REVIEW: Ellie Is Cool Now by Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren

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Ellie Is Cool Now by Victoria Fulton and Faith McClaren deals with everyones worst nightmare, the dreaded High School REUNION. This funny read takes you on a trip down memory lane and some of Ellie’s not so cool high school experience.

The Girl who was a nobody in high school, the one that was picked on and tormented is now working on the hottest TV show. But to earn her premotion, she needs to attend her high school reunion. This is the one thing that Ellie does not want to do. Her high school experience was a disaster the first time, why does she have to attend the reunion? What if the things that you think were true back then all the sudden are not what they seem today? Can people change? Can the kids that picked on you back then be different now?

What I loved about this book is seeing things through Ellie’s eyes. All the characters were quirky and funny. This kind of reminded me in a way of the movie “Never Been Kissed”, but without Ellie needing to go back to high school to relive the experience. She only had to survive the reunion. A very quick and easy read that everyone can enjoy.

Book Info:

Publication: March 21, 2023 | Forever |

Meet the girl who’s “Most Likely to Make Everything Worse.”

TV writer Ellie Jenkins worked her butt off to put her nerdy, outcast teen years behind her. So there’s a certain delicious irony in that she works for a hit show about popular high school kids when she was So. Not. Cool. And now she’s been offered the promotion of a lifetime—if she attends her reunion. But Ellie’s memory of High School Hell isn’t nearly as traumatic as the reality . . .

No one at the reunion is what Ellie expected. Not her ex-best friend, who still has the ability to see right through Ellie. And not her secret crush, who has only gotten hotter, sexier, and way more complicated. The only way she’s going to survive this whole weird ordeal is by fixing her bad high school karma, kissing the boy who got away, and getting the hell out of Ohio for good. But Ellie’s discovering that in real life, she can’t just rewrite the script.



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  1. Latesha B.

    I haven’t gone to any reunions, but this story sounds like fun.