Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Myers

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 Always a Bridesmaid by Cindi Myers

Published April 23rd 2012 by Entangled Publishing: Indulgence

 Book Blurb:

She’s sworn off weddings…

After two failed relationships and six stints as a bridesmaid, Stephanie Ludlow is convinced she’s man-poison. So  when her hormones point due south to her sexy—but not so charming—new landlord, she can’t help the sparks that   fly. It’s a good thing she’s declared a strict “no sex” policy, because Mike Brubaker might as well have “it’s not happening” tattooed across his delectable chest.

He’s sworn off love…

Spurned single dad Mike has learned the hard way women are the source of all evil and should be avoided at any cost. And that definitely includes his gorgeous new tenant. But when they’re thrown together in the wedding party from hell, both will stop at nothing to fight the heat building between them. Giving in is not an option for either of them.

May the best man—or woman—win


I have for very long been a fan of Cindi’s work and this time around I loved the “fight” between her characters  Stephanie and Mike. The book was a cute little romance about as the blurb suggests two people trying their darnest  to not fall for each other, purely due to having love and lost at one stage in both their lives. I really loved the spark in this one !

I loved how the author brought the characters together and added just enough heat in the bedroom to ensure it to not be too over done for a contemporary romance. I also adored how the author took me behind the pain to such a extent that I felt more than just emotionally connected with the book. I cried, I laughed and I even yelled which is something that does not happen on a regular basis!!

The book was not only adorable it was a also a very quick read -the perfect pick me up for when you need to escape to a world of romance. Beautifully written and a very memorable read.

Favourite Quote : “Some things are worth risking for”.

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