#Giveaway Day 1: HJ Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA

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Harlequin Junkie Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA

#Giveaway Day 1
Are you on HJ’s NAUGHTY list?


The holiday season is a Prefect time for Celebrating and Giving.

We love our READERS! 

We are Celebrating your support and readership of Harlequin Junkie blog with 17 days of Awesome #Giveaways!

From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….

Starting Dec 15th be sure to stop by everyday until Dec 31 for a chance to win: Boxes of print books, Kindle Paperwhite, BookStore Gift Cards, Audio books, Christmas ornament, Custom Apron, T-Shirts and lotsa Swag!


Day 1 #Giveaway:


Up for grabs today, 2 AWESOME Box-O-Books courtesy of Harlequin Books!

 Box-0-Books#1: Print copies of the titles listed below:

1.      Christmas With a Billionaire by Maisey Yates, Carol Mortimer, and Joss Wood
2.      Candlelight Christmas by Susan Wiggs
3.      The Lodge on Holly Road by Sheila Roberts
4.      The Christmas Wedding Ring by Susan Mallery
5.      Christmas on 4th Street by Susan Mallery
6.      A Beaumont Christmas Wedding by Susan M. Anderson
7.      In Your Dreams by Kristan Higgins
8.      Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne
9.      Christmas with a SEAL by Tawny Weber
10.  Maybe This Christmas by Sarah Morgan
11.  The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak
12.  A Seaside Christmas by Sherryl Woods

 Box-0-Books#2: Print copies of the titles listed below:

* Christmas with the Billionaire
* Maybe this Christmas by Sarah Morgan
* Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne
* The Heart of Christmas by Brenda Novak
* The Lodge on Holly Road by Sheila Roberts
* One copy of Her Holiday Man by Shannon Stacey in the digital format of your choice
* One package of ornament charms
* One box of Harlequin-themed gift tags


To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Post a comment to this Q: Your favorite Harlequin book, one you would recommend we all read. Tell us why? 🙂

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** Today’s giveaway is open to readers in US & Canada**.

International Readers: Not to worry, We have quite a few international giveaways included during Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA celebration so be sure to check the post for details.

About Harlequin:

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125 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 1: HJ Reader Appreciation EXTRAVAGANZA”

  1. Linda Chilson

    Wow that’s a tough one when you think how old I am and how many Harlequin books I have read. I’ll choose one from the above list, Snow Angel Cove by RaeAnne Thayne, you can never go wrong with her books.

  2. Kristy dean

    There are too many to list. Some author that are only HQ and some who are indie too. I love the billionaires series and the brazen books.

  3. Sharon

    The Renegade by Rhonda Nelson, because it has the best first line ever – “The only penis Tanner Crawford was accustomed to protecting was his own.” Rhonda Nelson nailed it top to bottom in this awesome Blaze title! One of my all time favorites.

  4. Yazmin R

    Almost Perfect by Susan Mallery. I just love her Fool’s Gold series, but I always go back to the first. For me it has a great theme, a second chance at love, a secret child (which Liz thought wasn’t a secret) and Liz who is an author and keeps killing Ethan in every book. Fell good story all around, with laughs and a more than enough drama too keep you wanting more. 🙂

  5. Francine Nizienski

    Cindy Dees and her Charlie Squad series. Love each and every one and read them all several times

  6. amydawn2537

    Any book by Vicki Lewis Thompson. She draws me so into the story that I have a hard time putting them down and on the weekends I read can read one book straight though in 1 day. 🙂

  7. Tammy Y

    Too many to list here. I am a Harlequin Junkie too. But, I do love Catch of the Day by Kristan Higgins and all of Tawny Weber’s books

  8. Carrie Van Derveer

    I don’t have one favorite, but I have been catching up on a lot of missed stories by Susan Mallery, and Gena Showalter to name 2…but I have lots of favs!!

  9. Joye

    Dare Me by Jo Leigh her writing is so good and she knows how to tell a story

  10. Jessica Alcazar (@ScoopyPooh)

    OMG ….. That is a VERY long list to chose from LOL I would have to give the honors to not only Finding Perfect by Susan Mallory but really, the whole series. It’s the most heart-warming story ‘line’ that I have read in a looooong time. And the series is consistently good.

  11. bastdazbog

    Painted Palaces by Iris Danbury, or anything by Essie Summers. I know they aren’t current books/authors but they are my favorites. I include Essie Summers on my list of favorite authors.

  12. Joyce Andrews

    I would suggest anything by Susan Mallory but Christmas on 4th Strett is one of her best

  13. Laney4

    Kathleen O’Reilly’s DEAR SANTA…
    OMG, I absolutely loved the humorous conversations throughout, especially starting with page 189 when heroine pretends to choke while watching another couple have R-rated 7-minute kiss.
    In fact, it’s the only book where I LOL several times while reading and yet teared up 7 pages after one of those bouts of laughter (and I was in a waiting room at the time!).

  14. janinecatmom

    I have way too many to list and a few of these look like they could be new favorites too.

  15. ksb1954

    How do I choose a favorite book from Harlequin, when I’ve been reading them for 50 of my 60 years (yeah, I snuck my mom’s books!)?? I’ve always been an avid reader & romance books have always been at the top of my genre list. Just impossible to choose a single, favorite book … or author for that matter! Take a spin on the wheel of books! 🙂

  16. rluken05

    So many to choose from. I’ve read all of Susan Mallorys books. Love her fools gold series.

  17. Tracy Marr

    This is a tough one, but Susan Mallery’s Christmas on 4th Street is my favorite Fool’s Gold book, so I’ll go with that one.

  18. regencygirl01

    Love Lynn Marshall medical books, Susan Mallery books, Margaret Moore, Sophie James, Diane Gaston

  19. Jean White

    I liked The Sheik’s Kidnapped Bride by Susan Mallery. She was a nobody who did not have anyone to support her, but she stood up to the King and won the admiration of the King’s mother.

  20. Jessyka

    Oh there are so many good Harlequin books. I love so many. All the blaze series are amazing. Kristen Higgins book are funny, well written and have great characters.

  21. Robin B

    Love anything by Susan Mallery and Kristen Higgins. I just discovered Sarah Morgan with Sleigh Bells in the Snow and I love her now!

  22. kateivan

    My favorite is NO LIMITS because nobody writes MMA like Lori Foster (and I’m a huge fan of the sport)!

  23. Terri C

    Anything by Kristen Higgins. She always makes me warm with love and makes me howl with laughter. Also, we’re both married to firemen!

  24. Diane Sallans

    right now I’m reading Christie Ridgeway’s ‘Take My Breath Away’ – the first in her newest series – I’m really enjoying it & will read the rest of the series.

  25. Judy S

    I don’t have just one book….Love all of the books in the Fools Gold series written by Susan Mallery.

  26. Kelly C

    Anything by Susan Mallery. I love all her books and consider them by beach and holiday reads. Over the summer I read Tempting.

  27. Cathy P

    I have read a lot of Harlequin books over the years that I loved, so I will just say any of Tawny Weber’s SEAL books since those are the most recent ones I read and loved.

  28. Rita Wray

    I would recommend A Child’s Story by Kate James. It is a heartwarming story, which had me in tears. The characters were great and the little boy is adorable.

  29. Kim Perry

    One of my favorites is Two of a Kind by Susan Mallery! I love that Felicia, the heroine, knows that she doesn’t really fit in, but she’s also pretty comfortable in her own skin. She doesn’t try to change herself to fit in. I also love her frank honesty. It’s a wonderful love story that also features a brave veteran.

  30. Monique D

    Christmas Justice by Robin Perini. Tight plot, so exciting, and the hero is the woman! A fantastic suspense!

  31. Christine

    Hot Island Nights by Sarah Mayberry – I love everything she writes but the damaged hero in this one was great!

  32. Allison W

    Gena showalter books are great, and for quick reads I love their kiss line!

  33. Romance Reader Enthusiast

    I’m like several of the ladies, I’ve read so many Harlequins how can I choose. I’m another reader that’s been reading Harlequins for a number of years. My first romance book was a Harlequin. I’m even going to date myself by saying that I used to watch the Harlequin movies that used to come out.

  34. Nicole Potter

    Hmm…my favorite Harlequin-brand book so far would probably be “A Little Bit of Holiday Magic” by Melissa McClone! It’s such a sweet read, with the right amount of sizzle! 🙂

    Though if it’s just any book published by Harlequin, definitely have to go with Gena Showalter’s “Wicked Nights” 😉

  35. erinf1

    I know that I’ve read some harlequins but I can’t for the life of me remember any names. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  36. BookLady

    At this time of the year I would recommend A Princess for Christmas by Jennifer Faye. It is a wonderful book for the holiday season. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  37. doveknoll

    How can I recommend just one? There are so many good books and authors on HQ. Nope can’t do it because just about any you pick up to read will most likely be great.

  38. love8dogs

    *Mackenzie’s Mountain* by Linda Howard. Ever since I read this book years and years ago, it has never left the number one spot in my All-Time Favorites Book List. I loved both Wolf and Mary. I re-read this book (really, the entire series) often.

  39. Irish Pax

    I love HQ’s so I’m not sure I can give you an honest answer but I love most of the HQ authors… the nice part is it’s really all about what kind of HEA you want to read about…. so perhaps let us know what kind of HQ?

  40. Sandy X

    The Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallory…if you haven’t read it then you missed out

  41. nicholskathy

    OMG that’s a hard one! I don’t have a particular book but I do have favorite authors. Anything by Susan Mallery’s Fools Gold series, Gene Showalter, Carol Mortimer, Susan Wiggs, Sherryl Woods, and Lynne Graham are only a few of the awesome Harlequin writers that I’ve read numerous times and have loved.

  42. DebraG

    I just read The Fireman’s Ready Made Family by Jules Bennett. It was a great family oriented feel good story.

  43. Andra Dalton

    My love of all things books started early with my mom passing me her Harlequin collection as she finished. She used to have a grade system of good, very good,& bad which meant that there was no way I could read it yet because it was too steamy for a 10 year old. I carried books with me everywhere I went & couldn’t wait to start a new one. My first author can remember falling in love with is Janet Daily. Now there are so many to love for so many different reasons it’s too hard to count!!! I must say though that I’d never pass up anything written by Heather Graham!!!Thanks for the opportunity to win & good luck to all who enter!!! Many Blessings & Happy Holidays to all!!!:)

  44. Christina Riggs

    I like all the harlequin authors! They are my favorite books to read! They always end happy! I have a collection of over 300 Harlequin Presents.

  45. Krysten M

    Anything by Kristan Higgins or Jill Shalvis (or both). Love their stories, especially the hilarious situations that happen to the characters 😀

  46. Leanna

    I think if I had to choose it would be Shelter Mountain by Robyn Carr. I love how the relationship grows from John helping Paige, to friends, lover’s and then marriage.

  47. Pennie M

    Tis the season for Sleigh Bells In The Snow by Sarah Morgan. Really any book by Sarah or Susan Mallory or Kristan Higgins

  48. Brenda Rumsey

    Love the Fool’s Gold series by Susan Mallery. They just make you feel good and each one is like going home to friends. Also all the great authors in the Harlequin Intrigue line. Just the right mixture of intrigue, romance, and adventure.

  49. Colleen C.

    It is hard to choose a fav… I have enjoyed so many through the years from their different lines… one is Emma Darcy’s HEART OF THE OUTBACK… it was one of the first books my grandmother gave me that her sister used to read.

  50. Brianne

    Right now, I think it would be the O’Neil Brothers series by Sarah Morgan. (Maybe This Christmas is the third in the trilogy) These books were at times heartwarming, hot, sexy, heart rending and sad while all the while set around a strong family. The heroines are strong and fight for what they want, even when they need to figure that out over the course of the books.

  51. Joan V.

    Too many to choose – Tawny Weber’s SEALS books, Anne Marsh’s Wicked series, HelenKay Dimon’s Corcoran series.

  52. Pam Lowery

    The whole 200 Harley Street Series. I love the medical romance series for a difference in style. And this whole series was awesome, I think it should be made into a mini series or movie.

  53. Christine Woinich

    Just finished Rodeo Rebel by Donna Alward. I enjoyed the unusual hobby of the heroine as well as how she was willing to make her life fit with the hero’s even though he did not give her the chance.

  54. Morgan VanLier

    I`m a major Harlequin Junkie so there`s no way I could pick a favorite. I love Melissa McClone, Diana Palmer, Katherine Garbera, Sarah Morgan and many many more.

  55. Tracy

    I LOVE the Blaze books. They are super hot and I can’t read enough of them.

  56. Kim R.

    I love all of the Intrigue ones. But if I were going to recommend just one – it would be one of the Cardwell Ranch ones.

  57. Rachael Brown

    It’s hard to pick just one, but I loved When We Met by Susan Mallery. I really love Taryn and Angel’s story! I would recommend all of Susan Mallery’s books. I love, love, love Fool’s Gold!

  58. belindaegreen

    You asked: Your favorite Harlequin book, one you would recommend we all read. Tell us why?

    My favorite books are A Brother’s Honor and A Man’s Promise by Brenda Jackson. The brothers are honest, loyal to each other and family comes first. Whatever it takes to make things right. The 3rd book in the trilogy will be out in 2015. I recommend the series so far. 🙂

    Brenda, in my opinion, is one of the best authors of today. Her stories are realistic, exciting, engaging, have wonderful characters, great locations and enticing themes. She sticks with what she knows best but adds adventurous spirit and unexpected twist to keep things fresh!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Belinda G

  59. Michelle

    Books by Gena Showalter and Tawny Weber! Awesome female authors that waiting for the next book is worth the wait!

  60. Toni Whitmire

    There are too many to name because I have been a harlequin reader for years and I keep changing my mind.

  61. laurieg72

    The story is one of my all time favorites and I read a lot. It’s written in a unique, diary format. An emotional , intense thriller where you’re not sure who are the good guys vs the bad guys. Is Steve. the comatose man, her ex-husband? Will he survive his injuries? How was he injured? Why did they divorce? This book kept me guessing. I couldn’t put it down.
    Howard writing showcases brave, intelligent, passionate women and perfect heroes.

  62. Anita H.

    I would have to say Gena Showalter’s Lords of the Underworld series, I can’t just pick one but it would be my favorite Harlequin book!

  63. Emily Stemp

    Jennifer Faye A princess by Christmas. amazing book for the Christmas time.

  64. Kim

    I’d recommend Nora Roberts and Jessica Bird’s classics. For writers still publishing for Harlequin, I’d recommend Sarah Mayberry and Annie West.

  65. Jennifer Schultheis

    Oh my! That’s a tough question. I love all the Harlequin authors and there books. Hmm I would say probably Brenda Jackson and any of books. All her books are steamy and have such great characters.

  66. Inga

    The Montana Creed trilogy by Linda Lael Miller is a favorite that people should check out. This was a good trilogy with characters and a story that kept me interested all the way through.

  67. anne3230

    Jake Howard’s Wife by Anne Mather. It’s the first Harlkequin I can remember reading and it blew me away at the time, but this was a good 30 years ago at least.

  68. Ashleigh Downes

    Um wow I can’t just pick 1 specific book so I’d have to say anything Harlequin Intrigue or Harlequin Romantic Suspense because they just pull me into the book. I can’t put the book down until it’s finished…I love them..I’m always looking for more.

  69. Ada

    I’d have to go with Kristin Higgan’s Blue Heron series. I love the way Kristan writes and makes me want to be best friends with all the characters.

  70. Cheryl Hastings

    Anything by Kristan Higgins…can’t go wrong with any of them!!

  71. Doris Lankford

    I loved A Christmas Wedding Ring because it showed me that sometimes dreams do come true and everyone should dream a little more and go after those dreams.

  72. agatha007

    Authors are hard to pick best, because too many I like, Jennifer Faye, Virgina Kendell, Robyn Carr, Vicki Lewis Thompson, Catherine Anderson. Kristin Higgins, Jennifer Bernard, Susan Mallory, Susan Wiggs, Annette Blair, Joanne Rock, her sister Karen Rock,Brenda Jackson, Jill Shavis, and Louisa Edwards. Just a few I like.

  73. mona

    i dont know. Im so behind on my tbr list and I haven’t even looked at the holiday books yet

  74. Michelle Harlan

    My favorite Harlequin is Stephanie Lauren’s The Brazen Bride. It’s a great intrigue/adventure, historical romance! The series, The Black Cobra Quartet, is one of my very favorites!

  75. taswmom

    Carol Mortimer holds a special place in my heart as one of my favorite writers back when my friend and I would ride our bikes over to the next city, where no one knew us, and we’d check out stacks of Harlequin books to sneak read at night when we were supposed to be asleep. That was at least 40 years, if not more. I do enjoy most of the Harlequin books now a days. Kristin Higgins, Susan Mallery, Susan Wiggs, and a series I really loved, but don’t remember the names, by Tina Leonard, where the father had really upset his 4 sons, and told them that to get their inheritance, and always had a woman he thought would be perfect for that particular son there. often with a baby or two or four. He wanted his sons to settle down and be happy. Their last name was Morgan, and think one was a Texas ranger, nor was a rodeo bull rider, and I can’t remember the rest if the top of my head.
    So I’ll close for th night. If really love that first box, and wish all of us good luck and Merry Chrystms!

  76. Kyria Lockheart

    Oh there are so many good ones… I have to many favorite.. Debra Salonen, Melissa Mcclone, Nancy Robards Thompson, Eve Gaddy, Lilly Christine, Megan Crane, Roxanne Snopek, Barbra Ankrum, Jeanie moon, Katherine Garbera, Kim Standridge Boykin, Tracey Kelly Solhiem, Jennifer Faye and I know there are so many others I am missing and I am so sorry for that but theey are all amazing authors! ,