REVIEW: Testing the Limits by Kira Sinclair

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Testing the Limits by Kira Sinclair is another one of the many books from the Uniformly Hot series. Along with romance, passion and love, this story contains some suspense, which is a slight deviation from the typical Blaze imprint.

KiraSocial worker Quinn Keller does her very best to help those in need. She has a huge heart and caseload, and to those lives she touches, she will never be forgotten. When her parents perished in a car accident when she was just a child, she went to live with her grandmother. She lost her fiance Michael to kidney failure about two years ago, and has immersed herself in her work ever since. Finally somewhat settled, her life spirals out of control once again, when she rescues the wife of a corrupt businessman and refuses to tell him of her whereabouts. Lucky for Quinn, her almost brother-in-law and former Army Ranger Jace, is around to protect her from potential harm.

Jace donated his kidney to save his brother, and to this day, blames himself for Michael’s death. So safeguarding Quinn, is the least he can do. Jace is built, tattooed and sexy. When he walks into a room, he is certainly noticed by the ladies. Jace only wants one woman in his life and his bed, which happens to be Quinn. Quinn feels the same way and when they finally give in to their passion, sparks ignite. However, the guilt they both feel is all encompassing.

I liked the story and the characters. The author devotes a lot time to the individual and internal feelings of both Quinn and Jace, which I found to be very repetitive and lacking growth. Character and plot development are important, but so is the interaction between the couple, which I needed more of. Quinn and Jace create some heat, but I never really connected to them as a couple. Overall, a medium-paced read with an interesting plot.

Book Info:

03.5SPublished May 20th 2014 by Harlequin Blaze Series #800

Wanting him was wrong, but it felt so right…

Social worker Quinn Keller sees the best in people…and the worst. When she rescues a prominent businessman’s battered wife, Quinn is targeted by the woman’s violent husband. Her only option is to place her safety in the hands of Ranger Jace Hyland—tattooed, scarred, incredibly hot…and the brother of Quinn’s deceased fiancé. An entirely different kind of dangerous!

Quinn is the woman Jace has always wanted—and she’s strictly hands-off. But keeping her safe means taking her to his small apartment…and his bed. So for one unforgettable night, Jace will give in to the temptation he can no longer resist. One night of forbidden hunger. One night he prays will be enough to satisfy a lifetime of longing….



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  1. orchid7

    Lol… What is up with that cover? The placement is terrible. It ‘s like even he doesn’t want to see the badly photoshopped tattooed wings on his back.

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