REVIEW: Wyatt’s Stand by Kaylea Cross

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In Wyatt’s Stand (Colebrook Siblings Trilogy #2) by Kaylea Cross, wyatts-standI got everything I love in a romantic suspense!! A military hero, a dog, a strong heroine, and an edgy suspenseful plot that kept me guessing. Austen and Wyatt sucked me right into their story and kept me there!

I really liked both of these main characters. Kaylea’s writing brought them to life and made them feel real. Austen and Wyatt might have started out on the wrong foot, but they are both mature enough to move on from that, and I enjoyed watching their relationship grow and change. I loved that there as no angst and that they both had significant life experiences that have brought them to where they are today as they both try to move on from the past. This journey they are on is not an easy one, but slowly they begin to lean on each other and find strength together. Things heat up not only between Austen and Wyatt, but with a suspenseful edge as danger stalks them. I really liked this part of the plot…it worked perfectly with Austen and Wyatt’s story. The tension and unknown this creates adds a whole other dynamic to the plot. I was kept guessing right until the climatic ending about how things would be between Austen and Wyatt, who was stalking and why, and how dangerous was this person?

I could feel the connection between Austen and Wyatt, and I felt so much for both of these characters as the story progressed. With smooth flowing and descriptive writing, I became more and more immersed in Wyatt’s Stand. Wyatt’s family are very strong secondary characters and I loved seeing them again. They are a significant, relevant part of Wyatt’s Stand. A special dog also stole my heart and made my heart ache just as much as Austen and Wyatt did.

Wyatt’s Stand filled me with emotion, and the blend of romance and suspense was perfect. I could not put it down! Part of Kaylea Cross’s Colebrook Siblings Trilogy, Wyatt’s Stand can be read as a stand alone, but I highly recommend the first book in this series also! (Brody’s Vow) I’d highly recommend Wyatt’s Stand to any romantic suspense reader! I can’t wait for the next book in this series!


Book Info:

05SPublished: August 2016 by Kaylea Cross Inc | Colebrook Siblings Trilogy #2

A wounded warrior in need of healing.
The cost of war was high for Wyatt Colebrook, scarring him inside and out. Since coming home to Sugar Hollow to figure out what his new normal looks like, he’s retreated into himself, just going through the motions of living. Since losing his lower leg and an eye, he doesn’t feel whole anymore, and every day he battles with the inner demons he brought back with him. The only things keeping him going are family, stubbornness, and the chance to buy the one property that will allow him to begin to heal again. When that dream is suddenly stolen from him, it leads to a confrontation with the new owner that will change his life forever.

A woman strong enough to win his heart.
After suffering a painful loss of her own, Austen Sloan left everything from her old life behind to start a new one in Sugar Hollow. When she finds the house of her dreams in a run-down Victorian in desperate need of love, the last thing she expects is to have a run-in with a disgruntled wounded combat veteran who soon steals her heart. But danger lurks in the shadows, stalking ever nearer. To hold on to Austen and the chance for a future together, Wyatt must make a stand against a deadly enemy. He’ll protect her with everything he has, or die trying.




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