, Do you copy?

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Book Junkies, Do you copy?

I’m going to keep this one short and Sweet, If you are reading this post – Firstly THANK YOU and secondly you are in luck!

I have 6 boxes of books to giveaway to HJ Blog Subscribers residing in the US. (Sorry can’t afford international shipping for a box full of books at this time.)

The books featured below are boxed, sealed and ready to ship. If you are interested in winning one of these boxes follow the instructions listed below.

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First HJ Subscriber to hit the comments automatically wins a box of books! Yay!
To Enter to Win:

1. You must be an email subscriber of HJ blog 
2. Drop me a comment here: Tell me why you would recommend Harlequin Junkie blog to fellow book lovers?
3. LIKE HJ on Facebook (Optional)
4. Follow HJ on Twitter (Optional)


Box-O-Books Giveaway Details: 

– Shipping Details: Must have a US mailing address, PO Box. or a forwarding address in the US that I can mail to.

– Box of books will be randomly selected. As the boxes as sealed your guess is as good as mine.

– This contest will close on Wednesday April 23rd, 2014 8:59 PM (PT) and the winners will be notified via email and on this Post. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail before a new winner is selected.


  1. Bethany Macielag
  2. ki pha
  3. Alicia Jespersen
  4. Nicole Potter
  5. Marcy Shuler
  6. Sharlene Wegner

128 Responses to “Book Junkies, Do you copy?”

    • Joyce Andrews

      That’s a lot of books. I am already a follower on FB and Twitter.

  1. Michelle Huang

    More variety of authors to people who are fairly new to the genre of romances and perhaps spreading the good reviews to their friends. It is a win-win situation for both parties; authors get the appreciation from buyers/fans while the readers enjoy the stories and hopefully craving for more, if they happen to cross a series.

  2. ki pha

    I love you ladies!!! This blog is just fantastic. You ladies share so many different reads and review and recommends some fabulous books and authors. Wow, my book list of TBR is just piling up! You ladies rock!

  3. Kimberly F

    I love that you review all the different genres and I have bought and loved books that I would have not normally based on your reviews. I follow on fb and twitter.

  4. Yadira Alonzo (@yadkny)

    I would recommend Harlequin Junkie blog to fellow book lovers because aside from the amazing giveaways, the reviews are comprehensive and it unites book lovers with other book lovers to recommend and talk about (in my opinion) the best genre(s) of reading! This is a blog I know I can trust.

    LIKE’d HJ on Facebook: Yadira Alonzo
    Follow HJ on Twitter: @yadkny

  5. Alicia Jespersen

    I would recommend this site to other readers because of your content. Your reviews are all unique but personal to the reviewer. You have some great themed posts like Edits Unleashed. And your site always has amazing giveaways.

    Thanks so much for the chance to win! I’m subscribed via email. Liked on FB(Alicia Jespersen) And following on Twitter. @AliciaJespersen

  6. Teresa w.

    Harlequin Junkie is my favorite of the book blogs I follow. I have found more books and authors I’ve enjoyed here. I also find that the reviews seem to coincide well with my like and dislike, and that the reviews and interviews are long enough to inform, without being so long that I loose interest. Last but definitely not least, are the great giveaways! I follow you on Facebook and twitter, also.

  7. Jenni

    Harlequin Junkies is excellent! Many people cannot physically go to bookstores and even libraries. They don’t have the luxury of shopping and browsing through books. Or with their busy work and family schedules, just don’t have the time. For whatever reason,Harlequin Junkies provides an excellent (and fun!) resource for romance readers. I am a disabled Veteran who until recently, due to medical conditions myself, was not able to physically shop for books. I still rely on Harlequin Junkies book reviews and have my spirits lifted! Thank you so much HJ!

  8. Meagan Wells

    I think you guys have the best selection of books for reviews. I always recommend this blog for anyone looking to get ideas on what books to read.

  9. Brandi Dagwan

    Your blog was one of the first i’ve followed, You all have such great posts of interviews, reviews & contest,… .I love them! I always tell my friends to come & check out this blog all the time!! =) It’s an awesome blog! <3

    I subscribe to the blog by email BLeigh1130 at yahoo dot com

    I follow on twitter (@ShitBrandiSays) & on FB(Brandi Dagwan).

    Thank you for this fabulous giveaway!! And I hope you are having a great Easter weekend! =)

    Take care!

  10. Selenity Jade

    Why would I recommend the blog to book lovers? Because you have awesome reviews, interviews, giveaways. And happy easter! I am already following the blog on FB and Twitter. ^_^;

  11. Stephanie Fredrick

    I always recommend you ladies. You have honest and well informed reviews that help me make purchase decisions. You also have great author interviews and spotlights. I can always count on you to make me smile apps well. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

    Facebook Follower- Stephanie Fredrick
    Twitter Follow- @FredrickLynn
    Email Subscriber

  12. Susan T.

    This is the blog I come to for book recs. You have have reviews that I love and have introduced new authors to me. You make entering contest really easy. Love that you pay it foward with you box-o-books giveaway! Hope to win KA’s Dream Man box.

    Follow on FB – Sue So and Twitter – @kidsue99

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Happy Easter.

  13. Tracey Parker

    I recommend it because of the variety of books. The honest reviews, the excerpts, or sometimes things that didn’t make it in the book. Also you have the giveaways with some of them. Reslly hoping to win, I was in a lot of pain and was sleeping so didn’t get to check email earlier. Thank you for all the hard work and the chance at the giveaways!

  14. Nancy Crocker

    I would recommend, because it gives romance readers up to date reviews of all books dealing with romance. My late mother got me started reading Harlequin novels back in the 70’s and for me this is the go to site for all things Harlequin related. I like how you review your books. I feel you give honest reviews.

  15. DebraG

    This is an amazing blog. You meet new authors and get to know old ones better. There are tons of giveaways as well.
    Like on FB, follow on twitter and subscribe debby236 at gmail dot com

  16. Kate S

    You give honest reviews, select exciting excerpts, ask interesting questions of authors… I follow on FB and read every email you all send me… I’m so glad I found you!!!

  17. Marianne Westrich

    I love your reviews. I follow on FB and read each review, e-mail to find new books and authors. You’re GREAT!

  18. rluken05

    Gosh I love HJ blog because of your great reviews and interviews with authors. I find many of my books thru your blog. You have great giveaways.
    Follow you on facebook and twitter

  19. Tammy Fail

    I would recommend it because you always give us wonderful reviews and chances to win such wonderful prizes.

  20. janinecatmom

    What an awesome giveaway. I love HJ for all the book reviews (and of course giveaways). From your page, I have learned of so many different authors that I would have never known anything about. I don’t make it to the book store very often and rely on info I get online in order to hear of new books. I also love the interviews because it’s an inside look into the author’s life and shows they care about the readers and want to share more then just take the money from the book sales. Thank you for all you have done and the endless hours of book entertainment!

    • janinecatmom

      I have recommend your page to so many readers, I can”t even begin to count how many women are following you now because I have recommended them to this site.

  21. mrsmac19

    I would recommend HarlequinJunkie to others because your reviews are excellent!!! I always seem to agree with your assessments of books I’ve read, so I’m more willing to try someone new that you recommend. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  22. ML

    Lots of fabulous reviews! I follow on facebook and Twitter.. Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Kelly C

    Great reviews from a wide range of excellent authors and lots of fun giveaways!

  24. Kim Perry

    I love the reviews and giveaways! Already liked on Facebook & followed on Twitter.

  25. Lori Meehan

    I enjoy the blog because if the great interviews and reviews of the books. I’ve gotten some great recommendations from you.

  26. Megan Mulry

    I recommend this site all the time because it is FUN here–upbeat, joyful, happy–all the reasons I started reading romance in the first place! I love all the boxes, but I haven’t read Virginia Kantra or Kristen Ashley yet, so you know… *puppy eyes* writers need to read too!

  27. Sharon

    HJ does the work of finding new authors, and then lets us readers know who we should give a chance, without having to plunk down our hard earned cash to do so. I love finding new authors, but there seem to be so many out there, it’s time consuming and expensive to weed through. Plus, hello, giveaways!!

  28. Debra A

    This is the place where I get honest reviews of books that I want to read or have read. I am a follower of you thru email and facebook. Sorry not twitter.

  29. conniefischer

    Well, I’m certainly not first to hit the comments, but I’m never the last one to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and all of the great books and authors you discuss. Every day it’s a fun learning experience. This is exactly why I recommend your site to other readers and bloggers. Thanks ever so much. I have liked you on Facebook (Connie Kline Fischer) and Twitter (@ConnieFischer3).

  30. Allison

    I love the books you review, they are ones that interest me and the reviews are done well. Keep up what you’re doing!

  31. belindaegreen

    I would recommend HJ blog to others because of the reviews, they are honest and objective in most cases. I like the consistency of receiving them. The authors interviews are always informative and fun. I also like the HEA club. The chats are hilarious! I like the people and authors who attend. Sara and crew are fair, upbeat, and down to earth!

    I’m glad I happened upon them during a long ago blog hop. I haven’t regretted following them. I will continue to do so in the future.

  32. EllenToo

    Because I am living on a retirement income I am limited in how many books I can buy and because of your reviews I know which books I would really like to read and don’t waste money on books I end up not really liking. So I would recommend my friends and fellow readers to do the same. Keep up the good work.

  33. rojo13864

    LOL..I’m late to this great contest. I would and DO recommend HJ to all my bookish friends on line and post a lot about it. Always find new authors to try and end up falling in love with. Never, ever a dull moment on HJ!

  34. kp

    I have found so many great books and authors through your blog!!!!! Facebook friend!

  35. kittensinclair

    Your blog is AH-MA-ZING! it is one of the best blog! I really love all your reviews its concise and honest, i enjoyed every author spotlight, and of course your giveaways. Love you ladies…and you rock!!

  36. robin the book nerd

    I would recommend HJ blog because yall review a wide variety of books in romance with honest reviews.

  37. Karen j

    I recommend Harlequin Junkie because you all have the best reviews and a variety of types of romances for us to pick from!

  38. Cathy P

    Thanks for such an awesome giveaway! You guys rock! Good luck everyone!

    I recommend HaqrlequinJunkie because you give honest reviews, have a wide range of authors and books you introduce us to, and have great contests.

    I am a facebook follower (Cathy Phillips), twitter follower (@kscathy), and email follower (Cathy P).

  39. cindy reifel

    Because I have read and loved Harlequin for 40 yrs and love the fact that I have HJ now that gives me a lot of info about the newest books coming out!

  40. Lori Moore

    I love this blog & would recommend it to friens because of the awesome reviews & giveaways. I follow by email, facebook & twitter.

  41. txgrll

    I would recommend it because there’s lots of giveaways and the reviews keep us up to date on new books.

  42. Cari White

    I’ve been on a number of Romance review sites, but HJ is the easiest to navigate, is most aligned with my tastes and has a great balance of best selling and new authors. The questions in the interviews are fun, as well…. And great giveaways!

  43. Elizabeth Haney

    I recommend the blog because there is always always a variety of book reviews for every romance reader. There are also many wonderful author interviews and giveaways. The reviews are always respectful and informative.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    email subscriber: ehaney578 at aol dot com
    Facebook follower: Elizabeth Haney
    Twitter follower: @elizhaney

  44. Leanna

    I love your honest reviews, great recommendations, great giveaways and authors chats. I have discovered so many great new authors!

  45. Nicole Potter (@NiiArt)

    WOW that is a LOT of books! *swoons*

    OK ok, I would recommend Harlequin Junkie because:
    1. You always give great, honest reviews on books.
    2. You review a bunch of books and authors I’ve never heard of before, so I’m constantly getting to add new things to my to-read list!
    3. I love that you update several times daily. I like that I constantly have updates in by inbox by the time I get home!
    4. Because of all the above, I almost always find out the newest and the best books from this blog. And I LOVE THAT!

    Thanks so much for the chance at the giveaway! LOVING YOUR BLOG!! 🙂

  46. Erin J.

    I would (and have) recommend HJ to my friends because of how many new authors I have discovered and enjoyed since joining. Also, having a place full of others who enjoy reading romance as much as I do is great. No one judges your tastes here and everyone is extremely friendly, it is seriously all about the books and that is the best thing.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  47. Marcy Collins

    I love this blog as there are honest reviews sent as updates throughout the day while I am gone at work which I read at night. They introduce me to many new authors (for me) which I throughly enjoy and add to my TBR pile. The giveaway is a dream come true! Thank you for offering this to your followers!

  48. Timitra

    You always have great interviews, giveaways and reviews oh and lots of new to me authors.

  49. joeysammyk

    I recommend this blog to EVERYONE! There is a book of 100 here for everyone! You rock! Thanks for the chance 🙂
    sammyjoeyk2 at aol dot com

  50. wandac

    Your site was one of the first I ever followed for reviews. You do awesome reviews on awesome books and I respect your views. The giveaways on you site are great. I recommend your site to anyone that will listen.

  51. Diana Garey

    You get lots of book suggestions and reviews as well as giveaways. This is a great giveaway! 🙂

  52. meingee

    Follow on twitter, liked on Facebook, follow by email.
    I would recommend the HJ blog because of the great books that are reviewed,recommended and introduced to new readers.

  53. Leni

    It’s a good way to find other sub-genres that you might not be familiar with.

  54. orchid7

    I like that you guys are reviewing a lot of the books that have caught my eye. I also find a lot of good new book ideas here.
    Another thing I appreciate is that some of your reviewers aren’t afraid to say it if they didn’t really like a book, and why it didn’t work for them. It makes me trust the positive reviews more.

  55. Barbara E.

    I would recommend Harlequin Junkie blog because I always have a lot of fun here. Lots of giveaways of great books, wonderful interviews with interesting authors, and just a great vibe. It’s always lovely to drop in. 😀 I like on Facebook and follow on Twitter and am an email subscriber.

  56. Laura D.

    Great Reviews, links to contests. A great way to learn about books that I probably won’t find. Love it.

  57. dholcomb1

    you do reviews and giveaways for a variety of romance subgenres. you’re always nice in interaction. I recommend the site to friends.



    denise marie stout holcomb

  58. beckymmoe

    Awesome book club 🙂 (I’m coming this month, I swear!), fabulous giveaways, and excellent book recommendations! And of course the company is fantastic.

  59. Julia Bartolozzi

    Because a variety of authors are always being introduced as well as a variety of reviews. I enjoy this site very much.

  60. ndluebke

    Besides being a fellow Harliquin Junky, you have more reviews and giveaways that any other blog site I know of. Which means you introduce me to a lot of new authors.

  61. Kathleen Nichols

    I’m with the rest of the guys-your reviews are great; you give those looking for a good book to read the information that is relevant. You also have some of the best giveaways. I enjoy your site very much and I follow your facebook page and I get your Blogging Romance Books emailed to me as well. This is an awesome giveaway and I appreciate your giving all of us this great chance!!! =)

  62. Samantha Hodges

    I’d recommend HJ reviews to others because of all the books you review from different genres. Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  63. cnapper67

    I love this blog because you have a great variety of books and I enjoy the reviews. The giveaways are great too.

  64. marcyshuler

    I recommend Harlequin Junkie because I have found many new-to-me authors through your reviews. I also love the author interviews and the great giveaways, not to mention the fun “Edits Unleashed” and “i on Romance” posts you’ve recently started. I also feel when I post a comment that it’s appreciated…and that means a lot to me.


  65. Debra Diaz (@DebraStarDiaz)

    I subscribe by e-mail, follow on Facebook and Twitter and would recommend the blog to friends because of all the great book recommendations/reviews you have! I get lots of idea fro what to read next from you!

  66. Jane Cavanaugh

    I would recommend HJ as it is a great way to discover new authors. My TBR shelf is now overflowing thanks to HJ and I am not complaining.

  67. Brooke B.

    I subscribe via email and follow on Twitter. Book lovers like me would love your site because it’s packed full of reviews, guest posts, author interviews and lots more bookish goodness! You always have new content posted, and your site is one I check out every day. You make my TBR pile grow. 🙂

  68. Angelina

    what can I say about HJ is that this blog is AMAZEBALLZ!! Having great reviews, recommendations featured authors and giveaways!! <3

  69. Marguerite Guinn

    You offer great giveaways and I absolutely adore the interviews with authors!

  70. Chanpreet

    I’m an email subscriber. I follow by another email address than the one given below.

    I’m so grateful to have found this blog. I love the wide variety of books you guys review as well as the questions you ask each author. The insights we get into what motivated the book, the hardest scene to write, etc. are all enlightening.

    I do follow HJ on both facebook and twitter. I wouldn’t dare not. 🙂

  71. Glenda

    HJ is an awesome blog with a huge variety of reviews and interviews with authors. They are always a ton of fun and I get to learn about amazing books and new to me (and sometimes new to everyone) authors. There are interesting discussions. The site is easy to navigate. The emails are a great way to know what posts are up for the day — especially on those super busy days. The Twitter feed is interesting. And of course the giveaways are a nice bonus.

  72. Krysten M

    OMG That is a lot of books!! I recommend HJ to all my friends who love to read the same genres that I do. HJ keeps me up to date on books by authors I already love AND gives me great recommendations for similar types of books 🙂 And of course, the giveaways are awesome

  73. Sharlene Wegner

    Hi Sara! I would recommend HJ because I can honestly say I have found more new books and authors through this blog than any other, you have great & frequent giveaways, and I have been lucky many times! Thanks for the chance at such great prizes!

  74. BookLady

    Harlequin Junkie is a fantastic blog with great reviews and awesome giveaways! I’m a happy email subscriber.

  75. lisagk2014

    I would recommend the blog because the reviews are clear, honest and follow a lot of my own tastes. Thank you for the giveaway. I am a follower and a subscriber.

  76. Gretchen

    This blog is the best. I enjoy the variety of books, excerpts, reviews, and authors featured in your interviews. You also have so many wonderful giveaways:)

  77. catslady

    The variety is wonderful. Reviews and contests and lots of different aspects for anyone who loves books.

  78. bn100

    1. subscribe via email
    2. great variety of authors, books, and reviews; nice website format

  79. KateS

    email & FB… Loads of book reviews and honest reviews.. entertaining blog/reviews.. lots of different tropes covered… helps weed out what I want and don’t want to read..

  80. Sandie W

    I recommend your blog to all of my friends that read. It doesn’t matter what genre they like, there is something here for everyone. You have introduced me to some fantastic Authors that I otherwise wouldn’t have heard about. Keep up the fantastic work, LOVE your blog!!

  81. vickie dailey

    i could not find a comments box – for the box of books giveaway nor where to sign up for the newletter – this sounds like a great blog for readers – liked the FB page

  82. Laurie G

    I am an avid reader who appreciates your intelligent reviews and fantastic book giveaways. I have liked you on Facebook and I receive your news e-mails.

    I have recommended your website to my daughter and my sons, my S-I-L’s and fellow readers I know that I e-mail or Facebook message.

    I love reading your reviews and I visit everyday. A great way to start my day. I haven’t won anything yet but I still enjoy your site.

  83. Casie Boland

    i would recommend HJ to anyone, great reviews on a number of different authors and fun giveaways!

  84. Jill

    I’m new to HJ, but it seems like a great place to find new books and favorite authors as well as an outlet to connect with fellow readers.

  85. Tammy Y

    I copy but i would have had to be up at 2:oo AM to be your first poster. So many great reviews and giveaways. I love Harlequin Junkie

  86. ekk52281

    Always does wonderful reviews & recommend great books & authors! I subscribe by email, like on Facebook and follow on Twitter! Thanks for the chance!

  87. Sue G.

    1. Already an email subscriber of HJ blog
    2. I love your reviews. You cover such a broad range of types of romance.
    3. Already LIKE HJ on Facebook
    4. Already Follow HJ on Twitter

  88. Jenny Zymola

    Subscribed, liked and followed 🙂 I love the author spotlights and giveaways!

  89. Amanda

    Just found out about this blog and signed up but I can already tell that this will be a great way to learn what my favorite HQ authors are coming out with next! Thanks!

  90. Nikki

    I find more new books / authors to check out from this blog than any others! And the reviews are always so great! Obviously I subscribe 😉 Already liked on FB and follow on Twitter!

  91. C. Silvane

    To be honest, I just found your site. From what I can see your reviews look great. I just subcribed and liked you on FB.

  92. Evelyn

    I would recommend your blog because you are gracious in your reviews. Your reviews are to the point and you also give your readers info on the authors.

  93. Joanne B

    I would recommend the blog for all the comprehensive and honest reviews, all the author interviews and book spotlights, and, of course, the giveaways.

  94. Diane Sallans

    HJ blog keeps us up to date on so many books and gives us so great descriptions and reviews so we’ll know which stories we want to plan on reading (and they say it much better than I do!).
    FB (Diane Sallans) and Twitter (@DianeSallans) follower

  95. Joan V.

    The reviews, the author interviews, the contests are all what keep your blog one of the best. I receive the emails and I follow on FB.

  96. Amy Rickman

    I would recommend HJ blog to a fellow book lover because of the variety of romance genre books reviewed and that HJ blog reviews are simple and to the point, HJ does not nit-pick things to pieces the book was either liked or not and the contests are great.
    I follow via, email, Facebook & Twitter.

  97. Margaret

    I would recommend HJ blog to fellow book lovers for several reasons. First, you have a consistent stream of reviews that are posted that cover many different genres, so there is something for everyone. Your reviews are detailed enough to get the gist of the book and understand what worked and didn’t work, but not too long that it takes more than a couple of minutes to read. You have awesome giveaways with great interviews/questions for the authors and always ask a question that makes me stop and think to answer and sometimes will make me chuckle. You have a monthly book club, which I haven’t been able to join in yet, but I will one of these months! And most importantly, you all seem like really nice people! Thanks!
    I do like on FB and follow on twitter!

  98. stormy27

    I think the best reason I recommend this blog to my fellow book lovers is because I find so many new (to me) authors to try out. The reviews are spot on and the giveaways are terrific! I follow this blog on FB & if I had a twitter account, I would gladly tweet! I love seeing the HJ emails in my inbox!

  99. Lindsay Wolf

    I would recommend your blog because you have great reviews with fun posts and giveaways.

    I follow by email, FB and twitter. 🙂

  100. Sara HJ


    Bethany Macielag
    ki pha
    Alicia Jespersen
    Nicole Potter
    Marcy Shuler
    Sharlene Wegner

    Please send me your name and mailing address. Sooner the better as I am doing a mail run this afternoon 🙂

  101. Sara HJ

    Thank You all for all the recommendations and great comments, it certainly make all the effort worthwhile. 🙂