#Giveaway Day 11: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!

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Welcome to Harlequin Junkie’s 8th Annual #BOOKMAS EXTRAVAGANZA!


From Naughty to Nice and Everything in between….


HJ’s Bookmas Extravaganza is our annual celebration of YOU, our loyal and engaged READERS of Harlequin Junkie blog and the Book community at large.

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On the 11th Day of #Bookmas…  We bring you a giveaway from Entangled Publishing.

We are excited to share some of Entangled Publishing’s Jan 2023 Releases:

Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews
Sometimes you gotta toss your whole life into a burning dumpster to find what’s most important…

Beatrice Archer has always done everything she’s supposed to —worked her ass off, ignored her non-existent personal life, and kept her mouth shut. Now she’s over it. The rat race, respectability…the underwire bras. She’s taking her life back. Starting with moving to Nowhere, Colorado to live life on her own terms.

Now Bea gives exactly zero forks. Beer for breakfast. Sugar for everything else. Baggy sweats and soft cotton undies FTW. Then a much younger and delightfully attractive cop is called to deal with her flagrant disregard for appropriate clothing outside the local diner (some folks just don’t appreciate bunny slippers) and Bea realizes there’s something missing from her little decathlon of decadence…and he might be the guy to help her out.

When it comes to breaking rules, Officer Austin Cooper is surprisingly eager to assist. He’s charming, a little bit cowboy, and a whole lot sexy. But Bea’s about to discover that breaking the rules has consequences. And all of the cherry pies in Colorado can’t save her from what’s coming…
Hunter Avenged by N.J. Walters
It’s taken Viking hunter Sven Knutson six frustrating months to find her. To track down the angel responsible for compromising the Forgotten Brotherhood and waking the drakon. She may be clever. Resourceful. But no one ever gets away from Sven. Ever.

All Rivka longed for as an angel was a chance to serve on Earth and help humans. Instead, it all went impossibly, horribly wrong, and she still doesn’t understand how or even why. All she knows is that she’s on the run—not only from Heaven’s dangerous elite guard, but also from the Brotherhood, who want answers.

She might just have to trust the immortal Viking whose icy blue eyes make her feel almost wickedly human. Because someone wants Rivka dead and the Brotherhood eliminated. Someone powerful enough to take on the most dangerous assassins who have ever lived. Someone who could unleash the fury of both Heaven and Hell…and Rivka is the key.
The Duke’s Secret Cinderella by Eva Devon
Charlotte Browne could just kick herself. What on earth possessed her to tell the Duke of Rockford that she is a lady? But something about the duke’s handsomeness and kind intelligence makes Charlotte blurt out the teeniest, tiniest falsehood. Now it’s too late to admit she’s just plain Charlotte of no particular importance—with cinder-stained hands, a wretched stepfather, and no prospects for marriage….

Rafe Dorchester, Duke of Rockford, has done what every self-respecting duke must do—avoid marriage at all costs. But the only thing stronger than the duke is his mother., Wheand she lays down the highest ultimatum, he’ll need to find a duchess. Immediately. Only, when he calls on a potential bride, he instead finds the pert, fresh-faced Lady Charlotte. Rafe was warned to never mix the business of marriage with pleasure, but when it comes to Lady Chearlotte…oh, business would be a splendid pleasure.
Blush by Helen Hardt
What he wants from you will make you…Blush

Amanda Thomas is hopelessly in love with Jackson Paris, but he will never see her as anything more than his sweet and innocent bestie. After being virgin-adjacent for too long, Mandy is officially ready to move on. She wants to learn about hot, dirty sex, so she joins an online dating app where the enigmatic Mr. Dark promises to fulfill all of her wicked fantasies…

Jackson Paris has been keeping secrets from his stunning, too-innocent best friend—like forbidden sexual proclivities and his membership at the exclusive Black Rose Underground club. But Mandy has decided she needs an education—the filthy kind. As Mr. Dark, Jackson can safely give her a taste of what she wants—and deter her from pursuing more—without revealing his identity.

But in the dim, provocative atmosphere of Black Rose Underground, there are no secrets. Here, every wicked appetite is satisfied. And for the first time, Mandy will discover who her best friend really is…just in time to shock him with a secret of her own.
Her Unexpected Match by Lacey Baker
Travel writer Allie Sparks has one goal: to find the story that will save her career. So here she is, visiting her bestie on picturesque Crescent Island—with sun-warmed beaches, the briny smell of the ocean, and rumors of a secret astrologer-matchmaker who guarantees love. Of course, Allie doesn’t believe in any of that stuff. If anything, she’ll prove it’s a total scam.

Ryan Parker believes in love—just not right now. He’s focused on expanding his family’s barbeque business, finding investors, and keeping his too-big Great Dane puppy from jumping on everyone, including his sister’s pretty, whiskey-eyed best friend. Besides, falling for a tourist is definitely not in his astrological forecast.

Allie is doing everything she can to resist the charm of the town and its beauty, not to mention her attraction to Ryan. But there’s a lot more happening on Crescent Island than anyone knows…and when her story goes to print, this tiny, close-knit town might never be the same.
Accidentally Famous by Marissa Clarke
Jack Winston may be Hollywood’s biggest action hero, but he’s seriously burned out. He can’t even save himself from his PR team’s latest scheme: dating a starlet. But when his assistant accidentally tags Cassidy James from Blink, Maine (wherever that is) on social media, the paparazzi decide that she’s Jack’s latest fling. Now Jack needs to do some serious damage control…starting with the adorable home reno pro in paint-splattered overalls.

Cassidy is not prepared when the Jack Winston shows up in her quiet little town—and whew, he is that gorgeous in person. Before she can pick her jaw up off the floor, his PR team is bombarding them with a whole new plan involving “fake girlfriend,” “optics,” and “sign this NDA” (whatever that is). But no one warned her that Mr. A-List Action Star is hot, funny as all get out, and loves old houses as much as she does.

Now they have two weeks to convince everyone they’re in a fake relationship—two weeks that will drive Cassidy’s reno business through the roof and help Jack reclaim his “spark.” The plan is going fine, dare she say, perfectly…until she discovers something that will change everything.
Entangled Publishing is a 100% women-owned independent publisher of romantic fiction in both the adult and young adult markets. Since its first release in July 2011, Entangled has published more than 3,300 titles. https://entangledpublishing.com

Giveaway: 1 Winner will receive a box of 10 Entangled titles!

Winner will receive a print copy of each of the titles noted below:

  • Trouble with Christmas by Amy Andrews
  • First Bride to Fall by Ginny Baird
  • Imperfect Angel by Christi Barth
  • The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy by Robin Bielman
  • Accidentally Perfect by Marissa Clarke
  • The Spinster and the Rake by Eva Devon
  • The Best Kept Secret by Tawna Fenske
  • The Hookup Dilemma by Constance Gillam
  • Follow Me Darkly (New Cover) by Helen Hardt
  • Hitched to the Gunslinger by Michelle McLean


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63 Responses to “#Giveaway Day 11: #HJBOOKMAS Extravaganza!”

  1. Denise

    Breaking All the Rules and The Duke’s Cinderella because I enjoy those authors books.

  2. EC

    I actually liked all the books mentioned. Three authors are in my TBR use and the other two’s books are intriguing.

    • Leeza Stetson

      I’m drawn to His Unexpected Match. I think there’s some big surprises in store for a.lot of period in the book.

  3. Diana Hardt

    They all sound very interesting. I especially like Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews because I really like her books.

  4. Anita H.

    The Duke’s Secret Cinderella and Breaking All The Rules are on my wish list, the premise of both sounds really interesting

  5. Jaye Smith

    Accidentally Famous by Marissa Clarke cause it has such a cute premise/

  6. Glenda M

    As usual all of them. ACCIDENTALLY FAMOUS sounds like a really fun fake dating book. Plus Marissa Clarke is a new to me author

  7. Pamela Conway

    Breaking All The Rules got my attention but all sound interesting.

    • Shannon Capelle

      Blush by Helen Hardt it sounds so good i cannot wait to read it! Love her books!

  8. Rita Wray

    Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews sounds like a book I will enjoy.

  9. Leanna Hiner

    They all sound great! Accidentally Famous sounds great I love a good fake dating story.

  10. holdenj

    Those are several new authors to me. Accidentally Famous caught my eye, sounds really good!

  11. Kathy

    Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews sounds like a good story and I’ve enjoyed her books before.

    • Dianne Casey

      “Blush” and “Breaking All The Rules” both caught my attention.

  12. Summer

    The Amy Andrews title, I’ve enjoyed books from her before and this one sounds like the heroine is going to be a bit outside of the box.

  13. Mary C

    They all sound great – my pick would be The Duke’s Secret Cinderella- I enjoy historical romances.

  14. Latesha B.

    They all sound great but Hunter Avenged because I want to know why the heroine is being hunted and Accidentally Famous because I want to see how they work through their differences.

  15. kaisquared4

    Accidentally Famous because my husband is from Maine. Her Unexpected Match because Crescent Island sounds very inviting right now.Breaking All the Rules because of zero forks.The Duke’s Secret Cinderella because retold fairy tales are my crack.

  16. Johannah

    Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews – I like stories where people try to change their lives for the better. And love seeing if it actually works for them!

  17. Bonnie

    What a great selection of books! I will be adding Hunter Avenged, The Duke’s Secret Cinderella, and Accidentally Famous to my tbr list.

  18. Crystal

    They all sound good but Breaking All The Rules catches my attention the most. I love books with sexy men and good girls trying something new like breaking the rules and to see what really happens

  19. Ellen C.

    Accidentally Famous because the fake dating plot could be interesting and fun.

  20. Kim

    Her Unexpected Match by Lacey Baker, because she’s been on my reading wishlist for awhile.

  21. Irma Jurejevčič

    They all sounds amazing! I’m loooking forward to reading them. The Duke’s Secret Cinderella by Eva Devon will be my first pick!

  22. Sandy McMahon

    Accidentally Famous caught my attention. I love the plot twist. I can’t wait to read!☘️

  23. Charlotte Litton

    The Duke’s Secret Cinderella sounds great, I love historical romance.

  24. Marsha Graniel

    I’d love to read The Duke’s Secret Cinderella by Eva Devon. Thank you for the chance.

  25. Laurie Gommermann

    Breaking All The Rules how can a girl go wrong living in Colorado and having a handsome policeman boyfriend to help her break the rules!
    The Duke’s Secret Cinderella- how could one small lie lead to this! Like royalty and gutsy heroines who are ready to go after what they want
    Her Unexpected Match- best friends to lovers
    Crescent Island sounds like a beautiful place to visit and hang out

  26. Janie McGaugh

    Hunter Avenged, because I like PNR; The Duke’s Secret Cinderella and Accidentally Famous, because they sound fun.

  27. Amy R

    Hunter Avenged by N.J. Walters – I’ve enjoyed books by this author before
    Breaking All The Rules by Amy Andrews – I liked the first line