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Today it is my pleasure to Welcome author Connie Mann to HJ!

Hi Connie and welcome to HJ! We’re so excited to chat with you about your new release, Beyond Power!


Please summarize the book for the readers here:

Josh Tanner, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission Officer and pilot, is one of the good guys. Nicknamed Hollywood, there’s a tough cop under his easygoing demeanor, and all his protective instincts go on high alert when he discovers the sexy researcher he’s been flirting with is connected to a suspicious death.

Delilah Atwood never planned to come back after she escaped her ultra-fundamental militia family years ago. But she’ll risk everything to save her sixteen-year-old sister, and no government man is going to stop her. But if she doesn’t learn to trust Josh, she and her sister might not be able to escape – or survive.

Please share your favorite quote from the book:

I love this moment when Delilah faces an important truth about Josh and about why she’s been keeping him at arm’s length, afraid to trust him.

“This man was far more dangerous than she’d ever imagined. And it wasn’t because of his uniform. He made her feel things she’d never felt before, and she had no idea what to do about that.”


Please share a few Fun facts about this book…

  • We have wild Rhesus Macaque monkeys in this part of Florida, and I included them in the storyline.
  • Alligators are plentiful in this part of the state, but they are naturally afraid of people – UNTIL you start feeding them. That’s why it’s against Florida law to feed a wild gator.
  • There are bears in this part of Florida.


If you could have given your characters one piece of advice before the opening pages of the book, what would it be and why?

I would tell Delilah to trust herself and her instincts. To quit waiting for permission to be herself, and be proud of who she is and all she’s accomplished. That is often so hard for women. We sell ourselves and our accomplishments short so much of the time. I would also tell her it’s okay to ask for help when you need it. Also often hard for women to do.


What do you want people to take away from reading this book?

I want readers to be reminded that our past and the things that have hurt us don’t have to define us. It takes courage and trust, and sometimes a few missteps, but we can start again and make a new beginning. Everyone deserves a second chance, especially when it comes to love


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Giveaway: A paperback copy of Beyond Power by Connie Mann


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Excerpt from Beyond Power:

Delilah stood off to the side and let the conversations in the office swirl around her. By the time Hunter and Pete reached her and Josh, all three men were in full-on cop mode. Gone were the friendly, fun-loving guys who’d been joking and laughing all morning. In their place were focused, questioning officers of the law. Fish had also gone straight into cop mode, but on her, it didn’t sit quite as tightly. It was such a dramatic change, Delilah was having trouble figuring out which were the real people. But as she watched them interviewing staff, talking on cell phones, demanding answers, she realized they were two sides of the same coin. She couldn’t let herself forget that.
Sometime later, Josh walked over. “I think we’re about done here. I’ll have you ride with me, and Charlee will follow us in your truck.”
“That’s not necessary. You guys are heading back to the quarry once you drop me off, correct? To find the cave the flash came from.”
His jaw hardened. “This was no accident. We need to figure out what happened. That means police work, no civilians.”
Delilah straightened, irritated by his sudden distance and frosty tone. “I understand that. But I was the one who fell in the water.” She cocked her head and watched his expression. “Aren’t you worried for my safety?”
He froze as though she’d slapped him and stepped close, hands clenched, his green eyes blazing fire. “I am nothing but concerned for your safety. Which is why I’m trying to figure out who tried to kill you today.” When heads turned in their direction, he lowered his voice. “Work with me, Delilah. Not against me.”
His words reduced more of the bricks protecting her heart to rubble. It was a good thing she was leaving soon, or she could totally fall in love with this guy. Had any man ever looked at her like he did? Like she was precious and important and deserved protection? It made her want to toss responsibility aside and curl up in his arms for a good long while. But she couldn’t lose focus. Not with Mary still trapped. “Take me with you. Once you’ve collected evidence, I need to look around. Please.” Before he could say no, she added, “Otherwise, I’ll just come back on my own later.”
He shook his head in disbelief, blew out a breath, and then turned back toward her. “Fine. But you stay in the truck until I tell you.”
She wanted to grin in triumph but understood the fine line he was walking by taking her along. “Thank you.”
One side of his mouth tilted up in a grin. “Tread lightly, Miss Atwood. I don’t want to have to arrest you for interfering in an FWC investigation.”
She sent back a saucy smile. “Then don’t try to shut me out, Officer Tanner.” She raised her chin and marched out ahead of him.
Josh shook his head at her audacity. She was accusing him of shutting her out? The woman had chutzpah, he’d give her that. He admired her tenacity, even as he cursed her stubbornness. But he also understood.

Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

Book Info:

If you dare venture beyond Disney’s magic and Miami’s high-rises, you’ll find yourself in Florida’s untamed wilderness…

When your heart’s involved…
A bush pilot and officer for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Josh Tanner is one of the tough cops needed to manage the rugged areas of Florida. And the minute he finds Delilah Atwood deep in the woods without a good explanation, he knows something is very wrong…

All the stakes are raised…
Delilah barely escaped her ultra-fundamental militia family years ago. Now she’s back to save her sixteen-year-old sister, and no government man is going to stop her. Josh isn’t going to stand by and watch Delilah risk her life, but unless he can get her to trust him, she may end up being the militia’s next victim.

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Meet the Author:

CONNIE MANN is a licensed boat captain. When she’s not dreaming up plotlines, you’ll find “Captain Connie” on the waterways, introducing boatloads of schoolchildren to their first alligator. She and her husband live in central Florida just a stone’s throw from Ocala National Forest.

Author Website:

37 Responses to “Spotlight & Giveaway: Beyond Power by Connie Mann”

  1. Lilah Chavez

    I think so.
    Like I won’t read westerns, or Amish themed Romance.
    I just can’t get into them.

  2. Mary Preston

    No, I’m not influenced by the setting. Happy to read around the world or locally.

  3. janinecatmom

    It’s not a big factor, but if it’s set in a place I have been or familiar with, I do tend to enjoy them more because I can relate to the location better.

  4. Natalija

    I do find some settings less appealing simply because it means that there might be new or uncommon words/phrases/names… used that are typical for that place but new to me. Some locations require more googling than others 🙂

  5. Diana Hardt

    Yes, sometimes but it depends on the story and the blurb or description of a book.

  6. Glenda M

    Sometime it does both in a positive and negative way – but it can be very random about when that care about location kicks in.

  7. dbranigan

    The setting (and time period) often influences my choices for historical fiction. For other genres,not so much.

  8. Lori R

    The cover showing the setting might. I tend to be pulled into beach, mountain,or lake scenes.

  9. Karina Angeles

    No. I buy a book based on cover art. I love for there to be a shirtless hero or a couple in an embrace.

  10. Patricia Bennett Barber

    Love book with Florida in them!!! ( I live in Florida )

  11. Anna Nguyen

    not really. i will read a book set anywhere as long as i like the blurb.

  12. Kay Garrett

    Some times it does. If my Dad’s orders hadn’t been cut short, I would have been born in Alaska. It’s some place I would love to go to, but doubt I’ll ever get to. Which means I’m attracted to stories set in Alaska. If it’s a place I would love to travel to or heard interesting things about, it gives me a chance to “visit” through reading a story set there.
    2clowns at arkansas dot net

  13. Jana leah

    No. While I love a great setting, it’s the plot of the story that determines whether or not I’ll read a book.

  14. joab4424

    Yes, it does. I like small town and rustic settings. But the story has to be romantic suspense or comedy for me to even consider it. Having said that, if it takes place in a busy down-town area, it’s not for me.

  15. BookLady

    I enjoy reading books in a variety of settings. The setting really doesn’t influence my book buying.

  16. Patricia B.

    Only if the setting affects the progression of the story. I think the setting has a “personality” of its own and convey much about the story.