#Giveaway Day 10: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 9th Annual #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….


HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged READERS of Harlequin Junkie blog and the Book community at large.


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On the 10th Day of #Bookmas…  We bring you a giveaway from W by Wattpad Books

Here’s a sneak peak at some of W by Wattpad Books upcoming 2024 Releases:

Faking It by Beth Reekles (OSD 1/16):
From the NYT bestselling author of The Kissing Booth and Lockdown on London Lane comes a delightful rom-com about singleton Sophie, who decides that a fake boyfriend is better than no boyfriend at all – or is it? Beth is a master of the genre!
Lifelong singleton Sophie is facing a year of events celebrating her friends and family settling down: bachelorette and engagement parties, weddings, and baby showers. And despite a string of failed dates behind her–everything from “it‘s not you, it’s me” to only seeing each other when it suits him to total ghosting–she just can’t seem to stay away from dating apps and hopes to find love just like everyone else. But when she lies about having a plus-one for her sister’s wedding, Sophie’s only solution is to enlist a fake boyfriend. Enter the sexy and charming Harry. He agrees to help her save face in front of her family, if she’ll help him look good to his friends after the recent implosion of his marriage.

Their chemistry is undeniable, but even if Sophie has sparks with Harry, they’re both just using their fake relationship to hide from their own problems. Can she continue lying to her family and friends? And how will everyone react when they see themselves reflected in her column? Soul-searching comes with consequences, and there might not be a picture-perfect “happily ever after,” but maybe there’s something even better.

Meant for Me by Tay Marley (OSD 2/13):
A page-turning emotional drama for fans of Colleen Hoover, where a young woman running from grief uncovers a fresh start, a new romance, and a piece of her own past in small-town Texas. One of those novels that will break your heart – in the best way.

Reeling from the sudden loss of her older sister―her only family―Addie May flees Los Angeles without a plan or a destination, and ends up in Georgetown, Texas. Lost and alone, she’s taken in by some kind local ranchers, and there she meets farm hand Zac Ryan, who starts to cut through the grief and pain and show Addie that she has something to live for.

But the small town holds more than just a fresh start for Addie. Fate has brought her face-to-face with a piece of her past, and she can no longer ignore the parts of herself she thought she’d left behind. Without knowing what’s on the horizon, Addie must find the strength to move towards her dreams. Because healing happens when you let love in, and life happens when you start living it.


Chloe Baker’s Lost Date
by Katie Wicks (OSD 5/7):
For fans of Book Lovers and Serendipity comes a contemporary rom-com about a woman whose blind date ends up not being who she thinks he is. Fun, surprising, and sexy!

Chloe Baker has a brand new life in New York City with a great job but zero dating life. When she agrees to go on a blind date, she’s nervous but excited. But then, Jack is late. Ten minutes. Twenty. Thirty. Just when she’s given up all hope, he shows up–and they spend a magical day together. An afternoon at the Met. A walk in Central Park. One amazing kiss. The perfect date.

Chloe’s on cloud nine, and she can’t wait to see Jack again. But when she texts to say thanks for the great date, she doesn’t get the reply she’s expecting. Suddenly, Jack’s unfindable. And Chloe will go to any lengths to figure out what happened–because true love is worth blowing up your life for . . . or is it?

Sand, Sequins & Silicone by Pia Mia (OSD 5/14):
Actor/musician Pia Mia’s debut novel – a semi-autobiographical account of a young pop star on the rise and looking for love in LA. A juicy, perfect-for-the-beach read!

Born on an island six thousand miles away, I’m now twenty-three and living my dream as a recording artist surrounded by the sun, sea, and celebrities of shiny Los Angeles. Sand in my toes, wind in my hair, and my friends by my side… What more could I ask for?

My new album has just been released and I am on top of the world. Everyone wants a piece of me. Party invites with the paparazzi chasing me to capture my every move. I am wearing the latest in fashion, my songs are moving to the top of the charts. I’m shining. I’m glowing. I’m loving every moment.

Hollywood isn’t what I thought it would be. People aren’t who I thought they would be. Hollywood isn’t perfection: it’s lies and loneliness hiding behind smiles and laughter. When the doors close and the lights dim, everything and everyone is fake. I don’t know who I can trust, and I don’t know what to believe. Sometimes, I don’t even know who I am anymore.

I came here to make something of myself, to climb the highest mountain of fame possible, to find real love . . . but at what cost?

Life is all about balance and with the darkness comes light. I have my family and best girlfriends to keep me grounded, and a certain blue-eyed man I can’t seem to get off my mind, my life is starting to look like a California dream. Things are heating up around here, and for the first time in my life, I’m the one with the power. Or am I?

Bound to the Shadow Prince by Ruby Dixon (OSD 7/2):
A standalone romantasy from the NYT bestselling author of Ice Planet Barbarians, in which, to protect her kingdom, a princess is forced to live in a tower with a winged, fanged enemy warrior as her only company. Super sexy and sure to be a HIT on BookTok!

In order to protect her kingdom from the wrath of a vengeful goddess, Princess Candra must remain locked inside a tower for seven years. Seven long years without a friend―or a lover―by her side. And shut inside the tower with her? A Fellian, the enemy of her people, a fearsome warrior race complete with wings and claws and fangs. Nemeth is terrifying, cruel, and disturbingly magnetic. Candra should kill him for his supplies, but she’s desperate for his company…and his touch.

As time inside the unchanging tower rolls on, Candra uncovers the man behind the stony facade. And when their tenure hits an unexpected snag, Candra and Nemeth are forced to make a difficult choice. They’ll need to face an outside world they no longer recognize, one that threatens their lives and their surprising love.

W by Wattpad Books brings you appealing, modern, and diverse stories of romance, family, friendship, and personal growth — stories we know you won’t be able to put down and can’t wait to read again when done. https://books.wattpad.com/


Giveaway: 1 Winner will receive a W by Wattpad Books Romance Prize Pack

Winner will receive a print copy of each of the titles noted below:

  • Hazel Fine Sings Along
  • As Long As You Love Me
  • What Happens on Vacation
  • The Once and Future Fling
  • Night Shift

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50 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 10: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. Leeza Stetson

    The books all sound like they’d be fun to read. I’m quite interested in Faking It and Bound to the Shadow Prince.

  2. Latesha B.

    I would be interested in reading all of them but Bound to the Shadow Prince and Meant for Me really grabbed my attention because they sound like second chance stories and the main characters have to figure out who they are so they can be their best selves.

  3. erahime

    All the books have their interesting points, but the Ruby Dixon book sounds like a romantasy that intrigued me with its premise and Rapunzel-ish theme.

  4. Audrey Stewart

    I just am so looking forward to reading anything that has to do with warm weather. Sand, Sequins & Silicone by Pia Mia has a title I love. The sand part anyway.

    • Dianne Casey

      “Meant For Me” and “Chloe Baker’s Lost Date” sound like books I would enjoy reading. Actually they all sound good.

  5. Amy Donahue

    Fake relationship is always fun so Faking It sounds like something I would enjoy.

  6. Laurie Gommermann

    Faking It Sophie I like fake dating story where the chemistry is too strong to ignore. Sometimes you just have to let go and go along for the ride.

    Meant For Me Addie May and Zac I enjoy
    Small town settings this story has the added plus of a ranch in Texas with cowboys. Sounds like a tear jerker I want to see how she handles her grief and moves on in a relationship with ZacIt also has the mystery from her past to deal with.

    Chloe Baker’s Lost Date
    I like romcoms. Curious to know why Jack would show up have a great date and disappear. Different premises as she searches for him and answers

  7. Debra Guyette

    Bound to the Shadow Prince caught me, although all the books look amazing.

  8. Nancy Jones

    All of the books sound great. Faking it and Chloe Baker’s Lost Date stand out to me the most.

  9. Mary C

    Chloe Baker’s Lost Date by Katie Wicks – curious to learn where Jack is

  10. Dana Boersma

    They all sound good, but Faking It would probably be the first one I would choose.

  11. Glenda M

    They all sound really interesting! I think I’d go for Chloe Baker’s Lost Date first though. I’ve heard so many great things about Ruby Dixon, but haven’t read her yet.

  12. Tonya ferrando

    All of these sound interesting! Faking it would be my most anticipated because it sounds fun. And it reminds me of all the times my parents would ask me about boyfriends and there were times I would have loved to have a fake date to take the pressure away!

  13. Juli Hall

    Meant for Me looks really good. I love a book with all the feels and this sounds just like that

  14. Tonya ferrando

    All titles sounds interesting. Faking it would be my most anticipated because it sounds fun. And it reminds me of all the times my parents asked me about boyfriends and there were times I would have loved to have a fake date!

  15. holdenj

    Faking It caught my eye right away. It looks fun. Most of those authors are new to me, would be fun to check them out.

  16. Danielle Hammelef

    I love rom coms so Chloe Baker’s Lost Date and Faking It sound fun.

  17. Pennie Morgan

    These are all new to me authors and I would love to give any of them a try!

  18. Ellen C.

    Faking It looks interesting to me. The characters seem fun, and I like the plot.

  19. Mary Preston

    The Once and Future Fling – the book THE ONCE AND FUTURE KING is a favourite of mine. I like this twist of words. CAught my attention.

  20. rkcjmomma

    They all look so good hard to choose but Faking It would be first read for me then Bound to the blood prince!

  21. Kim

    Chloe Baker’s Lost Date has caught my eye. But I’m really looking forward to Death is My Ride or Die.

  22. Jen K

    Chloe Baker’s Lost Date by Katie Wicks looks good. The whole blind date with the wrong guy sounds fun.

  23. Brianne Wolman

    I love the concept of Sand, Sequinss, and Silicone. All of the plots seem unique