48 Responses to “ionR: RWA Novel Engagement App & Giveaway!”

  1. mskind81

    Wow this is a great app. I cant wait to you guys get it all fully going. I downloaded it and started to add some Author’s to follow. Had to check it out before I left my opinion but this is something I can definitely see myself using it often. Gonna go and try to find more Author’s and start looking at books! Thank you all who put this together and are a part of it! Guess I won’t be reading tonight lol

  2. Taswmom

    Downloaded and logged in, but I’ll have to search through and figure it out tomorrow when I’m more awake. ; ) it look like it should be a wonderful asset to finding something new, or something I haven’t been able to track down

  3. belindaegreen

    This is too cool! I’m ready to try it out. As soon as the one for Kindle releases, I’m there. It sounds like it packed with a lot of features! A wonderful idea for us romance readers.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Belinda G

  4. elizabeth gray

    Downloaded the new app. Seems to be reader friendly, easy to use. Could see myself using the app when out in a store or anywhere as a quick reference for authors and books.

  5. Lori Meehan

    Wow. I had no idea an app like this was available. It looks great and I’m going to download it right now. Thanks for the info.

  6. Marianne W

    Any app that helps me learn more about the books and authors I love is a GOOD THING! 😎

  7. deb meredith

    Sounds very interesting. Will definitely check it out. always looking for good ways tho check out authors and books.

  8. Kristy dean

    Tried it for a few minutes. Was easy to use but it’s not as good as the goodreads app but I will use it since I love hea books. Thanks

  9. Gretchen H

    I downloaded the app a few weeks ago. It’s great for the authors who are already there; but I see quite a few of my favorites who are not. I guess they are not members? They need to join up! I also would love a way to find new authors based on authors I already follow. An algorithm that suggests authors based on subcategory would be great!

  10. Tammy Y

    Sorry cannot do this. I do not have a smart shone or an ipad. Looks like a nice app thoguh

  11. Kelly C

    Jut download the app and can’t wait to start exploring. Thanks for sharing!

  12. BrooklynShoeBabe

    I think the idea of the app is awesome. Although I’ve been reading romance steadily for the past 3 years, I still consider myself a newbie reader in the genre and I’m always looking for read-a-likes. Also, as a librarian, this would be really helpful to provide readers’ advisory. I can’t wait to download it and give it a try.

  13. Justine

    I was initially excited about an easy unified way to follow my favorite authors. So I downloaded the app, played around with it, and then promptly deleted it from my phone. Below are my reasons.

    The app is web-based. Why does this matter? The app must communicate with the Internet for every action and thus is (1) slow compared to other apps, and (2) not able to be used offline. (I won’t go into the technicalities here, but the best smartphone apps are NOT web-based.)

    The database is poorly populated. I searched for dozens of authors and books (both indie and traditionally published), and the app could not find any of them.

    Sorry, RWA, but no thanks. At least not in its current iteration.

    • Justine

      I just figured out why the database is so poorly populated. From RWA’s website: “The cost of one 12-month author profile is $99, and authors may purchase up to five author profiles (for different pseudonyms). Each author profile comes with an unlimited number of book profiles. As an added incentive for authors, the 12-month subscription won’t begin until 1,000 readers have downloaded the app.”

  14. Charlene E

    Cool app! Excited to check it out some more to see what all it can do. Thanks 🙂

  15. Sue G.

    Sounds like it could be good for my Kindle since there is no way to “shelf” things maybe this will help.

  16. Janie McGaugh

    This is a very exciting sounding app. I plan to download it to my Kindle and my I-Pod.

  17. Diane Sallans

    I really don’t know much about Apps, but this looks well organized & straight forward, and of course the subject is of great interest to me!

  18. Kai W.

    This app sounds very good and enticing. I need to play with it first to see if it will deliver what it claims.

  19. marcyshuler

    It sounds great, but I don’t have a smart phone or an iPad. I’ll have to wait and see if it’ll work on my Nook tablet when it’s available.

  20. Melissa S.

    Looks interesting when I downloaded it. Can’t wait to play around with it.

  21. BookLady

    What a great app! It certainly has a lot of interesting features. Can’t wait for it to be available for Kindle.

  22. Quinn Fforde

    I am excited for this, but I can’t get it until the Kindle version comes out. Hurry up!

  23. Jennifer Zorko

    I downloaded the app and I LOVE IT! I am finding tons of GREAT authors and awesome looking books. Thanks for letting us know about this!

  24. Kim Perry

    The app sounds interesting. I would hope that they also incorporate reading order for series. That’s something I’m always looking up!

  25. nicholskathy

    I like the concept but I’m reserving judgment until they get the numerous issues worked out. As with any app or program there are always issues & people need to be patient as these things are handled by their creators. The concept is great and the premise is solid the only hinderance for me would be monetary.

  26. Sara HJ

    CONGRATS: @belindaegreen
    Please email me your choice of books 3 books found on the Novel Engagement™ app.
    The books can be Ebook or print