REVIEW: Love Unwritten by Lauren Asher

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Love Unwritten by Lauren Asher: Ellie has always been a romantic at heart, which made song writing come naturally to her, however when her dreams of becoming a songwriter get crushed in the most painful way possible, she heads back home to Wisteria Lake to work as a music teacher. This is where she meets Nico and his total hottie father Rafael. Well it really isn’t the first time that Ellie is meeting Rafa, after all they when to high school together and Ellie had a huge crush on him… hopefully that crush stays in the past seeing as Rafa has asked Ellie to become his son’s nanny and music teacher. However something changes when they wind up going on holiday together to Hawaii. With old feelings resurfacing and a new attraction building Ellie has to keep reminding herself that Rafa is her boss and the broody single dad doesn’t even believe in love anymore…

I loved this book just as much as I loved the first book in this series, if not more, there is just something about Asher’s writing style that hooks me in every time. Love Unwritten was a beautiful and moving love story that truly packs a punch in the emotional department. I absolutely love reading a grumpy single dad falls for the cute happy nanny trope and this book well and truly delivers on this.

I just adored Ellie, she was one of the most sweet and understanding characters that I have come across. The compassion and patience that she showed throughout this book only made me love her character all the more. Truly no one deserved a happily ever after as much as Ellie and I’m so glad that her story played out the way it did with Nico and Rafa. My heart broke for her as we got to know her past, but the strength and courage that it took her to change her own life was testament to what a strong woman she really is. Now for our hero, well Rafa now he took me a bit to warm up to, but once I did warm to our hero, I truly couldn’t help but love the guy. While he was so closed off and guarded, there was still a part of him that you could see deep down wanted love again. Though I have to say there were more than a few moment that I wanted to just hit him over the head for hurting Ellie. One thing I will say is that Rafa loved his son unconditionally, his undivided affection and devotion to Nico was just something else. I loved all the Nico and Rafa moments throughout this book. Though as Ellie says Rafa has more baggage then even Heathrow Airport.

Good gosh did these two take us on an emotional rollercoaster. While they had the perfect chemistry and the attraction was never a problem, these two were just an up and down seesaw. Just as things are starting to look up, Rafa will go and mess things up by allowing his insecurities to come in the way and demolish all that he and Ellie had built. Now this was a bit frustrating and I have no idea how Ellie could forgive him so many times but it ultimately built up their relationship and gave it a sense of realness. I think the only thing I would have wanted more from this book would have been a bit more growth or rather a faster self realisation for Rafa, had he gotten over his own fears faster, I think their love story would have been more seamless and painless.

Now aside from Ellie and Rafa, the next most important character in this book would have to be Nico. Gosh did I just love this guy to bits, I think I would go as far as to say that he was my favourite in this book. For a nine year old his kid is wise beyond his years and has had to deal with far more than any kid his age should have to. Though he powers through all of this and take his diagnosis in his stride and tries to live his best life with what cards he has been dealt. I loved his relationship with Ellie, these two just clicked and I absolutely loved seeing them bond over music and really just all the small moments. I will say Rafa could have learned a thing or two from his son on how to maturely handle emotions.

All in all, I really enjoyed reading Love Unwritten, this book packs an emotional punch but it also leaves you more thankful for what you have in life. I will say this was a long read but it was worth it.

Book Info:

Publication: June 18, 2024 | Bloom Books | Lakefront Billionaires #2

Ellie Sinclair is a hopeless romantic who writes love songs.
I’m a struggling workaholic who could inspire a hundred breakup albums.
On paper, we have nothing in common except for my son.
For eight months, I avoid her until our summer trip.
Fourteen days. Two islands. And one nanny I shouldn’t be attracted to.
Spending time with Ellie is expected, but enjoying her company?
That isn’t part of our travel plans.
After my divorce, I swore to protect my heart at all costs.
Even if it means breaking hers in the process.
What’s worse than working for a grumpy single dad?
Admitting that I once had a secret crush on him in high school.
Thankfully, Rafael Lopez and I have changed since we graduated from Wisteria High.
He is a billionaire with a company to run and a child to take care of.
I’m an unemployed songwriter he hired to watch his son and teach music.
We coexist without any issues until a vacation changes everything.
Lines blur and old feelings for Rafael return with vengeance as I face a new dilemma.
Being his son’s nanny is one thing, but wishing for more?
Sounds like a heartbreak song waiting to be written.



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