ionR: How Important are Book Cover?

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ionR: How Important are Book Cover?


How Important Do You Find a Book Cover to Be?

Today we are sharing our thoughts on the importance of book covers and the impact that they have on a reader’s decision to read the material.
Let’s be honest at one point or another we have all heard the infamous quote ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover,’ and yet there are times when I have based my decision on the cover. Yes, I’m admitting that there were a time or two that I was actually guilty to breaking the golden rule of reading, though I try not to.
As a professional reviewer (a reader that reviews for an actual company rather than reviewing as a hobby) I lately have been asked directly by publishers to start rating cover designs. In fact whenever I receive a press release for a novel there is a request to grade the cover as well as include a brief review of the cover itself within my writings.


Personally, I agree with publishers that covers are an important part of the book and can aid in a sale in a novel especially such covers that are romantic. I tend to favor covers that are beautifully designed or even those that are unique. However the most crucial part about a cover drawling for me-is that a design should actually represent the book by both romance and by plot. Covers that lack this trait can regrettably turn me away from my overall desire to read the actual book. Most of the time I do end up reading the material if the book blurb is more suited to my taste.



If anything covers are hard to ignore. Think about the last time you were a book store or even logged onto an online store featuring books and browsed through the sections. There were likely covers that caught your attention and perhaps those that did not. As a blogger I find that the more elegant or sinful a cover design is the more my readers want to read further into an excerpt or even pre-order the actual book.
I suppose one way or another covers can be equally as important as the writing style of the author, the plot as well as the romance itself.


So please tell us have you ever judge a book based on the cover design? Did you read the book anyhow or no? What do you look for in a book prior to your reading?



Disclaimer: Images are screen shots of google search “romance book covers” 

32 Responses to “ionR: How Important are Book Cover?”

  1. Timitra

    Covers are what initially attract me to a book, then I read the blurb or a sample and that’s how I decide whether to get a book or not.

    • Ann Oliphant

      The book cover has to grab me whether it be romance to thriller when it does. I buy it take it home start reading it. I won’t put it down until I have finished the book. Then I would give it a rating from 1 to 10

  2. ELF

    I tend to receive tons of ARCs to review so I am often surprised to discover what the cover looks like later. I have never been one to pay much attention to them unless they are really startling, so it’s a good thing that I am not being consulted, lol. I am much more word-oriented, so blurbs and excerpts are what capture my attention.

  3. janinecatmom

    I am guilty. Covers are important to me. It sets the mood of the story for me. I do have exceptions though. if a friend recommends a book and says they think I will like it. I will give it a chance. Also, if it’s an author that I have read and liked, I usually always buy their books regardless of the cover. But for new to me authors, if a cover doesn’t attract me while browsing in the book store, I usually just walk past them.

  4. Sue

    Covers, especially in paper books, are what draw me in first. Yes, they are important. I think they have to be able to grab your attention quickly! I think a cover should tell a lot about the book, and there are times where I won’t even pick the book up if I don’t like the cover.

  5. Colleen C.

    I have had covers draw me to books and also make me overlook a book… If it draws me in, then I will read the blurb and see if it is something I would enjoy…

  6. Tammy

    If it’s an author I love, I don’t worry about the cover. If it’s a new author to me, the cover either draws me to or repels me from the book.

  7. nikkiphilton

    I might initially look at a book based on the cover, but because I mainly read reviewer recommended books or go-to authors, I never base my book buying on the cover. But I tend to forget what the cover looks like if I’m using my ereader, so there’s that.

  8. Ann Waters

    I will usually pick a book first by its cover, but the excerpt makes the final decision for me.

  9. bn100

    covers are important; skip over books where it’s the same cover on different authors’ books or if the cover’s ugly

  10. Alyssa J. Montgomery

    I’m first and foremost a romance reader, so as a reader…the cover is the first thing the eye catches. Then, the title. If both those are attractive/appealing, then I read the blurb.
    As a published author I have no ultimate control over my covers, but as a self-published author, I spend a lot of time trying to get the image right.
    The cover image is so important to me, that with a storyline already in mind, I’ve decided to choose a stock image before I write the story, so I can really write with those characters’ images in my head!

  11. marcyshuler

    Since I tend to read more e-books I don’t pay that much attention to covers, since you only see it when you first start reading a book. But I do dislike book covers that don’t have the correct hair colors of the characters or those that have headless characters. It also bothers me when a character has a notable facial scar or another major injury (missing limb, etc.) and that isn’t depicted on the cover.

    • Leone (@bookishromantic)

      Hello Marcy. I am in agreement with you regarding the characteristics of characters matching the actual design of the book cover. I also like covers where both the hero and the heroine are both present and no headless characters are a major plus! 🙂

  12. belindaegreen

    Yes, yes, yes! Covers are very important to me. I like them sharp, chic, sophisticated & eye appealing. That being said, The blub and/or the excerpt have to also snag my interest.

    I want the cover to at least reflect what’s inside the book. I have seen covers that are designed to grab but don’t have a dang thing to do with the theme, characters, or plot. It’s quite disappointing as well as dirty pool! Thank goodness for sampling! However, even that’s not enough sometimes.

    I have a Kindle Unlimited subscription. It has saved me a lot of money!

    Thanks for the opportunity to share. 🙂


  13. infinitieh

    I’m ALL about the covers. I have refused to read recommended books because I didn’t like the cover art. And, of course, I only buy books whose cover art I like. What made it okay for me to read Romances (since I did not grow up reading Romances) was the cover art, being the visual person that I am. I have my favorites,favorite cover models and favorite cover artists. This is also why I gave up on e-books: since the covers are not readily visible, I don’t remember if I had read a specific title or what the plot was.

  14. Kim

    I’m much more likely to buy a book based on the blurb and author. Covers may capture my interest, but if the blurb doesn’t sound interesting I won’t buy the book. I haven’t bought a book based only on the cover.

  15. Leone (@bookishromantic)

    I want to thank everyone for stopping by and sharing such detailed thoughts regarding our topic of book covers. Everyone had such wonderful ideas regarding the covers and we love interacting with each and everyone of you! :))

  16. Leanna

    I love wh n book covers have a picture off the Couple on freon and when they look like how they are described in the book. The cover should tell you what sub genre the book is ie: historical, contemporary, paranormal etch.

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