i on Romance: Crossover Genres

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i on Romance: Crossover Genres



There are a lot of different crossover genres when it comes to romance. There are people that read many different kinds, and there are people with their particular niches.


I tend to stick with Mainstream Contemporary, Adult Contemporary, and Suspense, while veering off that path when I find something written by an author I enjoy, or something that sparks my interest. I love a good Rancher story, and Fairy tales with a twist are a weakness too.

Here’s a short list of some sub-genres, but if you have another niche where you tend to pick things out, I’d love to hear about it!

Mainstream Contemporary
Adult Contemporary
Time Travel

19 Responses to “i on Romance: Crossover Genres”

  1. Leanna

    I would say I read mostly contemporary but I also enjoy some western romances. I like romantic suspense by some authors (Lori Foster for one).

    • KarenL (@Aleveria)

      Lori Foster is one of my faves too. I mean my TBR pile is HUGE, but when I can fit one of hers in, I do. I think my favorite Romantic Suspense author is Linda Howard. She’s a MUST READ for me.

  2. marcyshuler

    I read mostly Historical and contemporary romance. But I will read some romantic suspense (Laura Kaye and Lori Foster) and am willing to try others if the blurb catches my attention.

    • KarenL (@Aleveria)

      Oh yeah! I’ve seen those around – I tend to lump that in to Historical. I’m fascinated by that era, Jules Verne, H. G. Wells, and since I’m into computers, I dig the whole man/machine thing. I should really pick some up! Thanks!

    • KarenL

      Hmmm. I always thought of Chic-lit as a broader term. Like it *could* contain romance, but it doesn’t have to. I tend to think of it as a sub-genre of fiction itself. That’s just me though.

      • infinitieh

        I don’t consider chick lit as a sub-genre of Romance but a sub-genre of Literary Fiction since they don’t have HEA/HFNs (a REQUIREMENT for Romances).

  3. denise

    I like historical romance, contemporary romance of any kind, and lately a lot of cowboy-Montana themed romance…but, I’ll read almost anything

    • KarenL (@Aleveria)

      Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but I think those are all “erotica”. Just different terms for the same thing. Some authors may not want to be classified as erotica, so they use another word, at least, that’s my thinking.

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