Caption this Cover: Moment of Truth

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Let’s play: Caption this Cover!

I just came across this cover for Moment of Truth by Maggie Price and did a double triple take.

Oh, She had her moment of truth alright!  Intimate Moments Presents ….


Bring out the Snark girls! Let’s put our creative minds to the test and try and capture the essence of this cover, Go ahead – Caption this 🙂


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Do you have a perfect Cover to feature under “Caption this Cover”? Email Sara 🙂




47 Responses to “Caption this Cover: Moment of Truth”

  1. AmalieB

    “I know you’re mad I asked you to wear the V-neck sweater, but you know how I hate it when you give other women the beetle-browed psycho stalker stare and play pocket pool when we’re in public…”

    (He’s mighty creepy. I hope this was a suspense read…)

  2. Monique D

    Don’t feel so bad. It can happen to any guy…But I really didn’t think it would happen to you.

  3. Ann Waters

    You think I don’t you cheated on me, but buddy, your time is coming and coming quick!

  4. Sara HJ

    Loving this thread… some great captions here 🙂
    OMG! I found the “perfect” cover for our next “Caption the Cover” feature

  5. tcarle62

    I didnt really know how to reply but the reply to the question in the contest. I was an adult before I really knew what I was supposed to do with my love for writing.

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