The Notorious Wolfes Series

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“The Notorious Wolfes” is the BEST multi author Harlequin Presents series I have read. Period!
Sarah Morgan hooked me in from book one “A Night of Sandal” and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the rest of the books in this series. The stories were spellbounding and flowed seamlessly from one book to another; all the characters in this series had a lot of depth and were very well written.

I applaud Sarah Morgan, Caitlin Crews, Abby Green, Robyn Grady, Lynn Raye Harris, Janette Kenny, Jennie Lucas for writing such a brilliant series and especially Kate Hewitt for tying everything together brilliantly at the end.

 If you are looking to read a series that has all the elements of a Presents novel – Scandal, flawed characters, drama, tension, angst, redemption, great romances then look no further than the “The Natorious Wolfes” series.
Eight siblings, blessed with wealth, but denied the one thing they wanted – a father’s love. Haunted by their past and driven to succeed, the Wolfes scattered to the far corners of the globe. It’s said that even the blackest of souls can be healed by the purest of love…

The list of books in this series and my Ratings: 

  1. A Night of Scandal by Sarah Morgan (Nathaniel) – Sarah Morgan never disappoints and this was another brilliantly written winner “6 stars”
  2. The Disgraced Playboy by Catlin Crews (Lucas) – Lucas was irresistible, overly conceited and beautifully flawed; great banter between H & H, great book overall. 5.5 stars”

  3. The Stolen Bride by Abby Green (Sebastain)– An enjoyable read with a Bollywood Link. – “5 stars

  4. The Fearless Maverick by Robyn Brady (Alex) – A story about loss and hope, A good read. “4.5 stars”

  5. The Man with the Money by Lynn Raye Harris (Jack) – An exciting fast paced read, Sexy Sauvé Jack made my toes Curl – “5.5 stars”

  6. The trophy Wife by Janette Kenny (Raffaello) – A good addition to The Wolfe Series “4 stars”

  7. The Girl that love Forgot by Jennie Lucas (Annabelle) – A good read, their declaration of love and the ending was very well done. Loved it.
    “5 stars”

  8. The Lone Wolfe by Kate Hewitt  (Jacob) – one word ‘WOW’ It was everything I hoped for in the last book of the series and more – “6 stars”

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    its my sisters birthday soon and she loves these books do you know where i can get the whole collection hard copy