The Other Soldier by Kathy Altman

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The Other SoldierThe Other Soldier by Kathy Altman
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Back Cover:
Corporal Reid Macfarland has one mission: to make amends for the mistake he lives with every day. That friendly-fire incident in Afghanistan that killed a fellow soldier haunts him. Maybe if he can help the widow, he’ll find some peace.

But amends are easier said than done. Just one meeting with the independent and engaging Parker Dean makes it clear that forgiveness is a little more complicated than offering money or an apology. If he really wants to help, Reid has to stick around for a while. The more their daily lives intertwine, the more he realizes her forgiveness isn’t the only thing he needs–he needs her.

My Review:
The Other Soldier is a poignant and enduring romance about love and forgiveness.

Corporal Reid MacFarland was responsible for the friendly fire incident that killed Parken Dean’s husband leaving her a Widow. When Reid visits Parker looking for absolution for his sins she makes it clear that money won’t buy him forgiveness or bring back her dead husband. Reid decides to stick around and help this fiercely independent single mother run her farm.

Parker and Reid’s romance is slow to develop; even though they are attracted to each other they both need to come to terms with their loss and learn to forgive before they can open themselves up to a new relationship.

Reid’s relationship with Nat Parker’s daughter is enduring to read; there is also a secondary romance between Harris Briggs and Eugenia an older couple which adds another dimension to this story.

‘The other Soldier’ is beautifully written with great characters; given the premise of this story I think Kathy did a remarkable job in keeping the tone fun and light. If you like military romances I would definitely recommend this book.

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