REVIEW: A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe by Vicki Lewis Thompson

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A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe by Vicki Lewis Thompson: Death affects everyone in different ways. A-Cowboy-Under-the-MistletoeSome people retreat, some people work through it, everyone has to figure out how to move forward though.

Whitney Jones wasn’t a big fan of letting events in her life run her life. She was easy going, and more of a go with the flow kind of a girl. That by no means meant that she didn’t remember. In fact she remembered all sorts of things really well. Including the times a handsome man walked into the coffee shop where she worked and even when he came in with a woman.

Ty Slater had pretty much divided his life into two periods; one pre Thunder Mountain Ranch and one post it. The probably was he kept it that way, not talking about anything pre with anyone post. It was working for the most part, unless someone wanted to get close and then he had to try and divert them.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are huge family holiday times, and can be emotional roller coasters. When Ty sees Whitney again he isn’t sure if it’s the magical time of year or if it’s her, but he knows he wants to see her again. As the two of them grow closer will they allow their pasts to continue to define them? Or will this be a season of healing as well?

In this novel we are back to Thunder Mountain Ranch and another of the brothers, though it is a strong enough work to stand on it’s own. Ms. Thompson has done great work in making a holiday novel with a pretty depressing undercurrent be magical and so uplifting. The reader is really able to relate to both Whitney and Ty as they relive their experiences in varying ways. This is a quick moving plot and the story both real time and book time flies.

A Cowboy Under the Mistletoe  by Vicki Lewis Thompson is good for a fast holiday read.

Book Info:

4SPublished November 17th 2015 | Harlequin Blaze | Thunder Mountain Brotherhood #4

The gun-shy cowboy…

A cowboy’s scars can last a lifetime. Ty Slater’s cheerfulness is a carefully constructed armor. After losing his parents in a tragic accident, he was fostered at Thunder Mountain Ranch. Although he’s learned how to survive, he hides a broken heart. He knows love leads to loss, so he’s vowed never to fall in love…

Unfortunately, Ty’s attraction to Whitney Yates is nothing short of a maelstrom, a desire that threatens his resolve. When she’s stranded at Thunder Mountain for Christmas, Ty realizes he’d better find Whitney’s flaw, and fast—because his lust is too damn close to love. This red-hot cowboy is ready to bolt…unless Whitney shows him that some rides are definitely worth the risk.



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