Caption this Cover: What in BLAZES?!

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Let’s play: Caption this Cover!

Seriously! What in BLAZES is going on here?

I’m calling Hokey Pokey on this one…


Bring out the Snark girls!
Let’s put our creative minds to the test and try and capture the essence of this cover, Go ahead – Caption this  cover with a Song, a line, a rhyme  – anything goes 🙂

If you really want a challenge…. How about guessing the storyline based on the cover? (No cheating)

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16 Responses to “Caption this Cover: What in BLAZES?!”

  1. Amanda Renee

    She must be from Cirque du Soleil… It’s the only possible way she could be in that position with her hands near his waist. I’m baffled. LOL

  2. Taswmom

    I actually had to expand the picture so I could figure out what and where everything was. So, maybe it’s Hi-Lites Hidden Pictures for adults?

  3. marcyshuler

    Could it be the guy’s hand on his own waist?

    “Wait! I told you there wasn’t room to sit on my shoulders in the car…and now I’m laughing so hard I have a stitch in my side! Ahahahaha.”

    I recall when this book came out there was a discussion on the eHarlequin community boards trying to figure this cover out. 😀

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