REVIEW: Ready for the Rancher by Zuri Day

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Ready for the Rancher by Zuri Day is a sexy, Las Vegas set romance for a cowboy and the woman who captures his heart.

Ryan Washington isn’t sure what her brother Dennis is up to when she agrees to meet him for lunch, but she’s a little bit suspicious. After all, her brother often has ulterior motives. Finding out she’s meeting an old friend of his at the same time so she can be eye candy while he tries to finagle a new job makes her ill at ease, but she still goes.

When she meets Adam Breedlove, things take an interesting turn. He’s incredibly handsome and charming, and their mutual attraction is instantaneous. When Adam wants to see Ryan again, it’s the start of a sweet and sexy affair. But when her brother’s hidden agenda comes to light, will it ruin their chance at a real relationship?

I enjoyed this story that has a fair amount of intrigue and family drama amid the romance between Adam and Ryan. They are a bit of an unlikely pair in that Ryan is a vegetarian and Adam is in the cow breeding and processing plant business (among other numerous Breedlove family enterprises). I’m not sure that in real life they would have been a compatible couple as I doubt someone with Ryan’s beliefs would have been happy with a man who makes his living killing animals for food. But this is fictional so I’ll accept it, with some reservations. On the plus side, I really like Ryan as a heroine, and how she was finally able to pursue a career of her choice in naturopathy despite her family’s objections.

What was more interesting to me was Ryan’s brother Dennis and what he was up to. There are some secrets about previous work that come to light, but with Adam having hired Dennis, Ryan is hesitant to ruin the start of her brother’s new job. Eventually things get worse and she’s torn between loyalty to her new boyfriend and her family. That’s the main source of conflict in the story and gives them some ups and downs before they get their happy ending. The author does a great job of keeping the reader interested in what will happen to their relationship as a result of these issues. Other family members play key roles in the story too, and I enjoyed some cameo appearances by other Breedlove family members. It’s an interesting and entertaining Sin City Secrets series romance (and what a great cover!) and I look forward to more from this author.

Book Info:

Publication: Oct 01, 2019 | Harlequin Desire | Sin City Secrets #2

She means business… until pleasure interferes.

What could go wrong with their no-strings arrangement?

Wealthy rancher Adam Breedlove won’t compromise his professional plans for anyone. But when a chance encounter leads to Ryan Washington’s bed, their chemistry spells trouble. She’s headstrong, seductive, stands for everything Adam’s against. And she’s his business partner’s sister—a partner with ulterior motives. Is Ryan’s heady passion a fun fling, something more serious…or cover for her brother to destroy the company?



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