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In All Our Tomorrows by Catherine Bybee, Being a self-made successful businessman himself, Chase Stone is more than surprised when he finds out his estranged billionaire father left his international hotel business to him and his younger sister Alex. There was one more shock at the reading of Aaron Stone’s will: Chase and Alex have a half-brother they’ve never even heard of. And in order to either sell Stone Enterprises or make any big changes, they’ll have to find their brother–with no name or information to go by. Their best option is to recruit the help of their father’s former assistant, Piper Maddox. She might be privy to information they can work with. But Chase didn’t expect to fall headfirst for Piper. Or for it to bring a whole other level of complications to his world.

“I promise you all of my tomorrows. If you’ll take them.”

Piper is still grappling with how quickly she was let go–and for bogus reasons–from Stone Enterprises so as bad as it sounds, she’s not super sad to hear about Aaron Stone’s demise. She certainly never expected to have his son, Chase, call to rehire her. Piper’s first thought is to outright refuse. She can only imagine his son will be as much of a chauvinistic pig as his dad was. But she can tell right away Chase is nothing like Aaron. And it makes her willing to tentatively return to the company. As soon as she’s back in the office, though, Piper realizes she might have made a mistake. Because Chase is everything she could hope for in not only a boss, but also in her personal life. And he makes no bones about the fact that he’s interested in her. Not wanting to feed the gossip mill at work or to tangle him up in her complicated personal life, Piper isn’t sure how to handle her feelings for Chase, especially as more details emerge about his father’s business and his half-brother.

“I’ve met the most wonderful person in my life, at the worst possible time.”

ALL OUR TOMORROWS was a phenomenal start to The Heirs series. And while Catherine Bybee is already the best when it comes to quick banter, likable characters, and a fast-moving plot that will keep you engaged, start to finish, her twist on the billionaire hero and workplace romance tropes set the tone perfectly for the books to follow.

‘Family was not a part of their mission statement, their values, their identity. Chase was going to change that.’

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I cannot wait to sink into the pages every time I pick up a new book by Catherine Bybee. And where ALL OUR TOMORROWS is the start of a new series, The Heirs, I was even more excited to see what would take place. I’m very happy to say that it exceeded my expectations. There’s just something about the characters Bybee writes that makes them feel like friends. Like you already know them, just like with Chase, Piper, Alex, and a few of the ancillary cast.

I had to marvel over Chase and Alex being as close and caring as siblings could possibly be. Not to say they didn’t call each other out as needed. But it was such a stark contrast to see them work as a team when they had to take over their estranged father’s multibillion-dollar hotel empire as compared to the cold, uncaring board of directors. I loved that Chase knew his limitations as a businessman, so he was supportive of Alex and willingly deferred to her. That was how Chase was in his personal life as well–supportive, protective, thoughtful, and kind. Not overbearing as his father had been.

Piper was having her own personal and professional crisis when Chase crashed into her world, so it was not the greatest timing. But she had a good head on her shoulders. While there was some soul searching to do on Piper’s part, she knew what she felt for Chase was real and solid, not just casual. Things moved along at a good clip for them. Although, it absolutely fit what was going on in their lives. And that ending! Between the sweet and sultry romance and the teaser about the next book, readers will be beside themselves with happiness.

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Book Info:

Publication: Published: June 18th, 2024 | Montlake | The Heirs #1

From New York Times bestselling author Catherine Bybee comes the story of a reluctant billionaire who takes on his father’s empire, its dark secrets, and a fiery assistant he can’t get out of his head.

When Chase Stone’s estranged father dies, leaving his multibillion-dollar business to his children, no one is more surprised than him. Growing up outside of the high-stakes world filled with human vultures, Chase and his sister, Alex, are less than enthusiastic about stepping into their father’s shoes. That is until they learn of a half brother they didn’t know existed, and must find to share their inheritance with.

Piper Maddox was the elder Mr. Stone’s übercapable assistant—abruptly fired two weeks before his death. She knows everything about Stone Enterprises and the man who built it. But Piper has no desire to work for another member of the Stone family. Even one as down to earth as Chase.

Desperately needing financial security, Piper agrees to return so long as kissing up to Chase and accepting unwanted advances were not part of her job description. A task that becomes a serious hurdle for both of them. Piper and Chase scramble to find the third Stone sibling before the media does, sharing secrets along the way. Secrets that can bring them together or tear them irrevocably apart.



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    I haven’t read any of her books for a long time. Thanks so much for your review

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    QOTD: Have you read any of Catherine Bybee’s books? Yes, MacCoinnich Time Travels

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    I haven’t read anything by this author, but I think I need to read this story. Thank you for the review.

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