REVIEW: Royally Hung by Anne Marsh

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Royally Hung by Anne Marsh: Dare is the middle brother and he happily lives his life of parties, women, and excess. He’s the spare and he’s more than happy to not shoulder the responsibility of one day being king. He’s oh so sexy and he very much knows it. He doesn’t do commitment or relationships. He’s fiercely loyal to his brothers and his uncle.

Edee is a delightfully sassy and independent photographer. She prefers to photograph pets over people, but a job is a job and she needs the money. She’s a modern day Cinderella with the wicked stepmother and stepsisters to boot. She doesn’t care for money or trappings of wealth and she’s yet to find a man who will actually stay.

Dare hardly does what is expected of him, but running off to Vegas and marrying a stranger is a bit much, even for him, when he’s told to pick a bride and get married. Edee is hardly the type of woman he’s used to since she doesn’t really care for his money or what he can buy her. She speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to say no to her prince.

She squeezes her eyes shut tight. Briefly. “What’s the penalty for regicide?”
“You don’t want to kill me.” If I move any closer, my lips would be touching her cheek.
She nods her head enthusiastically. “I do. I really, really do.”

Both were knocked sideways by their immediate chemistry. They very much enjoy that side of their marriage, but living together is something else. They enjoy hanging out and getting to know each other in their isolated bubble. They just fit, but they made a deal and Dare can only stall and hide from his responsibilities for so long.

“Let’s act married,” I suggest.
Edee gazes out the window at the helicopter. “I think I’d prefer to have a real life, thank you.”
“Too late.”

Royally Hung is entertaining and hot hot hot! Anne Marsh created a fun modern-day Cinderella story with lots of banter. Ms. Marsh provided a diverse cast of characters and I’m hoping there will be books for both of Dare’s brothers. Fans of Tracy Wolff and Erika Kelly will enjoy Royally Hung.

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Publication: Expected publication: May 22nd 2018 | InterMix |

Fairy tales always have a Prince Charming and a bad guy. In real life, Prince Charming is the bad guy and his favorite happy ending is the big O.

I’m Prince Dare but you can call me Prince Charming. Cinderella never wanted the prince–she wanted a night out, a banging dress, and some midnight fun. I deliver that. I make being bad look way more fun than being good, and no one leaves my royal bed without a happy ending.

When my uncle, the reigning king of Vale, orders me to marry and offers to make me the heir to the throne, I’m thrown for a loop. I’m the spare, the extra, the free gift with purchase. I can’t be the hero and I won’t be the villain who knocks his brother off the throne, so I’ve come up with an evil plan of my own…

I’ll marry someone completely unsuitable to take myself out of the running. The only problem? My suitably unroyal bride is far too tempting to resist–Edee is funny, sweet, and sexy. And best of all, she’s American. It’s a great plan. Everything’s working out just fine until reality starts to intrude on my fantasy and for the first time ever, I wish fairy tales did come true.



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