REVIEW: The Baby Swap That Bound Them by Hana Sheik

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The Baby Swap That Bound Them by Hana Sheik : Yusra gave birth to a son after a difficult labor. She was on her own once her husband left her. He wanted nothing to do with the baby. Yusra works hard to make a decent life for her son.

After being on her own for three years, Yusra is more than a little shocked when billionaire Bashir shows up and tells her baby was swapped at birth. He is raising a boy after a tragedy. Yusra certainly doesn’t want to give up AJ who is her everything. When she meets Zaire she feels a strong connection to the little boy. Bashir proposes a marriage of convenience with Yusra so the boys can be raised together. Yusra is a bit hesitant, but decides that she can be with both boys that way.

Yusra and Bashir don’t know much about each other. They both slowly reveal their pasts. Bashir’s is much more troubled. He survived deadly circumstances as he became a refugee. He worked extremely hard and became wealthy. The past still haunts him and he has built a wall around himself. He’s afraid if he gets too close to anyone he will lose them. Yusra is afraid to care too much for anyone after she was abandoned by her ex-husband.

I was very impressed by this book. There was a slow burn of a love story. Much more than that the author gave readers a glimpse into a different culture. I had never read a romance with Muslim characters before. It was enlightening to learn more about customs and parts of Africa. As always, I loved the food described.

I hope author Hana Sheik will give us readers more novels that expand our horizons and uplift.

Book Info:

Publication: June 27, 2023 | Harlequin Romance |

When a shocking proposition comes from a handsome billionaire, will this single mom say yes and unite their families forever? Find out in the latest Harlequin Romance by Hana Sheik.

A shocking revelation…
and proposal?

Struggling single mother Yusra is shocked when handsome billionaire Bashir turns up, claiming their children were swapped at birth! She’s fiercely protective of her son, AJ, and refuses to give him up. But when she meets little Zaire, she can’t deny the connection she feels. For their sons’ sakes Bashir makes a proposition: marry and move in together! They expected to fall in love with their sons, but falling for each other…?



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