Happy Thanksgiving #Giveaway!

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We would like to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to each and every one of you for being a part of this great community here at Harlequin Junkie!

We are blessed to have you here, you make this fun!

From our home to yours…. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Becky, Jen Z, Jennifer, Kim, Michele, Olivia, Sara, Stacey & Sue.

In celebration of Thanksgiving we have 2 great Bundle of books up for grabs!

Bundle #1


  • Print ARC of Katee Robert’s THE MARRIAGE CONTRACT
  • Print ARC of Carolyn Brown’s WILD COWBOY WAYS
  • Marilyn Pappano A CHANCE OF A LIFETIME.
  • Print ARC of Author Piper J. Drake’s EXTREME HONOR


Bundle #2


  • Victoria Roberts’s KILTS & DAGGERS
  • Shana Galen’s THE ROGUE YOU KNOW
  • Samantha Grace’s THE BEST OF BOTH ROGUES
  • Suzanne Brockmann’s WAY OF THE WARRIOR
  • Katie Allure’s LAWYER UP


Giveaway Details:
  •  You must be an email subscriber of HJ blog
  • Leave a comment on this post (Do you have any special Thanksgiving Traditions? Will you be hitting the stores this evening? Anything else you would like to share 🙂
  • Like HJ on Facebook And / OR Follow HJ on Twitter

Giveaway Mailing Info: 

  • Shipping Details: Must have a US  / Canada mailing address.
  • Book Bundle will be randomly selected. 
  • This contest will close on Sunday November 29th, 2015 8:59 PM (PT) and the winners will be notified via email. Winner will have 48 hours to respond to my e-mail before a new winner is selected.


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99 Responses to “Happy Thanksgiving #Giveaway!”

  1. clickclickmycat

    I do all the task required, and am happy to do so. I hope I win. (jozywails@gmail.com)

  2. Jenn McElroy

    Happy Thanksgiving! My holiday tradition is to head to my grandmother’s house for dinner with my husband and kids. I used to shop early on Friday, but the deals weren’t too enticing this year.

  3. Jo-Anne Boyko

    Thank you so much for holding this Thanksgiving giveaway! It’s so generous of you to arrange it as well as for the authors to provide the books. There isn’t one book I wouldn’t like to read. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that I win.

    I’m not sure if I’m suppose to post that I’m an email subscriber to HJ blog, like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter and live in Canada.

  4. vadensmommy1

    I do all above, your family tradition is on thanksgiving we eat and laugh alot, but after everyone leaves whoever wakes up has to wake up everyone else for pie. In the middle of the night pie. We spend the day playing board games and video games together and whoever wins gets to get there plate 1st. I have been the champ 5 years running,lol but this year sadly I’m not at home. I’m in the hospital sick with an infection from surgery. But I do know my family will continue our traditions and whoever wins this year goes against me meet year,
    Following you guys everywhere I can
    Happy thanksgiving to you and all your loved ones,

  5. Rita Wray

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I usually spend the day with my family but not this year because I’m sick.

  6. Amanda Ray

    Happy Thanksgiving! We traditionally get together for dinner and such however this year, I chose to work to allow others the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with their families so we are celebrating our Thanksgiving with the family on Saturday. Every year my mom, brother, husband and several others from the church get together and cook then deliver meals to shut-ins and meals-on-wheels recipients that wouldn’t get Thanksgiving dinner otherwise. Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. Heidi D

    Happy Thanksgiving! We’ve made it a tradition to put up our Christmas tree on Thanksgiving. Awesome giveaway. Thanks for the opportunity.

  8. ndluebke

    Happy Thanksgiving!. Our tradition is during our big meal, we go around and say what we are thankful for. No black friday shopping.

  9. BookLady

    We will be spending the holiday with family, watching football, and eating turkey. Thanks for the great giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. Krysten M

    Happy Thanksgiving! We don’t have any traditions as a family (for this holiday) but, I’ll be waiting until Cyber Monday to do my shopping 😉 it’ll take that long to get over the food coma lol

  11. Glenda

    Happy Thanksgiving! Just finished stuffing ourselves.

    The only shopping this weekend is going to be online.

  12. Krystle Barton

    Happy thanksgiving, we do a big family dinner with all the siblings, kids, aunt, uncles, and more. I have done all the above already.
    Thank you for the chance

  13. Jennifer Zorko

    Big dinner at my parents house. No shopping tonight for me……I will be in a turkey coma 😉

    Thanks for the chance.

  14. noraadrienne

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Yes to everything and I’m most interested in Bundle #2. The bird is done, the sweet and sour meatballs were done on Tues. along with the stuffing. You can see how my turkey came out on my FB page. LOL

  15. Vicki

    The traditions we have are in the food we have. Yes I am going shopping tonight.

  16. Texas Book Lover

    No Thanksgiving traditions except spending time together, eating a lot and eating the COWBOYS! And avoiding the stores.

    I follow by email and every other requested way.
    Thanks so much!

  17. Pennie

    Happy Thanksgiving! My daughter was able to come home for the day but had to leave by mid afternoon and I have to work this evening. Shopping? Online…maybe… 🙂

  18. Debra

    Happy Thanksgiving to all who participate. These past couple of years has made me ‘a Debbie Downer’ . Haven’t celebrated any holidays here. Used to just enjoy family and the food. Now am alone. They all go other places. So I read to get me by.

  19. Leanna

    Happy Thanksgiving! I will be spending it with my sister and her wife. They are both vegetarians so every year I make a Cornish game hen for myself.

  20. conniepsaunders

    It may not be in the same location each year but we have always spent Thanksgiving with my parents. I have never been a Black Friday shopper because my jobs have always required me working that day. Thank you for this giveaway and Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. haddies.haven

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Well, no; my family does not have a set tradition for this holiday, and we don’t really plan much for today anyways. To us, our Thanksgiving is everyday. Everyday, we give thanks to God for everything He has given us, and for the things that we do not have.

  22. Rhonda

    Had a great dinner today. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. I will not be shopping tonight.

  23. Nicole Potter

    Just to get together with family! My husband and I did start a new tradition last year, where we have a Friendsgiving with our friends too!

  24. Mariola Fik-Izydor

    My Thanksgiving already passed as it was in October. My tradition is making pecan pumpkin pie. I introduced my family to it a few years ago (they are very much set in their ways and this was a foreign thing for them lol) and ever since than I have been making it every Thanksgiving, no matter who is hosting it. Thanks. Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone 🙂

  25. lraines78

    I follow already! Thank you for the giveaway! I am going shopping tomorrow.

  26. Patricia Barraclough

    Great book bundles. I love historical romances but enjoy contemporary also. We start our day getting the turkey ready and in the oven. We watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade, then the Westminster Dog Show. There is always visiting, playing Scrabble and Tripoli, and watching the football games. Dinner is served when it and we are ready.
    I hope everybody has a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  27. Patricia Barraclough

    I am an email subscriber, and follow on both Facebook and Twitter.

  28. Emily Stemp

    want to say happy thanks giving to my usa friends. in Canada my family just get together and eat some good food.

  29. Ann Waters

    Happy Thanksgiving!! I just got home from shopping at Walmart and boy do I hate Black Friday!! But I got the clothes my daughter needed for a great price.

  30. Suzie Johnson

    Happy Thanksgiving !! I make all of my Grandmothers recipes and our family gathers for feasting and fun–with a bit of sport thrown in.

  31. Kate Sparks

    We’re breaking tradition and are travelling to NC for a college football game where we know one of the coaches. Ate turkey at Bob Evans… not bad but not as good as home made… no nice thick slices….

  32. marcyshuler

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    For the last 3-4 years we’ve cooked a Turducken but I do love a deep fried turkey. I’ve never done the whole Black Friday shopping adventure. I’d much rather shop online. LOL

  33. Robin Mack

    Happy Thanksgiving. Enjoying time spent with family. Making memories!

  34. Darlene

    Happy Thanksgiving 🙂 We have a big meal with the family and then spend time playing cards and board games. Thanks for the chance!!!!

  35. Linda Romer

    Happy Thanksgiving ♡ we don’t shop today, we had a great time cooking together and making a memorable dinner. Thank you

  36. martha lawson

    Happy Thanksgiving!! Don’t do shopping today or Black Friday!! Had a quiet dinner at home with the my husband and granddaughter. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  37. nikkiphilton

    We had a great Thanksgiving with our family and friends. Hope y’all did too!

  38. Ellen C.

    Our tradition is to have dinner with friends or family. (Sometimes we can’t travel to family.) Absolutely love stuffing. Have to work on Black Friday, might try to do some online shopping.
    Follow you on Twitter and e-mail for blog. Hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.

  39. Diane Sallans

    Just had a small Thanksgiving this year, but I’ll see more family tomorrow, and saw others last weekend – it’s like have multiple Thanksgivings over a week!
    I avoid the stores this weekend, but I’m doing some online shopping to get some Christmas gifts – I have ideas for some people, but still looking for inspiration for others.
    Happy Thanksgiving and hope you have a joyful Holiday season!

  40. Tammy Y

    Happy Thanksgiving. Leo and I had the turkey feast and Taylor who is 16 had the Snoopy meal. Popcorn, pretzels. toast and jelly beans. Fun day. The highlight was our local parade and the Shelties rescue group marched. They were all so cute.

  41. Janie McGaugh

    Happy Thankgiving. Our tradition is turkey and dressing (on the side) with all of the fixin’s.

  42. Denise Van Plew

    Went to early dinner then off to work at retail went ok not to crazy.

  43. Kathleen O

    Happy Thanksgiving. One of my BFF’s has come for our annual Pajama party weekend and shopping and just having fun. That is a tradition we have had for many years at this time of year.

  44. Debbi Wellenstein

    For Thanksgiving, we make dinner for our kids and grandkids-we make the turkey, potatoes and pies, the kids bring sides We play games and have a great time. We were going to do a little Black Friday shopping today, but we are in the middle of a freezing rain storm. so forget it!

  45. Debbi Wellenstein

    I follow you on Twitter (@dwellenstein), and I like you on Facebook (Debbi Otto Wellenstein).

  46. Charlene Whiyehouse

    No traditions here. No to Black Friday Shopping. Are you people mad. Lol. Happy Thanksgiving.

  47. kermitsgirl

    I hope you had a great Thanksgiving! No real Thanksgiving traditions here (other than lots of potatoes – my mother-in-law said she’d never seen anyone who liked potatoes as much as my family, so she tries out a new potato recipe every year).

    I’m online shopping this morning for my Angle Tree kids – I finished all my other Christmas shopping back in July 😛

  48. Elizabeth T.

    Happy Thanksgiving! My tradition is to spend time with the family and help prepare the food!

  49. Gail S

    Happy Day after T-Day! 🙂 No special tradition this year. I recently lost my husband so my daughter & SIL changed things up and went out for dinner. It was a lovely meal and then we watched two crazy funny movies. 🙂

  50. jeannemiro

    I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving day! Somehow in my family I ended up making all the goodies for desert back when I was still in High School. At the time I couldn’t figure out why and finally both my sisters let me know it was because they knew that since I was a Type 1 diabetic I wouldn’t eat all the delights I was making! Several years ago I finally blackmailed them by letting them know if they all wanted me to do all the work backing that each one of them had to buy me a book. Think about it – after you have a treat it all gone but if you read a great book you can keep it to read again or share it with all your friends and family! I’d love to win all the books in Bundle 2.

  51. Sue G.

    My Thanksgiving tradition is very typical. Family, turkey, stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and pie!

  52. cheryl c.

    We always drive to the in-laws for a big family get-together. We don’t do any shopping because I hate crowds.

  53. Sharlene Wegner

    We go to my Dad’s condo & everyone brings something. Luckily, everyone was back for Thanksgiving, as my son had moved out of state, and so had my brother & sister-in-law. I may go shopping on Saturday. I avoid Black Friday shopping & would never, ever go out on Thanksgiving to shop. I used to work in retail & they keep taking away holidays. Those poor people never get a break!

  54. Michele Hayes

    I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We spent it quietly at home. No shopping for me.

  55. erinf1

    I hope every one had an awesome Thanksgiving!!! We spent it with the grandparents. My mom did her nervous-nothing-turned-out-right thing she always does when she cooks, but it turned out amazing 🙂 I was briefly considering going out to Black Friday shop but we ended up getting an ice storm so, that made the decision for me 🙂 So I ended up doing some online! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  56. V

    Happy Late Thanksgiving everyone! We always get together with extended family on either my mom or dad’s side. We only do a little bit of shopping on Black Friday and then only later in the day after all the craziness has passed.

  57. tlrosado

    We do not have any special Thanksgiving traditions except the usual – Food. It seems that our plans change every year and we are always doing something different.

    As for shopping, I will be spending all my shopping time online. Thank goodness for the invention of the internet (and this is the only time I will be praising it!)

  58. Kara

    Just the tradition to stay home and no shopping. I have worked retail too many times to be an extra burden on the poor associates who have to work!

  59. laurieg72l

    No shopping. We get together to eat. I do the cooking. We have birthday cake, chocolate angel food with chocolate whipped cream frosting in honor of my oldest son’s birthday November 29th. I also make an apple pie for non chocolate lovers. We play a card game Sheepshead (from Wisconsin). We also play board games like Settlers of Cataan, Clue and Mystery mansion.

  60. Amy Rickman

    No particular traditions on for Thanksgiving and I will be shopping.

  61. JoannaM

    All my shopping so far was books and that was done online =D No special traditions unless overeating is part of a tradition hehe
    Already a susbcriber, and I like and follow Harlequin Junkie on FB and Twitter.

  62. veRONIca

    Thanksgiving is always turkey dinner with the family. On American Thanksgiving, I always go insane with the online shopping! Ordered myself quite a few gifts this week 🙂

  63. booksaver

    Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I like you on FB and follow on Twitter too. I stayed home for Thanksgiving and Black Friday and did some online shopping. It’s much easier than fighting the crowds.

  64. rachbrown2015

    Already subscribed and following on FB and twitter. Thanksgiving traditions? I shop black Friday sales online. We buy our Christmas tree the weekend following Thanksgiving. We just bought our tree today. I can’t wait to decorate it!

  65. Ellen Thompson

    We always eat a late lunch at my grandmother’s house and then watch the Cowboy’s play (no matter how disappointing it might be). Already following on FB and email. Thanks for the chance!

  66. Jen

    Happy Thanksgiving! We eat lunch and dinner with my parents. I follow by email. Thank you for the giveaway.

  67. KV

    We cook together while watching the dog show. I am a subscriber. Thanks for the giveaway!