#Giveaway Day 5: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 6th Annual Reader Appreciation #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….

HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged readers of Harlequin Junkie blog and the romance community.

Thank You for all you do; for all the tweets, re-post, shares, comments. We <3 You!


On the 5thDay of #Bookmas…


Sourcebooks Books gave to me…a chance to win: 2 Sourcebook Box-O-Books! 

In the Spotlight…

Sourcebooks, Inc. is an independent book publisher outside of Chicago that publishes fiction, romance, children’s books, college guides, history, business books, and more. Website | Twitter | Instagram

A sneak peak at Sourcebook’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2021:

Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker (January): Pro Organizer Paige is single and proud of it.
She celebrates Singles Day every year, which brings her to grumpy single dad Lucas’s B&B, where she plans to have the perfect vacation. Turns out Lucas’s sister listed the B&B and he’s not too happy when Paige shows up. But the two definitely have chemistry and the book is that perfect feel-good escape that you just can’t stop reading!







Jackson by LaQuette (February): A hot new contemporary cowboy series by award-winning author LaQuette. When a small group of women flee New York City, they find their second chance at Restoration Ranch…but dangerous pasts won’t be so easily shed. Torn between attraction and duty, three Texas rangers will have to learn to trust love, even when the law tells them not to.








Yes & I Love You by Roni Loren (March): First in a brand-new contemporary romance series from bestseller Roni Loren. Everyone knows Miz Poppy, the vibrant reviewer whose commentary brightens up the New Orleans nightlife. But no one knows the real face behind the media star…or the fear that keeps her isolated. When her boss tells her she needs to add live video posts to her blog or lose her job, she’s forced to rely on an unexpected source to help her face her fears…and finally find her voice.







The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by Xio Axelrod (April): A Star is Born meets Daisy Jones and the Six by way of Colleen Hoover in this unique, sizzling series set in the high stakes world of the music industry from an author with an insider view. Following an all-female band on the brink of breaking out, this diverse cast of characters play hard and love harder…no matter the ultimate price.







Winner Takes All by Sandra Kitt (April): A brand-new series of contemporary romances from acclaimed author Sandra Kitt featuring inter-racial couples in which either the hero, heroine, or both suddenly and unexpectedly come into a large sum of money. Jean Travis has the job of announcing the latest lottery winner on TV and is stunned to find that Patrick Bennett, her one-time crush, is the top mega winner.

Giveaway Bundle #1: Winner will receive a Paperback copy of each of the titles noted below:

  • Mistletoe & Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler
  • Blue Sky Cowboy Christmas by Joanne Kennedy
  • The Best Cowboy Christmas Ever by June Faver
  • Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Christmas by Kim Redford
  • Joy to the Wolves by Terry Spear

Giveaway Bundle#2: Winner will receive a Paperback copy of each of the titles noted below::

  • Boyfriend Material by Alexis Hall
  • Bad Bachelor by Stefanie London
  • The Kissing Game by Marie Harte
  • The Tourist Attraction and Mistletoe & Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler
  • Conventionally Yours by Annabeth Albert
  • Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker

*Ships to US mailing address.

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and Leave a comment with your thoughts on the books spotlighted here, tell us which one(s) grabbed your attention & why?


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Is your dream to write a romance of your own? Do you want to take your writing to the next level in 2021?

Award-winning Harlequin author and writing coach Jennifer Hayward, whose books have been published in 31 countries and 25 languages, is offering a manuscript critique so you can put your best foot forward in your next submission. (Maximum 50k words; worth $500 USD.

To Enter: 

  • Leave a comment below (Reference Manuscript Critique)  
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75 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 5: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. SusieQ

    Happy Singles Day sounds cute and I love single dad romances. I also like Winner takes All, love a second chance romances.

  2. Mary Preston

    For me Smokin’ Hot Cowboy Christmas by Kim Redford stands out. Who does not love a Smokin’ Hot Cowboy?

  3. EC

    The interracial couples series sounds really good. And JACKSON’s cover is hott.

  4. holdenj

    Happy Singles Day sounds so fun and a good getaway from the winter doldrums after the holidays.

  5. lynnpallaske

    So excited for Happy Singles Day release and the two Sarah Morganthaler covers always catch my eye.

  6. Pamela Conway

    Happy Singles Day & Winner Takes All caught my eye but all look good.

  7. smcmahon19

    Happy Singles Day drew my attention first. I liked the cover and there was a dog on the cover so I wanted to know more☘️

  8. Texas Book Lover

    Happy Singles day sounds wonderful and I am always down to read a new Roni Loren book! She never disappoints!

  9. laurieg72

    Happy Holidays! All 5 books listed are by new authors for me.

    The Girl With Stars In Her Eyes- I love music and I am fascinated by the behind the scenes problems and overall drama.

    Jackson – Love Texas Ranger heroes

    Happy Singles Day- single dad with a pushy,caring sister

    Of all the authors listed I’ve only read and enjoyed two: Stephanie London (bad boy sport’s hero), and Joanne Kennedy (sexy hot cowboy).

    Thanks Sourcebooks. I’d love to read more of your author’s work.

  10. Kim

    Happy Singles Day and The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes both look good. I’ve always wanted to read both authors.

  11. Mary C.

    Yes & I Love You by Roni Loren – want to find out what is behind her isolation and how she overcomes it.

    • Lynne Brigman

      Smoking Hot Cowboy Christmas stands out to me because I love a hot cowboy anyday. They all sound interesting and all new authors to me.

  12. anna nguyen

    Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker sounds like a really fun read, enemies to lovers and is at the beech

  13. Ginger Connatser

    The ones by Terry Spear and Annabeth Albert because I know these authors.

  14. Joanne B

    I love anything written by Roni Loren and Happy Singles Day by Anne Marie Walker sounds great. Can’t wait to read more about the happy go lucky heroine meeting the grumpy single dad with the meddlesome sister. Thanks for the chance.

  15. lindamoffitt02

    All of them truthfully but to pick one or two Mistletoe & Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler, The Tourist Attraction and Mistletoe & Mr. Right by Sarah Morgenthaler

  16. Pammie R.

    Happy Singles Day caught my attention because I am still single… still…

  17. Pammie R.

    Re: Manuscript Critique

    Day 5
    I have been encouraged to “Go for it” when it comes to my finished books. I just want to know if they are any good and what, if anything, needs to be changed/made better. Thank You.

  18. Amy R

    Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker (January) because it sounds cute, The Girl with Stars in Her Eyes by Xio Axelrod (April) because I want to see if the books matches the description (compared to good books and an awesome author)

  19. Eva Millien

    Giveaway #1 caught my eye first because it has some books by authors that I read and books that I would like to get a hold of, box 2 is all new to me authors but all the books sound great as well! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful, safe and healthy holiday season!

  20. Leeza S

    Yes and I Love You caught my eye. The red cover and the mysterious design piqued my interest.

  21. Trudy Dowling

    Happy Single’s Day sounds wonderful. The idea of a single dad getting roped into opening a B&B screams of numerous problems that will bring laughs. Winner takes All sounds like a fun second chance romance.

  22. eawells

    So many sound good!! Happy Singles Day sounds cute as does Yes & I Love You

  23. diannekc

    Really great covers. The ones that interest me are “Happy Singles Day” and “Yes & I Love You”. They both sound like fun books.

  24. Vicki Clevinger

    They all sound great, but if I had to choose it would be Jackson as I love to reas romantic suspense

  25. Tina R

    I want to read Happy Singles. I like to see what happens when two people who plan to stay single meet someone that changes all their plans.

  26. theresajs

    I loved Boyfriend Material and haven’t had a chance to read the others yet, though they are all on my tbr!

  27. flchen1

    Definitely looking forward to LaQuette’s Jackson! And love Annabeth Albert and Marie Harte! So many fabulous authors!

  28. Patricia B.

    HAPPY SINGLES DAY sounds like fun. It is a good thing to celebrate. Our daughter and 3 of her friends have a girls’ weekend twice a year. They all have jobs and children, live hours from each other, and are smart enough to take time for themselves. They let the husbands have a kids and daddy weekend and they rent a cabin somewhere, drink wine read books, play Scrabble and talk. We should all be wise enough to know we need us time to be able to be our best selves.

  29. Linda Townsend

    These books all sound like wonderful reads.All the authors are new to me. Just reading the blurbs, the first installment in the hot new contemporary cowboy series by award-winning author LaQuette would be the one I’d pick up first!

  30. Ellen C.

    Happy Singles Day looked like fun. Happy and Grumpy sounds like a good combo.

  31. rkcjmomma

    So many good ones! The ones that grabbed me was Jackson, Happy Singles Day and Winner Takes All! Id read all of these though!

  32. ELF

    I love Roni Loren’s stories, so I’d like to win hers, but I also recently read and loved “The Tourist Attraction”, and I’m in line for the sequel at the library but would be thrilled to have my own copy! I also appreciate the chance to have a Manuscript Critique!

  33. Diana Hardt

    All the books sound good but Happy Singles Day caught my attention because of the single dad story. I also liked the cover.

  34. Colleen C.

    Happy Singles Day by Ann Marie Walker… enjoy books with single dads

  35. Lilah Chavez

    Happy Singles Day ! It looks so funny! And of course single dad’s are kinda hot

  36. colleen capelle

    Happy Singles Day and Yes & I Love You sound like my kind of reads!! All of them sounds super good though and I’m going to have to add them to my TBR <3