REVIEW: Cherished Enough by Kelly Elliott

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In Cherished Enough by Kelly Elliott, Ryan Marshall has spent years holding in his real feelings for his best friend Blayze Shaw’s younger sister, Morgan. But the time’s never been right for him to fess up and ask her on a date. Even with his days spent helping run his family’s horse ranch and his evenings cooking up batches of homemade beer to sell locally, Ryan can’t keep his thoughts off Morgan. He thinks his luck is finally changing when she comes home after graduating college. But as soon as they are on the verge of exploring their long-time chemistry, someone begins stalking Morgan, leaving cryptic notes and other disturbing gifts. Ryan steps up, moving in with her temporarily to keep her safe. If he has his way, though, she’ll soon be in his life and his arms forever.

“I love standing by your side and watching your dreams come true.”
“But what about your dreams, Ryan?”
I pressed my mouth to her forehead and whispered, “You are my dream, Morgan. You are my past, my present, and my future. There’s nothing I want more than to simply exist in your world.”

Morgan knows it’s probably cliche to fall for her brother’s best friend but there’s something about Ryan that won’t let go. He’s always been there for her–and her family–through every up and down since she can remember. But she wants to move past being just friends. It’s unfortunate that it takes someone stalking her for Morgan to finally admit her feelings for Ryan out loud. Now that they’re aware of how they feel about each other, the sky’s the limit as far as she can tell, because nothing will stop her from seeing where this relationship will take them. And Morgan has a good idea that once they deal with her stalker, she and Ryan will have a long, satisfying life together filled with love, laughter, family and good friends.

‘Ryan and I might have had a rough start, but it had nothing to do with our actual relationship. I knew that no matter what life threw at us, we would be able to face it together.’

Loaded with charm, romance, family updates, and even suspense surrounding a creepy stalker, Cherished Enough was a thrilling mile-a-minute story I hated to see end.

Lowering my voice, I asked, “Do you think she’s in any real danger?”
Detective Billings gave me a sober look. “I think you both are.”

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I’m really enjoying Kelly Elliott’s Love in Montana series, which are legacy books based on her popular Meet Me in Montana series. It’s a lot of characters to keep track of at times, but even if you haven’t read the parents’ stories yet, you can jump into Cherished Enough and its predecessor with no problem.

Blayze and Georgiana started things off right in book one (Fearless Enough), setting the stage for his sister Morgan and his best friend Ryan’s story here in book two. And boy what a roller coaster ride this was! Everyone around them knew that Ryan and Morgan were meant to be together. Even if neither of them would admit it. Things moved along at a fast clip once they finally gave in to their feelings, particularly since a bunch of weird occurrences pointed toward Morgan having a stalker, forcing Ryan to move in with her temporarily for her safety. I’m not usually creeped out with this type of element in novels, but I have to give it to Kelly Elliott–not only did she keep me guessing who the stalker was, but she also pushed the envelope with the actions the stalker took against Morgan and Ryan.

As with Elliott’s Meet Me in Montana series, the couple’s family and friends made appearances throughout the book, which added depth to an already wonderful love story. And I don’t know if other readers will view Ryan and Morgan’s relationship the same way as I did as they fell in love, but to me it was this playful, sweeping, tender and passionate romance that made me think of my favorite historicals. The meaningful looks, the brushes of Ryan’s hand against Morgan’s back as they walked in a crowd, the thoughtful gestures they did for each other…it was beautiful and absolutely sigh-worthy.

QOTD: Morgan & Ryan both come from families who own horse ranches. Have you ever been horseback riding?

Book Info:

Publication: Published: June 6, 2023 | K. Elliott Enterprises, INC | Love in Montana #2

Morgan Shaw is my soulmate. She has no idea how much I desire her to fill the needs I crave. I’ve dedicated the last four years to learning everything I could about her. If my desire for her ever came to light before she realized how much she loved me, I would be labeled a stalker.

Some might find it a little creepy how I watch her every move. I find it exhilarating. I’ve even uprooted my entire life for her. Now this man has come into the picture and is not part of my plan. I see the girl’s heads turn as he walks by, but Ryan Marshall has nothing on me and my love for Morgan. My obsession with her goes to my soul’s deepest, darkest depths. If I can’t have her, then no one else can.

It’s almost time, Morgan, to be together forever.

Cherished Enough is book two in the Love in Montana series.



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  1. Latesha B.

    I’ve never been horseback riding before. This story sounds good. Thank you for the review.

  2. Anita H.

    No, I have never been horse riding before. This is one of the things on my bucket list! Thanks for the review, I am looking forward to reading this one