REVIEW: Snowbound Targets by Karen Whiddon

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Snowbound Targets by Karen Whiddon is an exciting romantic suspense story set in Colorado, with a war weary photographer and a woman suffering from amnesia discovering a common connection while looking for answers under a very real threat to their lives.

Jason Sheffield is happy to be home from his latest assignment in war torn Afghanistan. Narrowly escaping a hotel bombing himself, he’d captured image of the events of that day before coming home to his family cabin in snow covered Colorado. But someone has gotten there ahead of him. A woman, covered in bruises and suffering from amnesia is inside, with no knowledge of who she is, or how she got there.

‘Lucy’ as they decide to call her, is grateful that Jason hasn’t thrown her out and is willing to help her find out who she is. It soon becomes clear that someone is out to get them – but they don’t know who is the real target. Can solving the mystery of Lucy’s past together lead to a new future for them, together? Or will their search for answers be cut short?

I haven’t read this author before but I’m very glad I picked this one up! The set up is tense from the start, with Jason discovering Lucy in his out of the way cabin, and the knowledge that someone who knows where he hides his key must have brought her there. At first, their pasts seem unrelated, but as clues get uncovered, it becomes clear that Jason’s work in Afghanistan is a key to unlocking the mystery.

I loved how the story unfolded, the author making good use of the tension to also develop a closeness between Jason and Lucy as they try to find answers. This is especially true when their lives are threatened by an intruder on Jason’s property, and when they are snowed in during a blizzard. There are some solid action scenes as they try to protect themselves from danger, and the links to Afghanistan make for a timely and sobering plot.

Lucy’s memories return in bits and pieces as the story progresses. I confess I did not see where it was headed so there were plenty of surprises I did not expect! The author also develops the romance between Lucy and Jason at a good pace, their connection leading to some sexy scenes. It’s an exciting and page turning romance with a well deserved happy ending and I’ll be looking to read more from this author in the future!


Book Info:

Publication: Apr 01, 2020 | Harlequin Romantic Suspense |

Stranded in the wilderness,

one of them could be a target

Returning to his remote mountain cabin, Jason Sheffield finds a beautiful woman with total amnesia…and wicked martial arts skills. A blizzard soon deepens their enforced closeness. Though hardened by his time in war zones, photojournalist Jason finds himself opening up to “Lucy.” But before he can help Lucy figure out her identity, a would-be assassin strikes. Is he after Lucy? Or has Jason’s latest assignment marked him for death?



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