REVIEW: Didn’t You Promise? by Amber A. Bardan

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In Didn’t You Promise? (Bad for You #2) by Amber A. Bardan, Leaving behind her family Didnt-You-Promiseand best friend was not an easy choice for Angelina. But if it means she gets to keep Haithem in her life and help him change the world for the better, then she’ll do whatever it takes. Never before has she felt a soul-deep connection like the one she feels with him. And now that Angelina is on the run with Haithem, just trying to stay alive while they outmaneuver those plotting against them, their bond will be tested in ways they can’t begin to imagine. She wants to be there for him every step of the way, but will he allow her to take that risk? Or will he instead put himself in harm’s way to protect her life?

‘I loved Haithem. He was my future. I’d given up my life and my family for him. So if he had to take this risk, then I had earned the right to share the risk with him.’

Haithem gave his word to Angelina that he would keep her safe and he means it. But making plans for every contingency he can think of to keep them safe has done little to assuage his mind or his guilt over the choices she’s had to make to be with him. Knowing there are any number of assailants after them and that he is within weeks of seeing his father’s dream come to fruition, Haithem will do what he must to protect Angelina’s life and his cause. He only hopes that he doesn’t end up ruining their relationship over the things he finds himself forced to do.

‘I used to be sure. So sure that nothing could be more important than bringing my father’s legacy to life. Except now if forced to choose I’d save her over the world.’

Amber Bardan has once again crafted a story that had me on my knees emotionally. Didn’t You Promise took everything I thought would happen to Haithem and Angelina, painstakingly twisted it all around, and then ultimately finished things off in the best way possible.

‘Our incredible, unbelievable love, had come at a hefty price.’

I should mention first that this is the sequel to Didn’t I Warn You and picks up right where things left off. So these books will have to be read in sequence for it to make sense. That being said, the conclusion of Haithem and Angelina’s stormy journey was intense and filled with so many varying emotions that I felt like I was on a roller coaster. Just when I thought things would level out for them–boom!–something else went wrong and sent them scrambling to the next plan they had lined up. I loved the pulse-pounding, suspenseful moments that held my attention completely as Haithem and Angelina traversed the globe trying to outrun their assailants.

I think what I liked most and noticed as the biggest change between the first and second books was the evolution Angelina and Haithem went through. They both grew considerably, especially Angelina, making decisions that I don’t think they would have been capable of when they first met. Now I’ll admit that there were times I became frustrated over those choices they made. But I did understand, thanks to Bardan’s concise writing, why they acted as they did, so it was easier to accept it and move on.

It seemed like this time there were other key characters that were also important to the story, sharing the spotlight with Haithem and Angelina instead of it being mostly an intimate look into their new relationship like in book one. This was still very much their story told from their POV but the real world kept interfering and pulling them in different directions. It was mainly Haithem’s friends and security detail that we got to know who had a hand in trying to smooth things over as plans changed and obstacles were faced. I kind of liked getting to see how Angelina and Haithem handled themselves whenever they were apart as it showed both how strong they were as individuals and the true depth of their devotion to one another. *dreamy sigh*

The crazy-hot chemistry was still very much evident between our hero and heroine in Didn’t You Promise. Chock full of deception, longing, gut-wrenching fear and of course promises, I think this sequel will appease fans who have been patiently (or impatiently) waiting for the final surprisingly sweet & tender outcome.

Book Info:

04.5SPublished June 13th 2016 | Carina Press | Bad For You #2

He always keeps his promises.

Angelina has sacrificed everything to be with the man she loves. Forced to abandon her family, and even her own identity, Angelina depends on Haithem as never before. With no more secrets between them, Haithem has become the source of all her needs. Sexually. Emotionally.

But not even Haithem can hide forever.

While they’re sneaking across borders, avoiding persecution from everyone who would see Haithem dead and his prototype stolen, the media fascination surrounding Angelina’s disappearance continues to mount.

For Angelina, it’s a brutal reminder of what she’s left behind and the pain she’s caused to those who believe her dead or held against her will.

To Haithem, it’s a warning: he stands to lose the one person left in his life he loves beyond measure. The hunt won’t be called off until his enemies have destroyed him, his life’s work and everyone involved—including Angelina.

He has only one choice. He’s promised to protect her. And Haithem always keeps his promises.



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