REVIEW: Love Signals by Melanie Summers

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Love Signals by Melanie Summers: Allie is on the brink of making a career defining scientific breakthrough, all she needs is a few more weeks of all nighters and she would have achieved her biggest career milestone along with having the satisfaction of one upping her annoying ex, who also happened to steal her research! Well that is until her boss pulls her from the project and gives her a new task, to mentor Hollywood super star and total hottie, Hudson Finch, for his up coming movie. Regardless of how charming or yummy Hudson smells, Allie is determined to push on with her project. However when the two of them find themselves stuck together for the night in a secluded cabin, Allie is forced to relook at these new feelings that she has been having for Hudson, could the charming Hollywood hottie be the perfect guy for her?

Love Signals is the second book in the Love Struck series by Summers and I have to say I really enjoyed this cute opposites attract romcom. There was such a cute balance between science girl power and a totally dreamy Hollywood hero. There really wasn’t much not to like about this book, the pace was great and easy to follow along with and I just loved the playful banter that followed between these two characters.

Allie was a great leading lady, I loved that she was representing women in STEM and the fact that she was genuinely passionate about her work only made me love her all the more. I really liked her competitive side and that she wanted to prove that she was just as capable as any man. Now for our hero, well Hudson was actually a really charming hero, I loved that he was not the usual cocky and arrogant Hollywood hero. We got to see a softer hero who was starting to age out of his usual roles, trying to find his next avenue. I loved that he was so willing and open to learn from Allie, all while still being totally charming.

I loved the playfulness that they had going and the easy banter that followed between them. Though I have to say the thing I loved the most about this couple was the fact that they made each other feel safe, I really liked the way Allie made it a point to help Hudson feel comfortable and confident within himself once she learned about his dyslexia and the fact that he has been hiding it for all these years. Aside from understanding each other and have a really mature connection, I also loved all the mischief that they get up to and the less than perfect dates that they share. While their relationship might have seem to move a bit fast, I found that it worked in this book. I loved how easy it was to root them on and how realistic their issues were. Now I was not a huge fan of the third act break up but I did love the fact that Hudson was so will to grovel to gain Allie back. I absolutely loved the fact that he was even willing to have to face her entire family to win her back and really winning over a bunch of loud Italians is no easy feat.

I really enjoyed reading this cute and funny opposites attract romcom, Love Signals is a must read!

Book Info:

Publication: May 22, 2024 | Indigo Group | Love Struck #2

Allie Cammareri is about to get her revenge. It’s been twelve years coming, but she’s finally going to defeat the ex who stole her research then dumped her.

She’s in a race against him to finish the same big project, and there can only be one winner. All she needs is a few more weeks of working around the clock, and victory will be hers.

So when her boss announces she’s being pulled off the project to mentor a Hollywood A-lister who’s preparing for an upcoming movie role, Allie is devastated. She doesn’t care that it’s People’s Sexiest Man, Hudson Finch.

Allie refuses to let him get in her way, even if Hudson is the most distracting (and delicious-smelling) man on the planet. But between the close confines of her tiny office and a night stranded together in a secluded mountain cabin, her feelings for Hudson turn into something she never could’ve predicted.

She may be falling hard for him, but can Allie really find her happily ever after in his muscley arms?



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    I’ve been looking forward to this one for awhile! Thanks so much for your review!