#ionRomace: A Romance Book Blogger, It Ain’t Easy

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A Millennial Romance Book Blogger: It Ain’t Easy

I started blogging in the summer of 2016, the summer before my senior year in college. I was freaking out because I had only one more year left before the real world sucked me into its corporate machine. It’s a scary time being a new adult. I started questioning everything from my degree, to my future, to ‘what should I wear for this interview?’ Every single detail in life becomes extremely clear when you have to examine it and figure out where you fit. So, I turned to the two things that have always been a stable love in my life: reading and writing.
I turned on my laptop and started my first and only blog: CathyRambles. (Shameless plug: cathyrambles.wordpress.com) I had no idea what I was doing, all I knew was that I wanted to talk about my favorite books because my family was starting to get annoyed with me ranting and rambling about my book boyfriends. I think the first book I reviewed for my blog was Making Faces by Amy Harmon. And after that first post, I was a goner.
I love talking. Honestly, sometimes my own ears get annoyed with my voice, but I can’t help talking about my favorite things with others. It’s my version of spreading a little happiness into the world. So, when I got my first ever “like” on one of my posts, I was SO excited. Someone read one of my post? And liked it?? This is the moment I imagined walking up to the stage, accepting a star shaped award, saying “thank you for your like. I would like to thank everyone who’s gotten me here so far, mainly my computer and my favorite books.”
After a while, my little ol’ blog started to gain a few followers and other readers left a few comments and I was in awe. This was it. I was becoming a part of a community that helped shape me into the proud romance-loving girl I am. I remember finally telling a classmate of mine “hey guess what I did? I started a blog.” And this classmate immediately says, “oh, so you’re like a “blogger” now?” She rolled her eyes. “Every hipster seems to want to be a famous blogger these days.”
INCOMING RANT: I’m not exaggerating here when I say this is the most common response I get as a millennial ‘blogger.’

“Oh, so you’re a blogger too? Does that even make you money? Everyone wants to be cool now and blog.”

Yes, I only blog for money and for a title of ‘being cool’. HA no, far from the truth. First of all, I have to say, props to Sara here at Harlequin because blogging can be pretty tough. And Sara seems to do it effortlessly. I’m learning from her by just being able to contribute however I can. First, book bloggers read a lot (out of love) and write their thoughts down for others to agree with or disagree. That in itself is terrifying. Once, I was scared to write my true feelings about a book because its fanbase was heavily passionate about it and I didn’t want to be the mouse walking into a lion’s den. You never know how anyone will react to anything you write on the internet: good or bad.
Second, it takes a lot of time. Do you have a job? Looking for a job? Moving? Well, you still can’t abandon the blog because after a certain point in blogging you have a community that truly does look forward to your thoughts. I would say, with what I’ve learned so far, I try to have at least three posts up a week while also searching for new books, keeping updated on sales and releases, and still connecting and talking with other readers.
Third, being a romance book blogger has its own share of difficulties. Once, I told someone I blogged about romance novels. That person’s eyes lit up and I knew it. I could feel it in my bones. The judgement was about to fly from this person and I would have to try my best not to throw my romance book at him. “Does that mean you gush over hott abs and prince charmings?” As a matter of fact, YES. But I didn’t tell him that. I just said, “actually I read a book yesterday about a woman leaving an abusive relationship and she learned how to confront toxic masculinity.”
So no, person over there calling bloggers ‘wanna-be hipsters’ or ‘bored housewives’, blogging ain’t easy. But, as a book blogger, it sure is a ton of fun.
I blog because I genuinely love it. I love sharing my rambling thoughts and hearing everyone else’s. This millennial blogger is going to keep postin’ while you keep hatin’.

Why do you follow book bloggers? Are they helpful, is it the sense of community, is it both?



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11 Responses to “#ionRomace: A Romance Book Blogger, It Ain’t Easy”

  1. JenM

    I’ve been an avid reader my entire life but most people think I read way too much. I started reading book blogs after I got my Kindle back in 2009 and it was so great to find out I’m not so weird after all. There are other people out there who actually read as much and love it as much as I do! I’ve thought about blogging, but it does look like a lot of work and that would take away too much time from my books LOL.

  2. Caro

    I don’t blog, but I’ve followed several blogs through the years and from what I’ve seen, it’s that is HARD.
    It can be super overwhelming with so many new books and book related news out there to just keep your blog updated, and fun, and in a way that ppl want to come back to it. Seriously, I’ve seen the end of several blogs because it becomes too much for the blogger and trying to juggle life and blogging, it’s literally HOURS of writing, formatting, editing, etc. Honestly, if I ever thought about starting one, I dismissed it in like 0.5 seconds, lol.
    So I hate it when ppl just dismiss it like it’s a ‘little hobby’. Grrr.
    Oh and yes, I follow several blogs, they’re fun and I love it when they come together for a cause or for an authors’ help. 🙂 I love the community.

  3. orioles4ever

    I don’t need romance blogs, or even FB as I belong to a great romance community website where we can interact on dozens of threads discussing everything about every genre of romance. Also many romance authors post with us!

  4. Amy Rickman

    I follow a small amount of blogs for reviews, to see what’s releasing soon and discover new authors. Over the years I’ve reduced my blog followings to the ones I feel best fit with what I’m looking for in books and the book community.

  5. thebookdisciple

    The judgement is a real problem!! I get such snide comments about what I read and how ‘trivial’ it is. But, I started blogging because I wanted SOMEONE who shared my interest in romance novels! I knew others had to exist! So for me, as challenging as blogging is (is expensive-I lose money every month with hosting fees, giveaways, etc), I love the community.
    The hot abs are a total bonus.

  6. Sara @ inkismysword

    I love this post because I can relate so much towards the romance blogger judgement we get! I do read many genres but lately romances have being my comfort zone, and I love it. ❣️