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The recent boom in coloring books for adults has left many people wondering, what’s next?

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Step into the world of Kelsey Montague…

What Lifts YouFamed for blending street art and social media, Kelsey Montague creates wild and whimsical large-scale murals that beg passersby to step into them, become part of the art and share it with the world using #whatliftsyou.

Now Kelsey’s exquisite works are at your fingertips—to entice and engage you with their beauty and positivity. Printed on luxe paper, these are intricate and inspiring images you’ll want to linger over and lavish color upon. You’ll want to cut them out, frame them, create one-of-a-kind decor from them.

Each is designed to remind you to consider what inspires you and to always keep the answers close to your heart.
Kelsey wants you to share and discover #whatliftsyou.


Get coloring today!

Step 1: Click HERE to download Kelsey’s famous #whatliftsyou wings (make sure you allow for pop-ups!)

Step 2: Print the wings in black & white

Step 3: Show your creativity & get coloring!

Step 4: Get interactive! Cut out your wings and take a photo of #whatliftsyou


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Giveaway: Print book: What Lifts You by Kelsey Montague


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45 Responses to “Giveaway: #whatliftsyou by Kelsey Montague”

  1. janinecatmom

    I have a couple books and enjoy coloring in them. I started because someone said it was relaxing. I find it to be true. I really don’t think about much when I am coloring.

  2. Debbi Wellenstein

    I do like to color-my husband has been coloring more than I have! I think people just want an activity that is relaxing and creative.

  3. Martha Lawson

    I haven’t started yet, but I’m very interested in them! They are really taking off in library’s in this area. Coloring is relaxing!

  4. Kimberlyindy

    I enjoy them. I do find that while I am coloring, I can’t think about all the stuff that was stressing me out. I think they have become popular because we live in such a stressed out world and this is a way we can go back to childhood when it was not so stressful.

  5. Christine Blood

    I love the adult coloring books! I have always loved to color and doodle on my papers or with the kids. This year I bought all my kids an adult coloring book and they love them too.( ages 21,20 and 13)

  6. Veronika

    I think it’s the result of a mixture of a need for de-stressing and the ease of picking up a coloring book then putting it down again.

  7. Natasha Persaud

    I’ve never tried them I heard they are a stress reliever so I think it’s time to see what the fuss is all about over them

  8. Mary Preston

    I agree about the novelty value. I also think it’s nostalgia as well. I have not taken them up, but I can see how relaxing it would be.

  9. Pennie

    I do color and I also like to do jigsaw puzzles on my kindle. Watching Chicago Fire a couple weeks ago one of the guys on the rescue squad was coloring too.

  10. Patricia B.

    In our face paced world there are few opportunities to just relax and let the world go by. These adult coloring books that are coming out are wonderful. They draw you in, get you to relax, and get the creative juices flowing. I got one for my overworked oldest daughter last November. The more I looked, the more I liked. I ended up ordering a dozen or so. Some for both my daughters, a few for a sister who was just diagnosed with lymphoma and starting chemo, and about 6 for myself. Unfortunately, I have been so busy, I haven’t had time to do any.
    I also gave a coloring book to a VA program that is using them in a memory program with dementia patients.

  11. dholcomb1

    I have one, but I haven’t used it.

    I think people are so stressed and overstimulated from social commitments, social media, and digital devices, they need a relaxing outlet.


  12. Meredith Miller

    I have gotten into some coloring books! I think they have gotten popular because they are an easy way to relax and get our minds off all of those screens we’re constantly looking at.

  13. Anita H.

    I haven’t had the chance to jump on the band wagon yet but it sure looks like such a fun and relaxing thing to do when someone gets stressed out. I’m definitely interested in activities that helps me to take a step back from the bustle of everyday life and have another outlet for relieving stress.

  14. Mood Reader

    Yes, I am. It actually helps reduce stress & anxiety A LOT! I love it!! 😀

  15. Irma

    I’m into it because of my daughter. Spending time together like this- so much fun.

  16. laurieg72

    I have not tried this yet.I do like to color with my granddaughter who is 4.

  17. Michele Hayes

    I always enjoyed coloring when I was growing up, so I think people are rediscovering the joys of coloring now. It’s very relaxing I think helps to relieve stress. Thanks for the chance to win.

  18. Lisa M

    I think it’s soothing and fun … I recently spend an hour with my mom colouring (her and I both colouring) our own pages while having coffee and chit chatting … it was just so much fun!

  19. Cathy Lykens

    I have never lost my love for coloring…although I haven’t bought a book, I have printed coloring sheets from on line. I think that our world is full of overstimulation due to all of the electronics. Coloring books don’t have all the lights and flash, rather they provide tactile comfort and allow the brain to unwind.

  20. Banana cake

    I do have a couple of coloring book apps on my iPad, but I tend to read or bake to relax. I think that adult coloring books have become popular because everyone is living such fast paced life’s that it is an activity that forces you to sit down and be creative.

  21. Sarah

    I like that it takes me away from everyday life things. Reading, writing, and painting are my greatest outlets.

  22. Jenn McElroy

    I LOVE coloring!!! I was able to color more frequently when I taught 1st/2nd grade, but less so now that I’m in 6th. I think coloring is very relaxing, but my students disagree.

  23. Amanda Gardner

    I like the coloring books because they do seem to relieve stress/take your mind off your worries. I do have a little bit of an issue with the adult coloring books being that some of the books/pages seem to have some very detailed art which, at least to me, seem like it is too much work to color the pages.

    I think they have gotten popular recently because people want to have a way to relax and coloring seems to do that for people. I also think it is the fact that coloring engages your mind in different ways than you are used to so you might have a slightly sharper mind than before you started the coloring books.

  24. kermitsgirl

    I have a penpal who I started exchanging coloring books with years ago (children’s ones, since adult coloring books weren’t really on the market), and so I’m a fan of this adult coloring book craze. It’s nice to be able to just fill in blank spaces with color and create beautiful pieces, without having to overthink anything.

  25. Linda Herold

    I am a special education teacher and I have always liked to color. I guess more people are starting to color to relieve stress.

  26. BookLady

    Coloring books are so popular because they are a fun way to relax from stress.

  27. Ada

    I haven’t colored in ages but I would love to join in on the fun. It looks like a popular trend because life is so hectic and everyone needs time to destress. Coloring seems like a good way to relax and be a child again where you don’t have some much worries on your mind.

  28. truanimefan01

    I love coloring its very relaxing. Though I still enjoy the kids coloring book as well. Sometimes more. In just a stressful time I think that coloring is a cheap and entertaining way to relax now a days.