REVIEW: His Majesty’s Forbidden Fling by Susan Meier

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His Majesty’s Forbidden Fling by Susan Meier: King Jozef has been a widower for five years. Although his was an arranged marriage, he had come to love his wife. Even though he is only 45, he is more comfortable being a homebody. His sons, Axel and Liam are concerned that he has not been out in public much for a long while. They are afraid this will cause concern and lack of trust by the citizens of the kingdom of Prosperita.

As a solution to this dilemma, they hire a PR firm to assist in getting their father back out in everyday life. Enter Rowan Gray who works for a large PR firm and hopes to make a name for herself and embark on a business of her own.

Even though King Jozef is a good bit older than Rowan, he is still a very handsome and charming man. She decides she will arrange a few well planned dates for him to reassure everyone and hopefully get him started on a new path.

Jozef is more than a bit resistant at first, but goes along with the plans. The only problem is Rowan is much more enticing and intriguing than the arranged dates. It may be okay to have a short fling with the lovely Rowan, but can it be possible to make her his second wife and his queen?

Both of the main characters are quite engaging and it is easy to root for them. It is easy to see how Jozef has become a recluse. Most of us would prefer to have a quiet, private life and not feel as though we were always on display. Rowan is a brave, smart woman who has let her life goals put romance on the back burner.

The fairy tale location is brought to life by the author’s vibrant descriptions. The age difference can dissolve away when two people are meant to be.

I love that His Majesty’s Forbidden Fling is just book #1 in Scandal At the Palace. I look forward to author Susan Meier sharing another scandal with me soon. You will want to read this novel to keep up.

Book Info:

Publication: July 26, 2022 | Harlequin Romance | Scandal At the Palace #1

Can the king resist…
His temptation?

Widower King Jozef has been a recluse since he lost his wife five years ago. So he’s reluctant at first when Rowan Gray is employed to reform his image. But Rowan makes him feel things he’s never felt before—not even for the convenient wife he came to love. A forbidden fling with the American PR expert is one thing…but can he ever hope to make her his queen?



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