REVIEW: Fiji Escape With Her Boss by Justine Lewis

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Fiji Escape With Her Boss by Justine Lewis: Lucy is thrilled to get a job as a designer with the prestigious Oracle firm. She is not long out of university and has had a good job with a smaller place. Markus Hawke is the owner of Oracle. Lucy could tell at her interview that his life revolved around his business. She didn’t want to tell him she has a 5 year old son because he and his employees seemed willing to work long hours and also celebrate after hours. What would make the admission of having a young child even more embarrassing was the fact that her son Lachie was born when she was only seventeen. The father of the child finished his education while she had to live with her parents and wait to get an education. Alex, Lachie’s dad, is supposed to have him alternating weekends, but is not very reliable. Lucy is afraid that her situation will come to light and she will be fired.

Markus is very impressed with Lucy’s work right away. He puts her on a very important project to gain OZ Airlines as a client. Part of the deal is for staff from Oracle to go to two tropical resorts to get more of a perspective on OZ. Two of the other team members go on a trip together. Markus asks Lucy to go to Fiji with him on the business trip. They eat fabulous food and have adventures. It is only expected that the closeness of the two and an extended stay thanks to a storm will ignite a spark. Can Lucy and Markus go back to Sydney and be just professional colleagues?

Lucy has always felt she has been judged by others, especially Alex’s parents who blame her for the pregnancy despite the fact Alex was a part of it. It was sweet to see how Lucy’s parents were so kind and supportive and did all they could along with working jobs of their own. I had to admire Lucy for how hard she worked to obtain her dreams while showing Lachie all her love.

Markus makes it clear to all that he never wants family. He keeps the reasons for that to himself. It seems his workaholic ways keep him from getting too close to just about everyone.

Lachie is the type of little boy who brings a smile to me. He is so loving and accepting of others. It’s sad his father and grandparents don’t see what a lovely child he is.

The romance is one that is more PG13 than spicy. That just adds to the charm. The setting in Fiji is also charming and somewhere most people would love to visit.

Book Info:

Publication: April 25, 2023  | Harlequin Romance |

Things are about to heat up for the single mom and her boss when they escape to Fiji together! Find out what happens in the latest Harlequin Romance by Justine Lewis.

From Fijian fling…

to forever?

Single mom Lucy is nervous to be accompanying new boss Marcus on a work trip to Fiji. Having sacrificed so much for her son, she’s determined to seize this career-defining moment— if she can keep her growing attraction to Marcus under control! Marcus has protected himself since a tragic accident tore his family apart. His desire for Lucy is undeniable, but can he offer her little family everything they truly deserve?



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