REVIEW: Second Chance For the Village Nurse by Louisa Heaton

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Second Chance For the Village Nurse by Louisa Heaton: Hannah wants to leave behind her humiliation of being left by her fiancé on their wedding day. She decides to apply at a village medical practice. She is an advanced nurse practitioner and feels she has the skills needed for the job. She does get hired and meets Dr. Zach Fletcher. He’s quite handsome, so she has to remind herself to stay professional at all times.
Hannah has her own office and stays very busy right from the start. Often she ends up consulting or working with Zach.

Hannah is amazed when Zach confides in her that he has been through a huge loss and wants to finally get back to dating. Since they are comfortable with each other, he suggests they go on dates that are for practice. How will that work out for the two of them?

I loved Hannah. She had been through so much, especially the loss of part of a leg from an accident. She didn’t become bitter or angry. She went on with her life. That her fiancé left her at the altar because he couldn’t accept her the way she was horrible. Even though that made her afraid of being too close to others, she still was able to be compassionate and skilled at her job.

Zach was an admirable character also. He had suffered and still was able to do his job well. His ability to accept Hannah just as she was is truly heartwarming.

This is the second novel in a duo by talented author Louisa Heaton. it’s probably best to read them in order to get the full flavor of the setting and character. I applaud Ms. Heaton for her using a female protagonist who has had challenges after an accident that was certainly not her fault. We all deserve our HEA despite want life throws at us. I have enjoyed books in the past by this author and will continue to look for her future works. As always, I learned new terms and new understanding through well written fiction.

Book Info:

Publication: May 23, 2023 | Harlequin Medical Romance | Greenback Village GPs

In the latest Greenbeck Village GPs story, what will happen when fake dates between the new nurse and her boss start to become all too real? Find out in the latest Harlequin Medical Romance by Louisa Heaton.

Greenbeck Village
Fake dating to forever?

Both cautious nurse Hannah and gorgeous GP Zach want to overcome past heartbreak. But Hannah is floored when Zach suggests they “practice” going on dates…together! His encouraging Hannah out of her comfort zone brings them closer, but when the pretend dates start to feel real, the lines become blurred… Now Zach believes Hannah might be the second chance he’s been looking for—but is she ready to admit the same?

From Harlequin Life and love in the world of modern medicine.

Greenbeck Village GPs

Book 1: The Brooding Doc and the Single Mom
Book 2: Second Chance for the Village Nurse



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