REVIEW: Good Girl by Christy McKellen

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Good Girl by Christy McKellen: The “V-card” How do you go about making that go away, especially at 26 and when you aren’t sure of yourself?

Juno Darlington-Hume kept asking herself that question. Then she remembered she was a scientist, so why not ask the most talked about gentleman to help her out. The only problem was she wasn’t sure how to go about it so she might have upset the apple cart a bit and set something else into motion.

Alessandro, Sandro, Ricci couldn’t believe he was being asked for his body… was that really all he was good for these days? This project didn’t seem to be going anywhere and it wasn’t like anything else was being productive for him lately. Still, though, would he ever be just Sandro?

After several poorly worded questions and one evening spinning out of control these two end up trying to solve their intimate issues, one with the awareness of the other and the other without any awareness himself. The end results though are like most things fate related – meaning only time will tell.

This is a hard review to write. The potential is there and there are several shining moments in the plot however the overall flow of the story makes it hard to maintain any sort of feeling for either the of the characters or even where they are heading. There is an inability to make any connection to the players, the plot or even the location for the length of the story. That said there are moments and those moments are great, but they are moments.


Book Info:

Publication: March 18th 2019 | Harlequin Dare | Sexy Little Secrets #2

One week of pleasure…with an Italian bad boy!

Academic Juno Darlington-Hume wants a top-quality education – in sexual pleasure! Renowned Italian playboy Alessandro Ricci agrees to show the gorgeous virgin almost everything he knows. From magical Florence to the golden Tuscan countryside, he’s taking her to ever-higher peaks of ecstasy, letting her get closer than any other woman. But he will never take the one thing she truly wants to give him – her heart.



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