REVIEW: Her Wedding Night Surrender by Clare Connelly

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Her Wedding Night Surrender by Clare Connelly tells the sensual romance of a marriage of convenience between a virgin heroine looking to spread her wings and a man who marries as a favor, then finds himself falling in love.

One of Pietro’s best friends, an American senator is dying. Worth billions, Col worries about what will happen to his precious but innocent daughter Emmeline when he passes away. His best bet is to protect her by having her under the wings of Pietro. Accordingly, he’s made an arrangement with Emmeline, that she can go to Italy to study, as she has longed to do, but only if she enters into a marriage of convenience with Pietro. Pietro is willing to do anything for his friend but determined to keep his hands off the lovely Emmeline.

Emmeline will do anything for her father. She doesn’t know about his illness, only that he wants to see that she’s protected while away in Italy. Her mother committed suicide, and she knows the effect this had on both of them, and that he is obsessed with keeping her safe. Pietro and Emmeline have no plans to sleep together, at least not at first. But as they spend time together and learn more about each other, the sexual attraction they feel leads to more. Will they discover that their marriage can be a real one after all?

The title of this story is a little misleading, as the wedding takes place almost right away, and there is no actual ‘wedding night surrender’. But in the weeks following their wedding, the attraction between them becomes overwhelming and leads to several sensual love scenes. Emmeline is a lovely young woman, delighted to finally have freedom from her overprotective father. She’s got some emotional scarring due to a mother who always put herself over her daughter, and used Emmeline’s beauty as a weapon against her. As a result, Emmeline has always tried to make herself less attractive and not call attention to herself. With Pietro, she is able to come out of that shell and gain her self esteem back again.

That Emmeline’s father has cancer and is dying is a secret that encompasses much of the story and as predicted, when it comes out into the open it becomes a source of conflict for Pietro and Emmeline. She feels betrayed by Pietro’s actions, and there are some tense scenes while she comes to terms with what has happened behind her back. Fortunately she finds it in her heart to forgive Pietro and they are able to find their way to a happy ending. It’s an enjoyable and entertaining romance.

Book Info:

Publication: Mar 20, 2018 | Harlequin Presents |

Pietro has strict rules for his marriage…

And he’s breaking every one of them!

Pietro Morelli is breaking his own rule—seducing his virgin bride! Heiress Emmeline is meant to be a wife of convenience, but the intense chemistry between them is more powerful than either can deny. But while Pietro hides a devastating secret, can they ever have more than a marriage in name only?



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