REVIEW: Hold Me Until Morning by A.L. Jackson

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Hold Me Until Morning by A.L. Jackson: When Hailey moved back to the small town that she grew up in, she had hoped that this would be the place to make a happy and safe home for her daughter Maddie, she did not expect her new neighbour to be her old crush Cody. It would seem that all this time apart has not dampened her attraction to Cody, if anything at all the new spark between them only burns hotter, however with a messy divorce and a controlling ex to contend with, the last thing Hailey should be doing is getting involved with the protective and charming Cody.

I love a cute small town romance and that is exactly what we get in Hold Me Until Morning, this book was the perfect combination of he falls first, forced proximity, protective hero and some classic playful banter. While this book is part of a series, it can still be read as a standalone romance, though I have to say once you finish this book you will want to know more about the other characters that are featured. I really enjoyed the extra layers to this book and the twists that were thrown into the story, this was so much more than a single mother, small town romance, there was so much of heart and emotion that Jackson packs into Hailey and Cody’s story.

I just loved out two main characters, these two could not have been more perfect for each other and getting to see them find their way to a happily ever after was just what I needed. While Cody used to wear his playboy badge with pride, there was so much more to our hero and I just loved getting to unravel his character. Gosh once this guy falls, he falls hard. There really wasn’t much that he wasn’t willing to do for Hailey and Maddie. I loved seeing his protective side come out and really being someone that Hailey could rely on. While he might have made his fair share of mistakes while he was younger, Cody has grown up and is more than ready to take on his responsibilities, truly there wasn’t much not to love about our hero.

Now for our leading lady, Hailey, well I have to say I really liked her. Firstly I loved the fact that Hailey is a plus size gal and she is not shy about her body, it was refreshing to read and I loved seeing her confidence grow. Truly Hailey was one of the nicest characters you could get and I loved getting to see her finally find true love and happiness. I have to take a moment to mention the third main character, Maddie, gosh was she just a cutie. I just loved all the moments that she featured in and the way she stole the show, her bond with Cody was perfect but the close connection to her mum is truly what I loved.

I absolutely loved the connection between Hailey and Cody. It was almost as if once these two connected there was no going back they had such a strong connection. While I loved the emotional connection that they formed, these two also really brought the heat! Gosh was there was steamy moments! Though the road to happily ever after was not all that smooth for Cody and Hailey, there were a few bumps along the way and one major twist that had me a bit worried, though everything worked out well in the end.

All in all I really enjoyed reading Hold Me Until Morning, this book is so much more than a small town romance, this book is packed with emotion that will have you clutching your heart right until the end. Definitely worth checking out!

Book Info:

Publication: July 1, 2024 | A.L. Jackson Books Inc | Time River #4

I should have known I’d be playing with fire when I found the sexy as hell woman moving in next door…

It was pouring rain, so I figured the neighborly thing to do would be to lend a hand.

I nearly dropped to my knees when I realized who she was.

Hailey Wagner.

It’s been six years since I’ve seen her, and she’s always been the one person on earth who is off-limits.

My past sins I’ve kept like an ugly secret made sure of that.

Too bad this single mom with soulful eyes still makes my pulse speed the way it did back then, and I soon find our chemistry is just as strong.

When I find her ex threatening her, I insist on staying with Hailey and her little girl until I’m sure they’re safe.

I thought I could handle being under her roof. Only the tension between us strains, and with one forbidden kiss, all restraint is lost. We collide in a lightning bolt of greed, the two of us locked behind her door night after night.

Falling so hard I know there will be no coming back from it.

But being with Hailey exposes the past I’ve been trying to hide, and I’ll do anything to protect her from it. Because if I don’t? We’re both going to pay the consequences…



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