#Giveaway Day 9: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 5th Annual Reader Appreciation #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged readers of Harlequin Junkie blog and the romance community.


Thank You for all you do; for all the tweets, re-post, shares, comments. We <3 You!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….

On the 9th Day of #Bookmas…


Berkley Publishing gave to me…. A chance to win a Box-o-Books!!


In the spotlight today…


A preview of upcoming Berkley Publishing 2020 titles:

Gabriel’s Promise by Sylvain Reynard. On sale 1/7
The fourth installment in the Gabriel’s Inferno series has arrived! Gabriel and Julia are now parents and settling into life with Clare but the universe throws several wrenches into their plans. A new lecturing job of the highest prestige is offered to Gabriel but he’s relectant to tell her especially when it’s clear she’s hiding something of her own…
A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane. On sale 2/4
Game of Thrones fans, fret no more—A Heart of Blood and Ashes is here for you! Meljean Brook writing as Milla Vane kicks off a new historical fantasy romance series with this epic tale. I can’t do the description justice in this space, so go to Goodreads etc. for all the epic details but I can leave you with Barbarians! Murder! Vengeance! Warrior Queens!
From Alaska With Love by Ally James. On sale 3/3
Sara’s letters were the only bright spot during Gabe’s tour in Iraq. With each new correspondence he fell harder, needed her more, wanted to be with her. Now, after initially rejecting his offer to meet, she’s shown up at the door of his isolated cabin in Alaska looking for…what? Gabe’s not sure what made Sara change her mind, but he knows he never wants to let her go.
Not That Kind of Guy by Andie J. Christopher. On sale 4/14
State attorney Bridget Nolan is successful in all aspects of her life—except romance. But with her brother’s wedding right around the corner, she wants a date and fast. Lucky for her, the legal intern is almost done with his program. Matt Kido is in total awe of Bridget, but he knows she’s totally off-limits while she’s his boss. The moment he no longer reports to her though, Matt decides to take a chance. An impulsive decision takes them to Las Vegas where, as the saying goes, what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. Unless you put a ring on it.
Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake. On sale 5/5
New series alert! In need of a fresh start, Lila Daley retreats to Papillon, Louisiana, a tiny town on the bayou. Sure she’s greeted by a gator, finds herself in the middle of golf cart wars, and unwittingly adopts a scruffy dog, but Lila remains undaunted. She’s focused on running the town’s medical clinic. As a single dad, Sheriff Armie LaVigne embraces routine. But there is nothing routine about the gorgeous fish out of water that is Lila Daley. town’s newest resident. In no time at all, Armie knows Lila is the woman for him and he plans to win her heart. But when the past threatens their happiness, Armie will have to decide if he has the courage to trust Lila enough to find a true happily ever after.
About Penguin – Berkley
An industry leader in commercial and genre fiction, Berkley has a rich tradition of discovering new talent, defining emerging trends, and building authors and series into global franchises. With Berkley’s dedicated focus and guidance many bestselling authors have grown into international brand names, including Nora Roberts, William Gibson, Laurell K. Hamilton, Jim Butcher, and Charlaine Harris. We’re proud to publish Jane Green, Jayne Ann Krentz, Karen White, Patricia Briggs, Christine Feehan, Stephen Donaldson, Maya Banks, Susan Meissner, Catherine Anderson, Clare Mackintosh, Julie Garwood, and Fiona Barton, among others.
Our expertise in women’s fiction, romance, science fiction/fantasy, and mystery/suspense makes us uniquely suited to introduce a new generation of popular novelists and to reinvigorate the publishing programs for established bestselling authors. Website | Twitter



US – Giveaway: Berkley Romance Prize Pack

Paperback Books include:

  • 1 copy of WELL MET
  • 1 copy of NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY
  • 1 copy of FUMBLED
  • 1 copy of UNBREAK ME
  • 1 copy of FAKER
  • 1 galley of THE BROMANCE BOOK CLUB

To enter Giveaway: Please complete the Rafflecopter form and  Leave a comment with your thoughts on the books spotlighted here, tell us which one(s) grabbed your attention & why?

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90 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 9: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. lynnpallaske

    Not That Kind Of Guy sounds like it is going to be hilarious! I love the Vegas premise and all that it entails. Can’t wait to read it and it comes out on my birthday!

  2. carol L

    Since I haven’t read any of them they all interest me. Thank you for another awesome giveaway chance. Happy Holidays.
    Carol Luciano

      • Shannon Capelle

        Butterfly Bayou sounds really good love Lexi Blake! All these books have great descriptions and sounds really good!

  3. Pennie M

    There are 3 above that have me intrigued, the Alaska one, the Vegas one, and the one by Lexi Blake. Oh, if only they were not Berkley because this pub does not approve on NetGalley for reviewers such as me who does not have a blog *sigh*

  4. Christina Gould

    From Alaska With Love caught my attention because it sounds like a sweet story. Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Karina Angeles

    Butterfly Bayou! Starting over is hard. I’d love to read how Lila changes her life and how Armie wants to be in it.

  6. laurieg72

    Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake- CHEMISTRY I like sheriff heroes and women who are usually in control placed inan uncomfortable, out of control situation

    Not That Kind of Guy by Andie J. Christopher- boss /worker scenarios are always tricky, fake dates, wildness of Las Vegas where anything goes.. I like the relationship that starts off on shaky footings.

    From Alaska With Love by Ally James- I like wounded warrior heroes. I like books set in the wilds of Alaska. Quirkiness and acceptance for one’s problems/issues and isolation are readily available in Alaska and normal.

    BRINGING DOWN THE DUKE Love Dukes for heroes when they meet the woman who brings them down from their lofty pedestal.

    NOT THE GIRL YOU MARRY interesting title

    FUMBLED sports hero?

  7. janinecatmom

    I think I would choose to read Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake first. it sounds like my kind of book. Plus I always like to start out at the beginning of a series.

  8. dbranigan

    Well, I enjoy all kinds of romance books. I think I would like to read From Alaska With Love by Ally James for sure. Not That Kind of Guy also sounds intriguing.

  9. Pamela Conway

    I haven’t read any of them but from Alaska with Love & The Bromance Book Club caught my eye. All sound good though!

  10. Juli Huber Hall

    Gabriel’s Promise by Sylvain Reynard, loved Gabriel’s Inferno so I’m excited to read this

  11. Audrey Stewart

    I have been wanting to read Not The Girl You Marry and Waiting For Tom Hanks.

  12. Kim

    Not That Kind of Guy by Andie J. Christopher. I haven’t read her before, but this series sounds great.

  13. Marcia

    All of these authors are new to me, so no incentive there. However, “Waiting For Tom Hanks” intrigues me. I love Tom Hanks as an actor, he can portray just about anyone. So, why is she (assuming there) waiting for Tom Hanks?

  14. Dianne Casey

    From Alaska With Love really caught my attention. Sounds like a great book.

  15. Trudy Dowling

    Butterfly Bayou sounds like a fun small town romance that I would enjoy. Not that kind of Guy was added to my TBR just to see what happens in Vegas.

  16. JOYE

    I would like to read the book about Alaska. I have visited there and it is awesome

  17. Kathleen Bylsma

    Butterfly Bayou sounds right up y alley, along with Not That Kind of Guy….I love discovering new authors and Butterfly sounds great! thanks

  18. erinf1

    I’m suuuuper exciteda bout Milla Vane’s new book 🙂 thanks for sharing!

  19. flchen1

    I haven’t read these yet, but have been hearing good things about many of them, including the Bromance Book Club, so I’m intrigued!

  20. davisbk121

    Both, ‘Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake’ and ‘Not That Kind of Guy by Andie J. Christopher’ sound like a good tangle with a bit of humor. I would love to read them all, but I would start with these two.

  21. BookLady

    A Heart of Blood and Ashes by Milla Vane caught my attention because I enjoy reading historical romance. The book sounds fascinating and it’s the first book in the series.

  22. Jen K

    I haven’t read any of the authors, but From Alaska With Love by Ally James jumped out at me. I like the idea of penpals turning into something more.

  23. April Star Dewitt

    I like the titles Unbreak Me, seems like someone thinks they are broken and someone sees them underneath. I like the Well Met one too seems like two strong characters are going to meet up.

  24. Jean White

    From Alaska With Love by Ally James sounds really good and is going on my tbr.

  25. smcmahon19

    Fumbled and Waiting for Tom Hanks caught my attention. This was based on title alone☘️

  26. eawells

    Not That Kind Of Guy and The Butterfly Bayou are two I’m looking forward to reading!!

  27. Angel Hollmeyer Crum

    Butterfly Bayou by Lexi Blake and From Alaska with Love, both of them sound interesting

    • Courtney Kinder

      From Alaska with Love by Ally James sounds great to me because I love romance novels set in a cabin in the wilderness.

  28. Kay Garrett

    WOW! I’d love to read them all! Love the idea of starting a new series so “Butterfly Bayou” by Lexi Blake jumps out at me. Of course, there is the fact that it’s small southern town too which is right up my alley. Plus the single parent is appealing too. Being an only Army brat who was conceived in Alaska, I’m naturally drawn to “From Alaska With Love” by Ally James. That being said though, I think there’s something about each one that says “pick me up” that has me wanting to read them all.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  29. Lilah Chavez

    I am looking forward to Sylvains “Gabriel’s Promise”
    the first book was one of my first ebook i ever read!

  30. Rebecca E.

    Butterfly Bayou sounds like it has some hilarious hijinks in it. Plus a single dad is involved? Sign me up!

  31. Abigail

    The Bromance Book Club; I have been hearing great reviews about it, just seems like something that I would enjoy. Thank you for the chance, happy holidays!

  32. Cassandra D

    Not That Kind of Guy looks wonderful, because I want to read if the main character finds the right person.

  33. Terrill R.

    Ally James’ book sounds interesting. I love reading a new-to-me author. I’ve read Andie J. Christopher’s books in the past and enjoyed them. Her book is a definite.