REVIEW: My Lucky Charm by Courtney Walsh

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In My Lucky Charm by Courtney Walsh, One of the most impulsive things Eloise Hart has ever done is kiss a total stranger on New Year’s Eve to make her smarmy ex jealous. And what a kiss. Something she won’t soon forget. But as she gets an offer to become the assistant to a cranky hockey player just traded to the Chicago Comets, Eloise wishes she *could* forget that kiss. Because the man she has to wrangle into being less curmudgeonly and more polite with people? Yeah, he’s her New Year’s Guy. Knowing she really, really needs to ace this job, Eloise sets out to put the past behind her and get Gray whipped into shape to meet his fans and start winning games. But it’s not so easy to deny their attraction. Or to get him to open up. And pretty soon, Eloise begins to figure out why Gray has become the man he is today. One she is starting to realize she might not be able to live without.

‘I hear shouts of “Happy New Year” as the world goes to slow motion and this man, this beautiful stranger, takes my face in his hands and kisses me without an ounce of hesitation. But he doesn’t just kiss me. He *kisses* me.’

Grayson “Gray” Hawke wasn’t impressed to be traded to Chicago after building his life in Philly. But knowing it’s part of being a hockey player, he buckles down, solely focusing on the game. Sad thing is all the routines and tricks he used back home doesn’t get him the same results on the ice now. Then in walks Eloise. His new assistant. A distraction, for sure, with her cute rambling conversations and even cuter mannerisms. Something Gray doesn’t need in his life. But try as he might, Eloise works her way under his defenses and eventually into his heart.

‘In a different world I could see us being friends. I think I kind of like her. And I don’t like anybody.’

A feel good, grumpy/sunshine hockey romance that will warm your heart and make you smile, MY LUCKY CHARM is a perfect example of why I adore Courtney Walsh’s writing.

‘If the world lost power, all it would need is Eloise. She’s like a bright light all on her own.’

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Some books are simply a pleasure to read, start to finish. MY LUCKY CHARM is definitely one of those–something I should have expected since it was written by Courtney Walsh. I loved that you could tell she thoroughly enjoyed crafting this story–and the characters. There was joy written into almost every interaction as well as a ton of loving care in the way she handled Gray’s and Eloise’s personal struggles. One of the things I enjoyed most, though, was their quick banter. That instant chemistry they had and the difference in their personalities–Gray was broody, spoke in grunts and monosyllabic words while Eloise was bubbly and talked nonstop–led to some funny, super entertaining conversations. (And sparks aplenty!)

Speaking of Gray’s broodiness, he was a hero who surprised me in a good way. There were hidden depths to the hockey star that made him even more sigh-worthy than at first glance–which is saying something, because…*sigh* There was most certainly a reason Gray was hyper focused on his career. And why he was unhappy to have been traded to the Chicago Comets. Leave it to people person and extremely perceptive Eloise to figure him out rather quickly. It was wonderful to see how she cared for Gray, trying to help him keep to his routines while still gently pushing him to open up to his new team as well as to being in Chicago.

Eloise was such a riot. I *adored* her spunk, how deeply she loved, as well as how desperately she wanted to excel as Gray’s assistant while fighting her growing feelings for him. She’d been burned before. Badly. Numerous times. But it seemed like somehow Eloise knew if she could bring Gray out of his protective shell–and it didn’t interfere with their jobs–they could have a shot at something genuine and real. And by the sweet ending, oh boy, did they ever get that HEA.

QOTD: Do you enjoy lively banter in romances? Or more thoughtful conversations? (Or both?)

Book Info:

Publication: Published: February 23rd, 2024 |Sweethaven Press | Holidays with Hart #2

A humiliating break-up leads to an impulsive New Year’s Kiss with a complete stranger.
What could possibly go wrong?

It’s no secret that I love life. And Dr Pepper. But also, I love a challenge. . .

So when the coach of the Chicago Comets gives me the opportunity to help their star player, newly traded to their team, acclimate to life in Chicago, I’m all in.

I have to be. After my last job went up in flames, I have something to prove.

It turns out that the player, Grayson Hawke, is the rudest, most off-putting, reclusive guy I’ve ever met.

It also turns out that he is the beautiful stranger I kissed on New Year’s Eve.

I can do this job. I can do this job. I can do this job.

And I can. Really well.

I can make Gray’s life easier, show him all the reasons to fall in love with this city, and in the process, hopefully completely forget that the amazing kiss ever happened.

How hard can it be? We’re total opposites anyway.

I love people . . . and all their stories. Gray loves hockey . . . and nothing else.

I love to talk. Gray only stares.

I’m happy-go-lucky. Gray’s all work and no play.

There’s just one problem. The more time I spend with Grayson Hawke, the more I start to see that underneath his bristly, standoffish exterior, he’s nothing like the man everyone thinks he is.

And suddenly, all the reasons for keeping my distance, staying professional, and not falling for someone again. . . are impossible to remember. My Lucky Charm is a grumpy/sunshine, sweet hockey romance with all of the sizzle but none of the steam. It’s the second in the Holidays with Hart series, but My Lucky Charm can be read as a standalone.



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  1. Amy R

    QOTD: Do you enjoy lively banter in romances? Or more thoughtful conversations? (Or both?) Depending on the storyline but I like both
    Thank you

  2. Glenda M

    This sounds like a fun book! I like both types of conversations in books I read. Thanks so much for the review!